January 24, 2022

11 Trailblazing Female Scientists That You Need to Know

Whether advancing cancer treatment techniques or helping us land on the Moon, women in science have helped change the course of history. While there is still work to be done in getting more women involved in STEM careers, there are countless examples of incredible female scientists who have worked tirelessly to advance our knowledge of the scientific world.

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January 5, 2022

103-Year-Old “Aunty Moser” May Have Been One of the Earliest-Born People Ever Photographed

The development of photography in the 19th century changed the art of portraiture. While etchings, paintings, and sketches remained commonplace, the earliest photographic portraits began to be captured on daguerrotype plates. This new method spread fast and wide so that by mid-century a studio portrait was accessible to middle-class sitters. Such portraits were a new way to memorialize history and its people—including everyone from famous presidents to ordinary folks.

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December 2, 2021

Brazil Is Home to Prehistoric Underground Tunnels Created by Giant Ground Sloths

While you may have heard of underground cities built by humans, what about huge tunnels dug by giant prehistoric sloths? Though it may sound outlandish, it's actually what one finds across southern Brazil. Known as paleoburrows, these enormous tunnels can measure up to 2,000 feet long and over six feet tall. Shockingly, the existence of these caves was relatively unknown until a Brazilian geologist noticed something while driving down the highway.

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October 22, 2021

The History of Halloween: Exploring the Age-Old Origins of the Enchanting Holiday

For centuries, people young and old have reveled in the fun and frightening festivities of Halloween. Occurring every year on the last day of October, the haunted holiday is a festive way to celebrate the fall season and an exciting way to embrace the occult, making it one of contemporary culture's most exciting annual events. But what is the true history of Halloween? Though it's wildly popular today, Halloween is not merely a modern phenomenon.

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