December 1, 2021

These Portable Art Supplies Make the Perfect Gifts for Creatives On the Go

Artists that are on-the-go know that when it comes to art supplies, portability and durability are key. Fortunately, the creative brand Viviva Colorsheets has created a line of innovative paint sets and sketchbooks with the traveling artist in mind. Their Original Colorsheets, for instance, is a set of 16 transparent watercolors packaged like a small booklet. Flip through the pages and you'll find a range of vibrant colors, from greens to blues to black.

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November 23, 2021

23 Contemporary Advent Calendars to Help You Countdown to Christmas in Style

With December quickly approaching, the countdown to Christmas is about to officially begin. One popular way to mark the time is with an advent calendar, in which each day reveals a new trinket until you reach December 25. Typically, these small items are candy or toys. But recently, companies have been introducing contemporary advent calendars that are a twist on tradition. You'd expect a conventional advent calendar to include imagery of Christmas trees, holly, and snowmen.

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