October 17, 2019

World’s Smallest Mobile Printer Lets You Transfer Ink onto Almost Any Surface

Anyone that has a home printer knows they can be temperamental at best. But what if instead of having a bulky, barely working machine taking up space, you could print everything you need from a tiny, hand-held device? That’s the concept behind PrinCube—the world’s smallest mobile color printer, designed by TheGodThings. The ultra-lightweight appliance works using WiFi, so you can upload any text, image, or design from your smartphone (both Apple and Android)

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October 15, 2019

Target Launches Inclusive Line of Halloween Costumes for Kids with Disabilities

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an inspiring surge in inclusive Halloween costumes for kids. Geared toward little ones with disabilities, these elaborate ensembles transform everything from walkers to wheelchairs into festive holiday props. While, in the past, such costumes were mostly manufactured by creative non-profits and particularly artistic parents, they’ve now become a bit more accessible thanks to Target.

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October 13, 2019

Volkswagen Transforms Its Iconic VW Beetle into an Electric Vehicle

Volkswagen continues investing in sustainable technology by converting their classic models into modern electric vehicles. The newest icon to get the more eco-friendly treatment is the VW Beetle, which has been electrified by Volkswagen Group Components in collaboration with eClassics. The converted e-Beetle has an electric engine, 1-speed gearbox, and battery based on the e-Up!—Volkswagen’s all-electric car.

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