May 24, 2024

World’s Largest Coastal Regeneration Project Will Plant 100 Million Mangroves in Dubai

In a move to integrate ecological preservation with urban development, Dubai-based urban planning firm URB has created Dubai Mangroves. The initiative calls for the planting of more than 100 million mangrove trees over nearly 50 miles, as well as a botanical museum, conservation center, and visitor hub. By balancing the needs of the planet with the needs of humans, URB is hoping to demonstrate that urban growth and environmental responsibility can work hand in hand.

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April 19, 2024

Floating Glass Museum Is a Futuristic Homage to Venice and Global Climate Change

Inspired by Venice's relationship with glass and water, Luca Curci Architects has designed the stunning Floating Glass Museum. With the support of AI, the firm has created breathtaking renderings of the colorful structure, which blurs the lines between art and nature. With an office in Venice, the firm is very familiar with the city's rich history of glassmaking.

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