August 22, 2019

Amazing Aerial Views of a Lavender Field in the South of France

To many nature photographers, no muse is quite as magical as a field of flowers. This tried and true subject is particularly popular with aerial photographers, whose atmospheric shots allow us to explore the mesmerizing meadows from soaring perspectives. One photographer taking this trend to new heights is Samir Belhamra, a visual artist whose love of aerial photography landed him in a lavender field in France.

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August 20, 2019

Interview: Photographer Debunks the “Crazy Cat Lady” Stereotype with Over 300 Portraits

The “crazy cat lady” is one of modern culture’s most enduring stereotypes. Photographer BriAnne Wills knows that this idea is largely false, and she has set out to dispel the myth with her ongoing project called Girls and Their Cats (GATC). Since 2015, she has snapped portraits of women and their felines to showcase them in a positive way—as interesting ladies who love their cats.

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August 13, 2019

Interview: Human-Like Micro-Expressions of Endangered Animals Around the World

For over two decades, photographer Mogens Trolle has captured stunning wildlife pictures on all seven continents. Trained as a zoologist and wildlife biologist, he specializes in mammals and uses his knowledge of them—as well his keen eye—to capture each creature’s unique personality. His photographs, especially those of monkeys, showcase micro-expressions that look like the kind we’re used to seeing on other humans.

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