May 6, 2022

Bronze Age Couple Discovered in Loving Embrace 3,000 Years After Burial in Ukraine

Many couples dream of being together forever, a desire that usually extends their final resting place. Well, one man and woman from the late Bronze Age have been discovered near Petrykiv village in Ukraine, locked in an affectionate embrace for 3,000 years. The man's skeleton lays flat on the ground, while his lover wraps both of her arms around his neck and curls her body against his side.

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April 16, 2022

All Hail Sobekneferu: Learn About the First Known Female Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt

The title of pharaoh is synonymous with the grandeur of the ancient Egyptian civilization. This name—which means “great house” in hieroglyphics—was given to the rulers who led this large empire. And while the majority of these figures were men like King Tut and Ramesses II, there were a few influential women who earned the title. The first recorded female pharaoh was Sobekneferu.

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March 9, 2022

Japan’s Mythic “Killing Stone” Splits in Half, Potentially Releasing the Spirit of a Fox Demon

When word gets out that something called the “Killing Stone” has broken in half, it can't be a good sign. And it's an even worse omen when one discovers that this Killing Stone is believed to hold the spirit of a demonic fox. Unfortunately, the news is true and Japan's Sessho-seki, also known as the Killing Stone, has split. Located near a hot spring in Nasu, Japan, Sessho-seki is a stone set into volcanic mountains.

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