April 19, 2019

Researchers Have Figured Out a Way to Move 25 Tons of Stone by Hand

When it comes to moving 25 tons of stone, heavy machinery is probably the first option that comes to mind. But, if we consider massive monuments like the Moai on Easter Island, there must’ve been some way that ancient peoples were able to transport such heavy material without the advent of machines. The Cambridge-based firm Matter Design has come closer to understanding this engineering feat with their research on “weightless” concrete forms.

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April 9, 2019

World’s Deepest Pool Includes Underwater Tunnel and Hotel Rooms

Just outside of Warsaw, Poland, a new swimming pool is taking shape. Guaranteed to give swimmers an experience like no other, Deepspot will be the world’s deepest swimming pool when it opens in autumn 2019. At 147.6 feet (45 meters) deep, this incredible pool holds nearly 300,000 cubic feet (8,000 cubic meters) of water and gives the experience of freediving into space.

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April 5, 2019

Chinese Bookstore’s Chandeliers Look Like Sheets of Paper Floating in Mid-Air

The Chinese city of Xi’an is continuing its emergence as a center of architecture and design with the YJY Maike Centre Flagship by Japanese designer Tomoko Ikegai of IKG Inc. This bookstore and commercial center has a warm, modern feel that places books and learning at the center. Wishing to evoke the feelings of a library and gallery, Ikegai marries both concepts across two levels and nearly 50,000 square feet (4,500 square meters) of space.

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March 29, 2019

Sleek Wood Tabletop Accessories Inspired by Classical Architecture

Inspired by a Renaissance painting, Mad Lab‘s new Utopia series is a sleek set of wood tabletop accessories. The handcrafted home decor pieces include three jars with lids, a serving platter, two trays, and a fruit bowl. All of the pieces, designed by Mad Lab co-founder Antonio Serrano, are created from maple with ebony inlay to provide decorative detail and visual interest. Utopia is dominated by archways and the reasoned, geometric shapes are reminiscent of architecture from The Ideal City.

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