May 20, 2024

Fashion Illustrations Blossom With an Explosion of Colorful Flowers

Flower-themed fashion is having its moment right now. The Met Gala's 2024 dress code being “The Garden of Time” speaks to the popularity of these designs, as many celebrities donned suits and dresses decorated with elaborate blossoms, petals, and leaves to honor the beauty of the natural world. But one Korean fashion illustrator has been obsessed with the idea of floral designs long before they were trending in the news.

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May 16, 2024

‘Underwater Bicycle’ Device Propels Swimmers and Divers Forward at Superhuman Speed

French company Seabike has developed a device that acts as an underwater bicycle, helping swimmers and divers move underwater at impressively fast speeds. The device, which bears the same name as the company who designed it, is made to be strapped to the waist of swimmers, who are then pushed through the water by pedaling the propeller device located at the end of the machine.

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May 8, 2024

LEGO Launches Two New Out-Of-This-World Space-Themed Sets

The iconic LEGO company is planning to launch some new space-themed sets later this month. While they will be releasing a little too late for “May the Fourth” (aka Star Wars Day) and neither set has to do with the Star Wars franchise, that doesn't mean that the designs aren't out of this world.

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May 6, 2024

Clever Flower Vases Designed to Look Like a Puddle of Water

Nature is truly an inspiring force. Organic elements, from leaves to rocks, have long stimulated and influenced artists. Now, a team of Japanese creatives have found inspiration in the humble puddle. Tokyo-based design studio YOY created a project aptly titled Puddle that features a series of unique flower vessels. Each design creates the illusion of a bloom growing out of a crystal-clear splash on the ground.

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