July 1, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Sleep Box’ Prototype Is Now a Real Product You Can Pre-Order

Earlier this year, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg came up with a clever little invention to improve his wife’s sleep cycle. Simply called a “sleep box,” Zuckerberg’s wooden cube features a faint light that gently indicates when it’s time to rise and shine. After sharing his work with his Instagram audience, he invited eager entrepreneurs to build upon his idea—and, now, it seems a “sleep box” for the masses will soon be on the market.

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May 17, 2019

SanDisk Unveils the First-Ever 1TB MicroSD Card

Who hasn’t run out of space on their phone? We’ve all been there, ready to take a photo or video and then realizing we need to quickly delete other images in order to have space for the new ones. Thanks to SanDisk, it will be much harder to run out of storage for your precious memories.

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May 1, 2019

Innovative Indoor Hydroponic Garden Grows Up to 30 Plants at a Time

Wish you could have easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables, but don’t have a green thumb? You’re in luck because iHarvest is a fully-automated indoor gardening system that allows you to grow up to 30 fruits, vegetables, and herbs year round by harnessing the power of hydroponics. This means that no matter what your skill level is as a gardener, you’ll be able to create your own in-home produce aisle.

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