February 18, 2018

Ultraviolet Photography Reveals the Unexpected Fluorescence of Flowers

Self-proclaimed “photon-packing mixed photographer” Craig Burrows continues to captivate with his unique series of floral illuminations. Captured using cameras modified for ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence, the fanciful photographs showcase Burrow's ability to turn ordinary flora into beaming blooms. To create each dazzling depiction, Burrows imaginatively employs a filtered 365nm LED light and a special lens (found, he explains, in “kits typically used for crime scene investigation”).

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February 14, 2018

Amazing Winners of the 2018 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest

The winners of the British 2018 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest have just been announced, revealing an enchanting collection of underwater photography that captures the beauty of aquatic life. With more than 5,000 submissions from photographers around the world, the winners were chosen from 11 different categories, including Wide Angle, Macro, Wrecks, Behavior, Portrait, Black & White, as well as categories specifically for British Waters.

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February 8, 2018

Drone Video Award Winners Demonstrate the Breathtaking Capabilities of Aerial Video

We often feature drones and the incredible aerial photography that they capture, but what about drone videos? AirVūz, a free platform for uploading and sharing drone video footage, recently announced the winners of the 2017 AirVūz Drone Video Awards. Users were asked to submit their best videos across 13 different categories ranging from People and Cities to Sports and Dronies (selfies with a drone).

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February 7, 2018

Mystical Ice Caves of Iceland Look Like Abstract Oil Paintings

Photographer Matěj Kříž explores the depths of the great unknown with his camera. Using a combination of on-the-ground and aerial photography, he has captured the mystifying ice caves of Iceland. The breathtaking locale looks like it’s encased in glass and from certain vantage points doesn’t look like a landscape at all.

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