November 24, 2023

26 Thoughtful Gifts for Artists Who Draw

If you're shopping for an artist in your life, then you may be searching for some creative ideas. Well, before you start adding things to your cart, it's important to consider what medium your favorite artist specializes in. If they're an artist who draws, such as an illustrator, designer, or cartoonist, then you may want to look at things from their perspective.

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November 22, 2023

Beautiful 19th-Century Illustrations of Every Known Hummingbird Species in One Dynamic Poster

Before photography, it was up to illustrators to accurately record plants and animals. In the 19th century, artist John Gould set out to capture all of the known species of hummingbirds at the time, which meant traveling to different continents to observe their appearances. Ultimately, these efforts culminated in A Monograph of the Trochilidæ, or Family of Humming-Birds, a five volume series of 360 hand-colored lithographic plates.

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November 14, 2023

Striking Wooden Sculptures Made of Plywood Panels Hypnotically Assembled Together

Turkish artist Didem Yagci manipulates pieces of plywood into kinetic works of art. With numerous layers that look like nerverending steps, these sculptures echo the journeys people go on during their own lives and how they experience them in “infinite cycles.” This idea is expanded on in Yagci's artist statement: “The overlapping, repetitive, twisting, and intersecting layers…refer to this cycle through the careful use of materials and colors.

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November 9, 2023

Powerful Sculptures of Overlapping Hands Visualize Our Connection to Nature and Each Other

South African sculptor Anton Smit is known for his powerful artwork that centers around themes of reconciliation, glory, and suffering. Whether in a large or small-scale format, Smit's sculptures are a force of nature. Particularly powerful are his bronze sculptures of hands. These overlapping hands form small circles, or, as they are often titled, tornados. Tornado and Whirlwind are a series of dynamic sculptures that speak to the interconnectedness of us all.

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