May 7, 2021

Before and After Photos Reveal How Much a Smile Changes a Person’s Aura [Interview]

Australian photographer Jay Weinstein was wandering the streets of Bikaner, India one day in 2013, when he encountered a man standing by some motorbikes. Initially, Weinstein was hesitant to approach the interesting stranger. Then the man yelled, “Take my picture too!” Weinstein responded with the simple imperative “Smile!” With that, the so i asked them to smile series was born from a chance joyful encounter.

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April 25, 2021

Photographer Captures Rare Sight of Double Moonbow Colliding With Bolt of Lightning

We think of rainbows as being reserved for the daytime, but it turns out that the colorful beam looks magnificent at night, too. Photographer Brian Haislip captured sight of a double moonbow—the rare nighttime version of a rainbow—that appeared over the water in Lexington Park, Maryland. In four images, he showcases the crash of lightning as it seemingly tussles with the multicolored arc while also highlighting the moonbows in calmer moments after the storm.

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April 15, 2021

A COVID-Friendly Embrace Wins the World Press Photo of the Year

For lovers of photojournalism, the wait is over. The annual World Press Photo Contest has just released the winners of the 2021 competition. As the world's foremost awards for international photojournalism, the contest attracts the highest quality of work. Danish photojournalist Mads Nissen saw his work awarded the top prize, as his moving photo of a COVID-19-friendly embrace in Brazil won World Press Photo of the Year.

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