January 18, 2021

6 European Cities From Medieval Times That Are So Well-Preserved You Can Still Visit Them Today

Medieval times—most often called the Middle Ages—refers to a period of about 1000 years between the fall of the Roman Empire and the onset of the Renaissance in Europe. The end of the iconic medieval era itself occurred over 500 years ago. For that reason, it’s even more impressive that tokens of that historic time have survived to the modern-day.

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November 29, 2020

5 Incredible Facts About the Taj Mahal, an Icon of India

Undoubtedly, the Taj Mahal is one of the most recognizable monuments in the world. The entire complex, which consists of the famous white mausoleum, a reflecting pool, and lush gardens, among other buildings, is a testament to the cultural sophistication of the Mughal Empire. Many of us know that the Taj Mahal was conceived as a sort of post-humous love story between an emperor and his wife.

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November 22, 2020

Singapore’s Stunning ‘Jewel Changi’ Airport Celebrates One-Year Anniversary With New Film

Singapore’s Jewel Changi airport is so stunningly futuristic that it hardly feels real. The half-marketplace, half-garden airport center provides 24-hour landside entertainment for all airport visitors while pushing the envelope for future headhouses and airport terminals. Now, Safdie Architects is celebrating its project’s one-year anniversary with a new film produced by Helen Han Creative. Garden of Wonder pans around Jewel’s unreal interior gardens, opening with perfectly framed shots of the structure above.

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October 23, 2020

There’s a Magical Bridge of Light in an Indonesian Forest

Photographer Warman Wardhani introduces us to the next magical destination everyone will want to add to their travel bucket list—the Orchid Forest Cikole. Located in Lembang in West Java, Indonesia, this atmospheric forest is home to the largest collection of orchids in Indonesia. It holds over 20,000 orchids of many rare species.

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