July 13, 2020

Airline Seat Designed to Allow Economy Passengers to Lie Down and Sleep

For years, passengers have been complaining about the tight quarters when flying economy. But now, more than ever, there’s a need to rethink standard seating in the face of social distancing. Luckily, one man has already spent the past few years devising a way to give economy passengers the ride that they deserve. Designer Jeffrey O’Neill first contemplated tackling airline seating while flying from New York to Singapore.

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June 14, 2020

Travel Photographer Documents Dazzling Ceilings of Uzbekistan’s Palaces and Mosques [Interview]

London-based travel photographer Christopher Wilton-Steer invites you to take a virtual journey to the heart of Central Asia. In 2019, he spent 4 months crossing 17 countries, traveling 40,000 km (24,854 miles)—by bus, car, train, boat, and horse—from London to Beijing. Following the famous Silk Road, he documented the network of ancient trading routes through the people, cultures, and architecture he encountered along the way.

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May 10, 2020

Stargaze From Bed When You Stay in Cozy Glass Cabins in the Icelandic Countryside

Just outside of Reykjavík, ÖÖD has nestled two of their luxurious glass cabins into the spectacular Nordic landscape. Thanks to a collaboration with Panorama Glass Lodge, visitors can rent out the cabins for a unique holiday stay. The front sleeping areas are wrapped in glass and invite guests to marvel at the surrounding environment while remaining cozy indoors.

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