May 12, 2020

You Can “Cut and Paste” Objects From Your Real-Life Surroundings Into Photoshop

French designer and programmer Cyril Diagne took to social media to show the world a truly mind-boggling, futuristic piece of software—his augmented reality “cut & paste” program, which looks like an elaborate prank come to life. Using Adobe Photoshop and various items around the room, Diagne can be seen plucking plants and books out of the real world and dropping them into the editing software.

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March 26, 2020

Italian Engineers Transform Simple Snorkeling Gear Into Lifesaving Masks to Connect to Ventilators

At this critical time in history, everyone is pitching in with their skills and expertise in order to combat the coronavirus epidemic. An issue many countries are facing is a lack of medical equipment, as hospitals are overwhelmed with critical care patients. This is particularly true of ventilators, which are in short supply. Now, Italian engineering firm Isinnova is helping local hospitals with the shortage thanks to a simple, yet ingenious, invention.

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February 14, 2020

Space Engineer Designs a Rotary Cell Phone That Actually Works

It’s hard not to be distracted by all of the tricked out smartphones available today, especially when they’re always right at our fingertips. That’s why engineer Justine Haupt of the Cosmology Instrumentation Group at Brookhaven National Laboratory spent three years on a personal pet project. The result of her efforts is a fully functional rotary cell phone that Haupt believes has all of the pros of portable communication without the unnecessary bells and whistles.

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