August 3, 2021

Designer Creates “Honest Charts” to Creatively Chronicle Everyday Life

Designer Irina Blok chronicles modern life through charts. As someone who works for a tech company during the day, she is no stranger to these types of “business” graphics. In her spare time, she creates #honestcharts that reflect everyday life—from COVID-19 to the innate challenges of being a human. Blok began her ongoing series of graphics in a response to all of the serious charts she sees at work.

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July 30, 2021

Japanese Couple Shows Their Love for One Another by Wearing Matching Outfits

Whether it's an intentional decision or unexplainable couple telepathy, many loved-up duos dress to complement each other. Famous examples include David and Victoria Beckham’s matching leather look from 1999, and of course no one could forget Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s iconic double-denim red carpet moment in 2001. However, there’s one married couple in Japan who is currently stealing the show. Known as bonpon on Instagram (Mr. Bon and Mrs.

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July 28, 2021

35+ Must-Have School Supplies for Creative Students

Who said school supplies have to be boring? While stocking up on pens, pencils, and paper products may seem like a mundane chore, this selection of eccentric materials will make you want to go back-to-school shopping all year round. Whether adorably animal-shaped or effortlessly embellished with simple pops of color, these outlandish office accessories are the perfect way to personalize everything from your desk to your devices.

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July 25, 2021

Commemorate Your Favorite Place With a Custom Relief-Style Map for Your Home

Welcome to East of Nowhere. No, we are not talking about the states with more cows than people. East of Nowhere is an art print brand started in 2019 by James Farrell, a Ph.D. geoscientist from Upstate New York. With his extensive experience in topography, geology, and cartography, Farrell creates art pieces using vintage maps and modern satellite imagery. The prints are a perfect gift to commemorate a special place.

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