September 20, 2020

6 Contemporary Diorama Artists Who Craft Fascinating Miniature Worlds

Miniature art may be small in size, but it often makes a big impression. Artists around the world have adopted the diorama as a way to create miniature, three-dimensional scenes from wood, paper, and other everyday objects. From expert model makers to imaginative photographers, read on to discover the work of six diorama artists who transport viewers into tiny, otherworldly environments. So, what is a diorama?

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September 19, 2020

4 Color Theory Exercises That Are an Easy Way To Improve Your Painting Skills

Painting sets come with a variety of chromatic tubes, but how well do you know how to use them? Choosing the right palette for your project is a skill that all artists must learn. Whether you're a seasoned watercolorist or are just venturing into the world of acrylics, an understanding of color theory will greatly improve your painting. If you feel overwhelmed by the rainbow of choices, don't worry.

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September 18, 2020

Surreal Sculpture of Face Masks Kissing Explores Ideas of Intimacy Amid a Pandemic

Hong Kong-based artist Johnson Tsang is known for his astounding ability to manipulate clay into exquisite porcelain sculptures. Inspired by the world around him, Tsang has incorporated the consequences of the coronavirus into his latest work, titled Still in One Piece III. In the delicate sculpture, two faces—covered tightly in their face masks—kiss.

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September 15, 2020

World’s First “Happiness Museum” Opens in Copenhagen

Welcome to The Happiness Museum, “a small museum about the big things in life.” Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, the eight-room museum is the new public arm of the Happiness Research Institute—a think-tank devoted to the theory and practice of happiness. Denmark is known for being one of the happiest countries in the world; however, the museum approaches themes of happiness, quality of life, and well-being from a global standpoint.

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