May 6, 2021

Musician Pharrell Williams Opens Art Deco Inspired ‘Goodtime Hotel’ in Miami Beach

Miami Beach now boasts another Art Deco gem thanks to “Happy” musician Pharrell Williams and entrepreneur David Grutman. The duo has opened Goodtime Hotel as an ode to the historic architecture found in South Beach and other Miami areas. After five years of design and planning of exterior work by Morris Adjmi, interior design by Ken Fulk, and landscape design by Raymond Jungles, the Goodtime Hotel is now accepting reservations.

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May 3, 2021

Chengdu’s Fully-Automated Metro Line Is Now Open To the Public

If you love traveling via train, Chengdu’s recently opened metro line is a must-see. The futuristic stations are completely automated and designed to operate without any human workers. Interiors were designed by J&A Designs, Sepanta Design, and SOHOVita with dynamic sweeping geometries highlighted by unique lighting designed by BPS Electrical and Mechanical. These sleek architectural elements combined with their automated functionality make the Chengdu Metro Stations part of a unique transit experience.

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May 1, 2021

10 Dramatic Buildings by Architect Tadao Ando, The Master of Light and Concrete

Japanese architect Tadao Ando is well known for his masterful use of concrete structures in harmony with natural elements. The beauty of Ando’s architecture often relates to how man-made design takes a back seat to sunlight, wind, water, or landscape. Simple concrete blocks are perfectly scaled in relation to nature and become a backdrop for the organic world.

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