January 25, 2022

This LEGO Architecture Set Brings the Tokyo Skyline to Your Living Room

Tokyo is one of the largest and most interesting cities in the world. And now you can be transported there from the comfort of your own home with LEGO’s new Tokyo construction set from the company’s Architecture Collection. Fans of the metropolis’ iconic skyline will be thrilled to recreate some of Tokyo’s most famous buildings, including scale models of the Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, the Big Sight exhibition center, and the Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower.

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January 6, 2022

New BMW iX M60 Car Can Change Its Exterior Color by Pushing a Button

Why settle for one car color when you can have two? German car band BMW has designed an innovative version of their electric iX car which gives users the option of two different exterior shades. The magical iX Flow debuted at CES 2022 (the annual Consumer Electronics Show) where it stunned audiences by changing from white to black in a matter of a couple of seconds.

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