November 16, 2020

Floating Island Parks Will Soon Be Built in Copenhagen Harbor

Copenhagen harbor may be getting a bit more active thanks to the ingenious construction of a series of artificial floating islands—which would make it the world's first “parkipelago” (a portmanteau of park and archipelago). Danish design firm Studio Fokstrot and Australian architect Marshall Blecher have designed a number of small floating parks in response to the boom of urban development along the waterfront.

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November 4, 2020

Antoni Gaudí: The Creative “Madman” Behind La Sagrada Familia

“I do not know if we have awarded this degree to a madman or to a genius; only time will tell.” These were the words spoken by the director of the architecture program at 18-year-old Antoni Gaudí’s graduation ceremony at the University of Barcelona. Looking at the body of work produced throughout his life, we may understand why they were spoken.

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October 26, 2020

This All-Pink Apartment in Madrid Is a Bubblegum Dream Vacation Spot

The idea of monochromatic spaces may bring to mind stark black and white rooms, but Patricia Bustos Studios redefines single-color spaces in this all-pink rental apartment. The designers used a bold color scheme to stand out amongst the tough vacation rental competition in Madrid. They use 12 shades of pink to style the small unit, creating a unique identity that the studio says they achieved through “aesthetic madness.

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