August 7, 2020

Artist Crafts Creepy ‘Alien’-Inspired Facehugger Mask to Protect Him From COVID-19

By now, most of us understand the importance of wearing face coverings in public. And while many people are making the most of the “new normal” by choosing artistic face masks that show off their style, there’s one person who’s taking creative coverings to a whole new level. Artisanal leather worker James (of Pirate’s Leatherworks) crafted an amazing Alien-inspired facehugger mask that celebrates his love of sci-fi.

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August 6, 2020

People Are Transforming Vintage TVs Into Cozy Beds for Their Feline Friends

Cats enjoy sleeping in enclosed spaces—it's why they love to snuggle in a good box. But while cozy, the cardboard containers are lacking in style. If you’re looking for something that’s more quirky than the conventional shipping package, tune into this quirky trend in feline bedding. People are upcycling retro television sets—think from the 1960s–and removing their components to replace them with all the cushy comforts of a cat bed.

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August 5, 2020

These 1,000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzles Let You Recreate the Greatest Works From Art History

Completing a jigsaw and making art are two of the best stress-relieving activities, so why not find a way to combine them? Montreal-based puzzle manufacturer Eurographics reimagines iconic masterpieces from art history as 1,000-piece challenges that allow you to make your very own art gallery from the comfort of your home. Puzzle enthusiasts can discover the imaginative imagery of Surrealism in the Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali-inspired jigsaws.

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August 2, 2020

30+ Must-Have School Supplies for Creative Students

Who said school supplies have to be boring? While stocking up on pens, pencils, and paper products may seem like a mundane chore, this selection of eccentric materials will make you want to go back-to-school shopping all year round. Whether adorably animal-shaped or effortlessly embellished with simple pops of color, these outlandish office accessories are the perfect way to personalize everything from your desk to your devices.

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