March 16, 2018

New Travel Guide Features Japan’s Most Beautiful Inns and Hot Springs

Coupling a minimalist aesthetic with a focus on achieving zen, Japan is renowned for its distinctive design style. On top of its beautiful landscaped gardens and tranquil tea houses, this exquisite approach can be found in its traditional spas, as outlined in Japanese Inns and Hot Springs, a new Japan travel guide by Tokyo-based author Rob Goss. Known as ryokan, these historic Japanese inns have attracted travelers for centuries.

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March 7, 2018

Interview: Photographer Treks All Over to Capture Spellbinding Shots of the World

Swedish photographer and filmmaker Tobias Hägg is known for his dramatic landscape photography, achieved through the masterful use of either a drone or DSLR. An avid outdoorsman, Hägg has traveled from Patagonia to the Dolomites, hiking and trekking to capture the perfect image of the majestic landscapes around the world. With his company, Airpixelsmedia, Hägg works as a content creator to produce stock photography, high-quality films and still images, as well as fine art prints.

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March 5, 2018

Village of Geodesic Domes Offers a Tech-Free Getaway in Rural Patagonia

Looking for an escape? If you’re trying to retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the EcoCamp Patagonia is an idyllic getaway that allows you to fully disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. Located in Chile's Torres del Paine National Park, the secluded paradise boasts fully-sustainable geodesic domes as well as a communal Bar Dome, Yoga Dome, and Community Dome. The accommodations at EcoCamp Patagonia complement the natural landscape.

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February 1, 2018

Photographer Visits Chernobyl With His Infrared Camera, Captures Stunning Images

Russian photographer Vladimir Migutin recently ventured into the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, armed with an infrared camera from Kolari Vision. The 1,000 square miles surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is a strange, transitional space. A place where, 30 years after the fallout, humans stay away, but animals and nature carry on. Using a full spectrum camera and a 590nm infrared filter, Migutin documented this incredibly surreal environment.

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