April 10, 2021

Afghan Photographer Uses a Rare 100 Year Old “All-in-One” Camera to Shoot Pictures

Photography has a long history. Today, most people shoot with their smartphone or DSLR cameras with high megapixel counts. Historical cameras, however, can still be found in the hands of those who have nurtured the traditions of film photography. Travel vlogger Drew Binsky was in Kabul, Afghanistan, when he heard tell of a unique antique camera that was still in use.

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March 26, 2021

Visually Pleasing Swim Portraits Capture the Hypnotic Symmetry of Indoor Pools

Slovakia-based artist Maria Svarbova captures the hypnotic symmetry of swimming in her series of fine art photographs. She uses indoor pools as the setting for models to pose in athletic stretches, diving stances, and swimming strokes. The result is distinct portraiture that combines the monotonous patterns of tiles with bright spot colors to evoke a retro aesthetic that at times has the vibe of a Wes Anderson film.

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