April 10, 2024

Artist “Draws” Stunning Portraits by Steadily Cracking Glass

While most of us take care not to break glass, artist Simon Berger has made a career out of doing just that. By carefully hammering pieces of glass, he uses this fragile material like a sheet of paper for his incredibly life-like portraits. Berger began using this technique in 2016 and, over the years, has perfected his ability to harness the spidering fractures of glass to suit his needs.

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April 4, 2024

Artist Uses Produce Boxes as Canvases for Portraits of Immigrant Farmworkers Who Put Food on Our Tables

Immigrant farmworkers make up an estimated 73% of agriculture workers in the United States, and their labor is essential. They are the ones picking up the fruits and vegetables that eventually makes it to your local supermarket or favorite restaurant. Many times, they do so under harsh conditions, working long hours for little pay. Aiming to spotlight their plights, artist Narsiso Martinez turns produce boxes into canvases for mixed-media portraits of immigrant field workers.

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April 2, 2024

Beautiful Macramé Wall Hangings Mimic Colorful Gradients Found in Nature

Textile artist Rianne Aarts of art studio Teddy and Wool specializes in crafting woven wall hangings. Using only natural materials in her work, such as hand-spun wool, cotton cords, and non-toxic dyes and pigments, Aarts creates gorgeous pieces of textile art. From depictions of rolling hills to glowing suns, much of her work is clearly inspired by the peace and beauty of nature.

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