April 19, 2024

Designer Creates Stunning Dresses Inspired by Fairytales and Serene Scenes of Nature

The flowery words of poetry can transport people to the most incredible places. This is certainly an influence for French designer Sylvie Facon. Her work combines the creativity of poetry, the magical world of fairytales, and the art of creative couture to design the most enchanting wearable art. One of Facon's most recent creations is inspired by a morning stroll.

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April 12, 2024

Iconic Movie Villains Teamed up for a High-Fashion Prada Runway Show That Looked Wickedly Good

Who's the most iconic movie villain you can think of? Maybe it's the towering Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise, or the intimidating Joker from Batman. Whoever comes to mind, one thing is certain—villains have a particular fashion sense, and many of them are even more opulent than the heroes themselves. Drawing from this, Prada once held a mischievous runway, summoning actors that have played some unforgettable bad guys to showcase their clothes.

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March 26, 2024

Stunning Stained Glass Tableware Shines in a Myriad of Colors at the Dining Table

When we think of stained glass, it's most likely the big, colorful windows of cathedrals and palaces that come to mind. But a company called Chrysolite Workshop proves this decorative technique can also be applied to much smaller and ordinary objects, like cutlery, cups, and plates, all while keeping the same amount of detail. The result is stained glass tableware that belongs in a museum rather than the dining table.

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