June 21, 2024

Remote Island Transformed Into Tranquil Resort Merging Japanese and Danish Design

Inspired by the design of a traditional Japanese house, BIG‘s NOT A HOTEL Setouchi merges Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics. Located on Sagi Island, the firm's vision brings three villas and a restaurant to the island's southwestern cape. BIG's plan prioritizes the natural landscape, offering sweeping views of the sea and restoring the undulating landscape. Olive trees, lemon trees, and other native vegetation will be reintroduced to enhance the island's natural beauty.

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June 6, 2024

Architects Visualize What Cities of the Future Could Look Like

Barcelona-based architecture firm ON-A is offering an innovative look at what cities of the future might look like by combining architecture, engineering, and biotechnology. Its Biotech City is a self-contained structure that revolutionizes urban design. Under the circular dome, people will enjoy a sustainable living environment that “charts a path towards a greener, more resilient world.” The raised dome, based on a hexagonal and pentagonal grid, was inspired by the protection that nature provides.

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