September 23, 2023

LEGO Celebrates the Legacy of the Concorde With a Detailed 2,083-Piece Set

The Concorde, known for its legacy as an incredibly fast airliner, was only in service for 27 years. Even so, it had a lasting impact on the history of aviation—crossing the Atlantic in a stunning three-and-a-half hours. A speed that contemporary travelers long for these days. While the Concorde retired in 2003, it is not forgotten. LEGO decided to pay tribute to this marvelous plane with a special 2,083-piece Concorde LEGO set.

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September 17, 2023

Artist Reimagines Whales as High-Tech Steampunk Cities Roaming the Ocean

We usually think of nature and machinery as opposing forces, but in the hands of Eli Yoo, creator of M.C.A. Studio, they become one. His highly detailed sculptures reimagine whales as enormous cities roaming the ocean and as detailed steampunk creatures. In this way, he has envisioned a sci-fi future where the organic and the man-made are fully integrated.

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September 5, 2023

Artist Duo Shoot 10,000 Volts of Electricity Through a Pieces of Wood To Create Their Striking Designs

Out in the wild, electricity gives us epic thunderstorms that have inspired artists and marveled scientists. But now, two creators have found a unique way to turn the power of lightning into statement pieces for the home. Drawing from the principle of Lichtenberg figures, Nick and Kat from Wildflower Designs create intricate wood coasters, cheese boards, and, even a table decorated with river-like patterns produced by electricity.

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