May 21, 2019

Blue or Green? What Color You See Says A Lot About How Your Brain Works

If you’re a fan of optical illusions and how people’s perceptions differ, try this experiment conducted by Optical Express. Take a look at the above image. What color do you see, blue or green? While the answer might seem cut and dry, people’s answers differ widely. According to the survey of 1,000 people conducted by Optical Express, 64% perceived the top image to be green and 32% believed it was blue.

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May 6, 2019

It Took 1,060 Hours to Capture This Stunning Photo of the Galaxy

Ten months in the making, this incredible mosaic of nearly 4,000 photos gives a detailed look at the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). This satellite galaxy is visible as a faint cloud for those living in the Southern Hemisphere, so getting an close-up vision of the LMC is a real treat. The photograph, which was named NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, came together thanks to the work of five dedicated amateur astronomers.

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April 11, 2019

This Is the First Photo of a Black Hole and It’s a Huge Milestone in Science

In a historic event, an international team of scientists and astronomers released the first ever photograph of a black hole. To take the image that many thought was impossible, they needed the help of a virtual telescope the size of Earth. The groundbreaking photograph shows a massive black hole at the center of the Messier 87 galaxy, which is located 55 million light years from Earth and was released by Event Horizon Telescope (EHT).

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