October 11, 2019

The History of Halloween: Exploring the Age-Old Origins of the Enchanting Holiday

For centuries, people young and old have reveled in the fun and frightening festivities of Halloween. Occurring every year on the last day of October, the haunted holiday is a festive way to celebrate the fall season and an exciting way to embrace the occult, making it one of contemporary culture’s most exciting annual events. Though it’s wildly popular today, Halloween is not merely a modern phenomenon.

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October 9, 2019

This “Normal” Drinking Glass Is Actually an Ancient Greek Party Prank

If you didn’t think the ancient Greeks had a sense of humor, this clever drinking cup might convince you. What looks like an ordinary cup is actually a practical joke waiting to happen and it was invented by none other than Pythagoras. This philosopher and mathematician is probably most commonly known as the man behind the Pythagorean theorem, taught in geometry classes around the world.

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September 30, 2019

18 Famous First Photographs in History: From the Oldest Photo Ever to the World’s First Instagram

While the term photography was coined in the early 19th-century, Greek mathematicians had been making pinhole cameras since the 4th century BCE. The history of photography has always been filled with innovation, as imagery has continued to develop along with the technology photographers have on hand. With such a long history, it’s no surprise that photography is full of important firsts, from the world’s oldest photograph to the first photo uploaded to Instagram.

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August 8, 2019

This Saharan Village Is Home to Thousands of Ancient Texts Preserved in Desert Libraries

Nestled in the Sahara, the medieval village of Chinguetti in Mauritania is an incredible jewel of Berber culture. Once an important outpost on trade and pilgrimage routes, the desert village contains wonderful examples of Berber Saharan architecture. It is also an important center of learning thanks to its desert libraries, which are filled with scientific and Qur’anic texts dating to the Middle Ages.

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