July 9, 2020

12-Year-Old Wins $20,000 Prize for Creating Alarm to Prevent Hot Car Deaths

Most parents remember the early days of sleep deprivation that go along with having a newborn or the curiosity that comes with having a toddler. Unfortunately, this can sometimes have dire consequences, as children being left behind in cars or accidentally getting into them can lead to hot car deaths. In fact, an average of 39 children under age 15 die every year inside a hot car and in 2019 that number totaled 52.

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June 7, 2020

Hummingbird “Spy” Drone Is Deployed to Capture Video of Massive Monarch Butterfly Swarm

PBS’ nature series, aptly titled Nature, brings the warmth of the coming springtime in full-force with a new clip of its hummingbird “spy” drone immersed in a massive monarch butterfly swarm. Featured on its Spy in the Wild series, the educational network’s quaint hummingbird photographer gets inside this half-million flutter of monarchs deep within the Mexican mountains.

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February 17, 2020

Artist Creates Virtual Traffic Jam on Google Maps With a Wagon Full of 99 Smartphones

Berlin-based artist Simon Weckert is fascinated by the digital world and its impact on humanity. With his performance Google Map Hacks, Weckert plays with the intersection of real and virtual worlds. By strolling around with a wagon filled with 99 cell phones, the artist generates virtual traffic jams on Google Maps and creates an intriguing juxtaposition between the physical and digital world.

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