May 16, 2024

‘Underwater Bicycle’ Device Propels Swimmers and Divers Forward at Superhuman Speed

French company Seabike has developed a device that acts as an underwater bicycle, helping swimmers and divers move underwater at impressively fast speeds. The device, which bears the same name as the company who designed it, is made to be strapped to the waist of swimmers, who are then pushed through the water by pedaling the propeller device located at the end of the machine.

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May 1, 2024

Surgeon Uses Apple Vision Pro as a Visual Assist During Shoulder Surgery in Brazil

The Apple Vision is widely considered one of the biggest tech releases of the last few years. This innovative headset provides a pristine, real-time depiction of the surrounding environment while allowing the user to launch apps as floating screens around them. Many have tried it in different places, like on a plane, on the subway, and now in an operating room. Brazilian surgeon Dr. Bruno B.

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