July 27, 2021

Paris Is Transformed Into a Cotton-Candy Wonderland in Surreal Infrared Photos

Paris and the gardens of Versailles are well-worn territories for photographers, but John Kosmopoulos captures a fresh perspective on them thanks to his use of infrared photography. The photos are part of Kosmopoulos' Infrachroma series, which sees him traveling around the globe to give decidedly different views on the common cityscape. The pink hue of these photos allows the viewer to literally see the world through rose-colored glasses, and immerse themselves in a surreal world.

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July 23, 2021

19 Awesome Books on the Long History of Photography

From the 1830s to today, photography has come a long way. We no longer use glass plates to capture negatives, and cameras can take many photos per second. To understand how photography evolved from processes such as the daguerreotype to the iPhone camera, one must read up on the history of the medium. This history is intwined with other developments of the past two centuries—including political turmoil, women's liberation, and the Civil Rights movement.

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July 16, 2021

Gorgeous Photos Capture a Stormy Sunset Over North Carolina’s Outer Banks

By day, George Wang is the Chief Technology Officer of an engineering consulting firm; but, his love for technology—including DSLR cameras and drones—has guided his photography hobby. So when he found himself in North Carolina's Outer Banks, he couldn't help but use his favorite gadgets to capture the picturesque scenery. Flying his drone high over beaches where wild horses roam free, he was able to capture an incredible image of storm clouds and the sunset.

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July 12, 2021

Glowing Milky Way Photo Makes Red Terrain of Arizona Look Like an Alien Planet

The red rock mountains in the American Southwest look like they belong on another planet. Photography further proves this fact, as shown by Derek Culver in his awe-inspiring image of the twisted rock formations of the Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness in Arizona. Lit by the light of the Milky Way, this otherworldly scene has a haunting appeal while at the same time, begging you to explore its alluring rocky terrain.

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