May 21, 2020

All Adults in England Will Automatically Be an Organ Donor From Now On

Thanks to campaigning by one young boy, more people in England may see their lives saved due to organ transplants. Max and Keira’s law, which went into effect on May 20, changes England’s organ donor system. Now, instead of having to opt-in and sign up with the NHS Organ Donor Register, adults will all be considered organ donors unless they opt out of the system.

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May 6, 2020

Marine Scientists Race to Record Effects of Reduced Ocean Noise on Whales

Reports of wildlife returning to areas they haven’t frequented in decades and viral videos of animals flooding once busy thoroughfares have been nonstop in the past few weeks. It seems we have begun to realize that life really does find a way to survive. Scientists like David Barclay, Michelle Fournet, and Nathan Merchant are all taking this opportunity to investigate the impact that lowered human traffic is having on whales and other marine life.

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April 25, 2020

This HD Photo Gives Us an Extremely Detailed Look at Hundreds of Craters on the Moon

Backyard astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy is always pushing his work to new heights and his latest photo, titled All Terminator, is no exception. This high-definition image of the moon is like no other, so it should come as no surprise that McCarthy devoted weeks to its creation. Thanks to his dedication, every nook and crater is highlighted in this spectacular view of the moon and its lunar surface. So how did it all come together?

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