November 19, 2019

Artist Visualizes Dystopian Future Where Pop Culture Icons Have Become Ancient Ruins

Have you ever wondered what our planet will look like after we’re gone? Prague-based artist Filip Hodas visualizes a post-apocalyptic future, where all that’s left behind are the relics of our not-so-distant past. His Pop Culture Dystopia series of 3D renderings sees famous cartoon characters and popular consumerist products as forgotten skeletons and decaying ruins that have been taken over by nature.

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November 17, 2019

6 Surprising Facts About Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein

Though he may have some of the most famous pop art paintings of all time, how much do you really know about Roy Lichtenstein? The American pop artist (known for his brilliant comic-based artwork) was part of a revolutionary new movement that sprung from New York in the 1960s.

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November 14, 2019

Artist Transforms Ordinary Stones into Adorable Palm-Sized Animal Characters

Have you ever had a pet rock? The novelty gift was created by Gary Dahl in 1975 and featured an ordinary rock, packaged and marketed as if it were a real animal to care for (despite not ever needing to feed, walk, or bathe it). If you like the idea of having a “pet rock” that will live forever, you’ll greatly appreciate Japanese artist Akie Nakata’s animal-inspired stone paintings.

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