August 8, 2020

5 Famous Allegorical Paintings That Carry Hidden Meanings Waiting to Be Discovered

Throughout human history, people have loved telling stories. From poetry and literature to music and art, we tell tales through a variety of media. One of the most effective tools for revealing a narrative or a concept is an allegory. The term comes from the Latin word allegoria, meaning “veiled language.” In painting, artists have used allegories to convey complex ideas—such as love, life, death, virtue, and justice—through visual symbols and metaphors.

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August 5, 2020

7 Watercolor Mediums That Will Transform the Way You Use the Paint

There's a reason why watercolor painting is so popular. Not only are the paints more affordable than their acrylic and oil counterparts, but their portability makes them ideal for artists to work en plein air. However, there's more to watercolor painting than pans and tubes. Watercolor mediums are a great way to enhance your artwork in unique and creative ways.

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August 4, 2020

Wood and Resin Sculptures Capture the Elegant Beauty of Wild and Free Animals

When it comes to merging materials, wood and resin make the perfect pair for creating eye-catching works of art. Ukrainian artist Yurii Myketka showcases the beautiful possibilities of combining opaque warm wood and translucent epoxy resin to create his minimalist animal sculptures. One of Myketka’s stand-out works is his whale sculpture crafted from acacia wood and blue epoxy resin.

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