July 28, 2021

Incredible Phenomenon Makes Chicago Skyline Visible in Sunsets From 50 Miles Away

During the right conditions, those visiting Porter beach at the Indiana Dunes National Park are able to see the Chicago skyline from 50 miles away. The stunning phenomenon occurs during a clear day, when the setting sun illuminates the cityscape. Seen from the other side of Lake Michigan, Chicago looks just like an otherworldly, floating city. Photographer Lynda Myszkowski is one person who managed to capture the sun-lit skyline.

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July 23, 2021

Dual Photos Show the ISS and the Chinese Space Station Transiting the Sun

Using a solar telescope and a hydrogen filter, Chinese astrophotographer Wang Letian was able to capture some incredible frames of the Sun. But these are no ordinary images. In fact, the pair shows the solar transits of two space stations—the International Space Station and China's new Tiangong Space Station. Seen in silhouette, the space stations appear as small specks next to the enormous Sun.

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July 16, 2021

Funny Dad Photoshops His Kids Into “Dangerous” Situations to Show His Girlfriend They’re OK

Kenny Deuss and his two kids love to go on adventures. But these aren’t just any escapades. A simple trip to the beach turns into a rescue mission after a seagull flies away with his youngest child. Biking around town is a little edgier, too, as Deuss does high-flying tricks on his bike with baby in tow. Although this sounds dangerous, don’t worry.

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July 13, 2021

Photographer Captures the Hauntingly Beautiful Dragon’s Blood Trees of Socotra

Landscape photographers are often explorers—lugging their gear to the far corners of the Earth, braving the elements for the perfect shot. Award-winning Russian photographer Daniel Kordan has been exploring since his childhood days in a lake region outside of Moscow. Today, he uses his experience in mountain climbing and a deep-seated love of nature to capture stunning landscapes from the Yukon to Kenya.

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