May 16, 2021

Surfing Photographer Captures the Timeless Beauty of Cresting Ocean Waves

For Dutch photographer Michal Pelka, the open water is a second home. By combining his love of surfing and photography, Pelka captures stunning images of cresting waves in the North Sea and across oceans worldwide. His work focuses on the beauty of the ocean and our connection with the water. In his images, the essence of the ocean is made salient through light and motion.

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May 11, 2021

Amazing Restored Photos of Earth Taken by Apollo Astronauts

Most of us are accustomed to sunrises, however precious few people have ever had the chance to watch an “Earthrise.” In the 1960s, the astronauts jettisoned towards the Moon found themselves looking back at their home planet. Bill Anders, of the Apollo 8 mission, snapped the first images of an Earthrise as seen from lunar orbit.

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May 1, 2021

Dubai Skyscrapers Rise Above a Thick Blanket of Fog To Create a City in the Clouds

Photographer Albert Dros has traveled the world and captured breathtaking sights along the way. From Greenland’s icebergs to the ancient Fanal forest, Dros is dedicated to showcasing the Earth’s alluring natural beauty and the ways in which humans interact with it. A great example of this is his series in Dubai that features most of its buildings blanketed in thick fog.

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April 25, 2021

Photographer Documents the Otherworldly ‘Mutant Vehicles’ That Inhabit Burning Man [Interview]

German visual artist, photographer, and filmmaker Alexandra Lier merges the analog and digital aspects of her craft to transmit the viewer into an immersive world with its own captivating narrative. Best known for her photography, Lier’s stunning work has been featured in a variety of online and print media. She has also published her photographs in two fine art books and is now working on a third titled Mutant Vehicles.

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