May 23, 2022

Artist Transforms Scrap Metal Parts Into Amazing Animal Sculptures

Artist Brian Mock upcycles old, discarded materials into shiny fine art. The Oregon-based creative welds nuts, bolts, and other pieces of scrap metal together to create exquisite metal animal sculptures. From cats to dogs and even mountain lions and bears, his three-dimensional art spans the breadth of the animal kingdom. Mock does not try to hide the original source of his materials either; instead, he integrates every individual item into the subject's design.

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May 21, 2022

Expressive Watercolor Paintings Are Candid Snapshots of People Living in the Moment

Ineffable in-between moments are immortalized in the graceful paintings of Stephen Zhang. The Texas-based artist uses washes of delicate colors and swift brushstrokes to capture a variety of different people in the midst of living their lives. From serving food to dancing to giving haircuts, these intimate portrayals emphasize smaller occasions that are oft-forgotten. Originally from China, Zhang relocated to the U.S.

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May 16, 2022

Fun and Functional Glass Decanters Double as Elegant Animal Sculptures

Glass decanters are beautiful objects that add presentation style to wine, alcohol, and other liquids. American artist Charlie Matz adds his own twist to these classic serving jugs by creating decanters with exquisite sculptural elements inspired by animals. Fish, crabs, jellyfish, and more adorn the tops of these exquisite pieces, transforming them into fine art. Matz currently works at the Chicago-based glass studio Ignite Glass.

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May 13, 2022

Nigerian Artist “Draws” Hyperrealistic Portraits by Burning Wood

Nigerian artist Alex Peter Idoko creates exquisite drawings without the use of a pencil, pen, or paintbrush. Instead, the 30-year-old artist utilizes pyrography—or wood burning—to bring his subjects to life. With this unconventional technique, he masterfully renders the delicate textures of people's skin and hair with fire until they resemble hyperrealistic portraits. Originally, from Lagos, Nigeria, Idoko has been passionate about portrait art since he was a student.

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