January 21, 2021

The First New Blue Pigment in 200 Years (YInMn Blue) Is Now Available for Sale

There’s a new blue color on the market for the first time in 200 years! Discovered unexpectedly in 2009 by researchers at Oregon State University, YInMn Blue has made waves in the world of pigments for its beautiful intensity, opacity, durability, and heat-reflective properties. A team led by chemist Mas Subramanian discovered the pigment when they were “exploring the electronic properties of manganese oxide.

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December 29, 2020

This African Gray Parrot Is the First Animal To Ever Ask an Existential Question

Have you ever heard of Alex the African gray parrot? This revolutionary bird was the colleague and test subject of Dr. Irene Pepperberg for 30 years during her research into animal psychology—particularly that of birds. Before she began her studies with Alex, birds weren’t considered to be intelligent animals (on account of their walnut-sized brains). In fact, the term “bird brain” was often used as an insult for stupidity. However, Dr.

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