April 1, 2024

This Japanese Village Is Filled With Hundreds of Dolls Posing Like Real People and They’re All Made by One Woman

On the eastern end of Japan’s Shikoku Island, there's a village known as Nagoro. Like many other small towns around the world, it has seen its population shrink every year, with people either passing away or flocking to cities for a better life. To fight off the loneliness, an older woman named Tsukimi Ayano has created hundreds of kakashi (scarecrows in Japanese) to repopulate the area, earning Nagoro the nickname of “Village of the Dolls.

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March 1, 2024

Expedia 2023 Air Report Reveals the Best Times to Fly

If you ask 10 people when the best time to fly is, they will probably give you 10 different answers. These answers can be based on various factors, including affordability and convenience. But a recent report by Expedia definitively answers the question once and for all. In their 2023 Air Travel Report, Expedia states that travelers should try to travel on Wednesdays. Their reasoning for this is monetary.

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December 23, 2023

These Are the Logos Used by Tourism Boards in Each U.S. State and Around the World

Places big and small have one thing in common—they all rely on tourism to boost their economies. And much like companies, they also need an alluring logo that both inspires new customers (or travelers) and represents what's best about their area. Have you ever seen the logo for the place you live in? Maybe it's colorful and fun, or elegant and simple.

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