April 16, 2021

Luxurious Ancient Roman Villa Discovered Under a Construction Site in Britain

When we think of the ancient Romans, monuments like the Colosseum spring to mind. But the reality is that this powerful empire spread well beyond Italy. In fact, the late empire stretched all the way to Britain, and sites like Hadrian's Wall are testament to this heritage. Archaeology related to the Romans is still be uncovered in Britain and a recent discovery in Yorkshire may be one of the most exciting yet.

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March 30, 2021

How a Volcanic Eruption Preserved the Ancient Roman City of Pompeii

The ancient city of Pompeii is one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in the world. Located just outside of Naples in southern Italy, Pompeii is renowned for its well-preserved Roman ruins—and the disaster that ironically left them intact. Following a cataclysmic volcanic eruption, the entire city was covered by a blanket of volcanic ash. Until the 18th century, the city remained buried by this dust, leaving it untouched—and unseen—for nearly 1,700 years.

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March 18, 2021

Get to Know Montmartre, Paris’ Legendary Artist Neighborhood on a Hill

On a hill overlooking Paris lies the neighborhood of Montmartre. During La Belle Époque—a period of French history dating between 1880 and 1914—the sloped streets were home to some of the world's most legendary artists. This area has long been central to Parisian history, from the revolutionary Paris Commune to the iconic cabaret Le Chat Noir. Paris is a city saturated in the arts, and a pilgrimage to Montmartre is almost obligatory for traveling creatives.

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