March 16, 2021

Dubai Has a Heart-Shaped ‘Love Lake’ in the Middle of the Desert

Dubai’s Love Lake is a truly unique tourist destination for couples and families alike. Located in the middle of the desert near Al Qadra in Dubai, this manmade lake is designed in the shape of two intersecting hearts. The lake acts as a perfect retreat from the bustling city life of Dubai for both local city-dwellers and travelers to the United Arab Emirates.

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February 13, 2021

Stroll Through the Fascinating Design History of NYC’s Iconic Central Park

Long ago, New York City's iconic gridded streets left little room for green spaces. But around the 1840s, New Yorkers were growing tired of having to find refuge from city life in cemeteries and other unlikely places. From this discontent, Central Park was born. The land chosen for the park was the site of small villages and institutions such as Pigtown, a covenant and school at Mount St.

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January 18, 2021

6 European Cities From Medieval Times That Are So Well-Preserved You Can Still Visit Them Today

Medieval times—most often called the Middle Ages—refers to a period of about 1000 years between the fall of the Roman Empire and the onset of the Renaissance in Europe. The end of the iconic medieval era itself occurred over 500 years ago. For that reason, it’s even more impressive that tokens of that historic time have survived to the modern-day.

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