May 7, 2024

Vibrant Travel Posters Celebrate the Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright

In the nearly 70 years since his death, Frank Lloyd Wright‘s architecture has continued to inspire. Whether designing museums like New York City's Guggenheim or creating stunning residences like Fallingwater, his ability to create aesthetically pleasing, functional architecture has arguably been unparalleled. For the past several years, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Spoke Art have come together to produce a traveling pop-up show that demonstrates the continued relevance of three famed architect's work.

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May 3, 2024

‘Star Wars’ Death Star Popcorn Maker Creates Delicious Snack Without Butter or Oil

The Death Star may be best known for blowing up Alderaan in Star Wars, but now it also does a great job of blowing up popcorn kernels and turning them into a delicious snack. By producing a vortex of hot air, the Death Star Popcorn Maker pops kernels using heat alone, without needing butter or oil. This clever design also ensures that all kernels are toasted to perfection without being burnt.

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