March 14, 2023

Show Off Your Music Taste With One of These Ingenious “Blueprint” Posters

Sometimes, our homes are in need of a refresh. However, rather than switching out your furniture, you can quickly change the aesthetic with some new wall art. At My Modern Met Store, we carry an array of unique posters that will surely make a big impact on your decor. From celebrations of music genres to the history of the sneaker, each of these products is a statement piece that will spark conversation.

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March 10, 2023

26 Seasonal Gifts To Get You in the Springtime Spirit

Finally, the winter blues have melted away and sunny spring is finally here! This time of year is the perfect occasion to invite something new into your life. To celebrate the warm weather and blooming flowers, we've put together a colorful collection of products guaranteed to get you into the sun-kissed swing of things.

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March 3, 2023

25 of the Best Kitchen Tools to Compliment Your Cooking

Takeout is great, but cooking helps to feed our souls. After all, what's better than a home-cooked meal? While first-rate tools won’t instantly make you a better cook, having the right items will help you do some techniques easily and even encourage you to get in the kitchen and try that new recipe. (Plus, it never hurts to have nice things.)

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March 1, 2023

Funny Duck Night Light Looks Like It’s Having an Existential Crisis

Falling asleep at night can be hard. You might have thoughts racing through your head, keeping you up, plus harsh blue lights from screens are not conducive to catching some Zs. Well, you’re one lucky duck because there is a night light on the market that can do all the thinking for you while providing a soothing warm glow. Meet the Existential Crisis Duck night light.

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