January 18, 2023

25 Fun Travel Essentials for Creative Globetrotters

For many tourists, taking a trip is all about the destination. However, seasoned travelers know that getting there can be half the fun—especially if you get creative with your carry-on! Packed with fun travel essentials, this collection of travel products ensures everything will be smooth sailing. From organizational aids and in-flight entertainment to tools that guarantee stress-free sightseeing, these unique travel gifts are perfect for the jet-setters and globe-trotters in your life.

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December 16, 2022

Fans of ‘The Hobbit’ Can Now Spend a Night at the Official Hobbiton Airbnb in New Zealand

Fans of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are likely familiar with Hobbiton—the “hobbit village” set designed for the movie series. It is nestled on a 2,500 acre farm in the heart of Matamata, a small town in New Zealand. Now, people will be able to experience The Shire in an entirely new way, as the Hobbiton opens one of its charming, custom-made houses to the public through Airbnb.

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November 10, 2022

7 of the Most Magical Christmas Markets Around the World

There is nothing quite as merry and bright as a Christmas market. Featuring festive stalls that sell Christmas-y crafts, toasty treats, and warm drinks, wandering around a Christkindlmarkt is like walking in a winter wonderland, with cheer around every corner. With roots in medieval Germany, this annual advent tradition is now popular in cities, towns, and villages around the world.

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