May 22, 2023

Powerful Portraits Honor the Stories of People With Physical Differences

Photography can be an empowering tool used to tell stories of those whose voices might struggle to be heard. An image can communicate a lot without words, as is the case with Sujata Setia’s project called Changing the Conversation. The series features people with physical differences as a way to honor their resilience in the face of obstacles. The intimate portraits were inspired by a simple question from Setia’s child.

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May 18, 2023

Photographer Moves to Iceland to Explore the Country’s Otherworldly Glacier Caves

Inspired by the ice caves he encountered on his first trip to Iceland, photographer Ryan Newburn moved to the country and became a glacier guide. Now, he owns his own glacier tour company, which allows him to continue to explore these natural wonders and share them with the public. The photographs of his adventures give a remarkable glimpse of the frozen beauty of these caves.

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May 16, 2023

Amazing “GigaMoon” Made of 280,000 Photos Captures Detailed Surface of the Moon

Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy is always looking to further his craft and wow us with his capabilities. Known for creating highly detailed images of the cosmos, his newest photograph is a masterful look at the Moon. Made from 280,000 photos, the 1.3 gigapixel image is aptly titled GigaMoon. It's a photograph that McCarthy has been chasing for quite some time.

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May 6, 2023

Man Discovers Passion for Moody Street Photography After Moving to New York [Interview]

When Nicolas Miller moved to New York City several years ago, he was inspired to start his creative journey. Intrigued by the metropolis and all it had to offer, he picked up an old DSLR and began exploring the streets. From there, he's never looked back. Propelled forward by the inspiring street photographers he viewed online, his love for the craft has only deepened over time.

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