April 15, 2024

JR Transforms Milan Central Station Into a Rocky Landscape to Honor Its Origins

Milan’s Stazione Centrale is home to JR‘s latest installation—a daring piece that sees the artist challenge himself to try something new. In La Nascita (The Birth), JR trades his signature medium of paper and glue for scaffoldings in the name of sculptural anamorphosis. In other words, by trasferring a distorted image onto a layered, three-dimensional setting, the artist creates different optical illusions that reflect on the origins of the station.

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April 12, 2024

Museum Fires Employee for Hanging His Own Painting in an Exhibition

Many artists work very hard, hoping for their breakthrough moment when galleries and museums finally exhibit their work. Instead of waiting for that invitation, one creative took matters into his own hands. A staff member at a German museum drilled two holes in a wall and mounted his own painting with the hopes of kickstarting his career. Much to his dismay, he has promptly been fired from the museum.

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April 11, 2024

Artist Paints Blue Portraits To Celebrate the Legacy of Hispanic Artists and Pop Culture Legends

While many artists use extensive color palettes in their work, others explore the intricacies of one shade to create poignant pieces. An artist known as RAH Azul does this beautifully, painting mesmerizing blue portraits of Mexican icons and pop culture legends. By using different shades of cerulean, sapphire, and turquoise, he builds a unique composition that highlights the features that make each of these figures so recognizable.

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