August 15, 2018

Sony’s Mirrorless Cameras Winning Over Pro Photographers

As the digital photography market continues to shift and expand, Sony is chipping away at the stronghold Canon and Nikon have enjoyed for years. By focusing on full frame mirrorless cameras, Sony has slowly begun to make inroads in the $3.2 billion market of cameras marketed to professional photographers. What's the difference between mirrorless cameras and a DSLR? In DSLRs, a reflex mirror shoots light up through an optical viewfinder.

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August 13, 2018

Most Beautiful Libraries in the World Gathered in One Incredible Book

Photographer Massimo Listri is known for his incredible images of palaces, villas, and luxurious interiors. Over his long career, he's published over 70 books that tell the stories of well-known interiors. And now, his newest photography book gathers images of libraries around the world, paying homage to these temples of learning. Massimo Listri.

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August 8, 2018

Tips From a Professional Photographer: How to Create the Perfect Composition

Professional photographer Anton Gorlin is back with another comprehensive photography guide. This time, the skilled photographer takes us through the basics of photography composition and how it can be used effectively to enhance visual storytelling. Similar to his guides on sunrise and seascape photography, Gorlin's composition guide is an in-depth look at the skills and techniques necessary to make immediate improvements in your photography. Why are compositional skills so important to photographers?

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August 6, 2018

Adorable Dog Portraits Capture Beautiful Diverse Breeds and Personalities

For years, creative husband and wife Alexander Khokhlov and Veronica Ershova have wowed us with their amazing makeup transformations. On top of eye-catching body art, however, the Moscow-based duo has another passion: dog photography. In 2017, they won our hearts with their canine-centric series, The Dog Show. Now, the pair is back with more pup portraiture for Season 2 of the highly anticipated—and hugely adorable—project.

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