July 5, 2024

18 American Comforts You Might Not Realize Are Luxuries

The U.S. sometimes gets a bad rap, especially around election time. It's easy to get sucked into the news cycle that focuses on the negatives, but if you're living in America, there's still plenty to be grateful for. In a bid to spark some positivity around U.S. privilege, Redditor u/Seraphicly329 recently asked the Internet, “What's a luxury that most Americans don't realize is a luxury?

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May 6, 2024

Tokyo’s Rockabilly Subculture Takes Over Park With 50s Music, Vintage Fashion, and Smooth Moves

Japanese creativity has inspired many subcultures abroad, birthing communities around anime, kawaii characters, and even video games. But the influence goes both ways. Japanese people have also adopted subcultures and made them their own. Tokyo actually has a thriving group of rockabilly fans, who cherish this genre of 1950s music, as well as the fashion and dances that were inspired by it.

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