December 15, 2017

You’ll Always Have Paris When You Wear This Stylish Map Necklace

The famous line, “We’ll always have Paris,” is iconic for more than its inclusion in the classic film Casablanca. It also captures the feeling that you have after visiting the City of Light—that the memories made there will sustain you long after you've left its historic streets. There are many ways to remember these special experiences, and they don't have to involve snapping a photo.

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December 12, 2017

Designer Can’t Stop Rearranging Everyday Objects into Visually Satisfying Compositions

Calling himself an “object arranger,” Adam Hillman sees the beauty in things organized neatly. Taking everyday things like matches, cotton swabs, and push pins, he meticulously places them in mesmerizing patterns that transform them from the ordinary into the extraordinary. Divorced from their original function, the items hardly look like themselves, and with Hillman's intervention, they function as a single form that electrifies the composition.

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December 7, 2017

20+ Creative Gifts for Architects and Architecture Lovers

Looking for the perfect gift for the architect in your life? Or maybe you just know a fan of architecture, whether it's someone who is passionate about Frank Lloyd Wright's stained glass or the aesthetic of Brutalist architecture. There are so many ways to creatively show off your love of architecture, from home decor to architectural jewelry and fashion. Or maybe you want to get creative and build your own architectural models.

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