May 20, 2022

Scientists Reveal the Artistic World Found Under a Microscope

Nearly 800 images were submitted to the Olympus Image of the Year Award 2021. Celebrating scientific photos taken with a microscope, the contest is filled with imagery that reveals a world hidden from the naked eye. This year's winner, Jan Martinek, took the top prize thanks to his interesting look at a small flowering plant often used in genetic research.

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May 18, 2022

15+ of the Most Spectacular Photos From the Worldwide Total Lunar Eclipse

The Moon on the evening of May 15, 2022, was a spectacular sight. It wasn’t your typical showing of the celestial body; that night, the world witnessed a total lunar eclipse. Known as the Super Flower Blood Moon, it marked the longest total eclipse in 33 years and was totally visible in western Europe, Central and South America, most of North America, and much of Africa. The entire event lasted approximately five hours.

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May 15, 2022

Primary School Students Capture Incredible Images of Earth Using a Weather Balloon and Camera

Students at a primary school in England got a special surprise this Earth Day after helping launch a weather balloon into Near Space. Fitted with an Insta360 ONE X2 action camera, the balloon sailed over 80,000 feet high into the atmosphere and delivered some incredible images of our planet. The entire event was arranged by Hi-Impact, an organization that aims to bring technology and media into the school curriculum.

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May 6, 2022

New Study Finds Ideal Amount of Sleep Needed as We Age

Getting the proper amount of sleep is something many people struggle with. We've all heard that getting enough—or getting too much—shut-eye can have a negative effect on our health. But what's the sweet spot? For those moving from middle to old age, a new study is giving the answer to that important question.

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