April 14, 2021

Artist Shatters Glass to Create Striking Portrait of History-Making VP Kamala Harris

Artist Simon Berger creates striking portraits by shattering glass. Sitting atop a fresh pane and brandishing a hammer, he makes strategic taps onto the surface to produce spider web-like motifs and render a three-dimensional form. The human face, for instance, is a perfect example of how this works. Anything in highlight—such as the forehead—is done by him striking the same part of the glass time and again.

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April 12, 2021

Impossibly Cute Animal Illustrations Tell Sweet Stories of Creatures Large and Small

Do you still remember your favorite characters from children’s books? California-based illustrator, poet, and mom Sydney Hanson draws charming characters that every kid and adult alike would adore. From insects to mammals, each animal is hand-crafted in the artist’s distinctly soft and fluffy style with huge wide eyes. It’s impossible not to go “aww” when scrolling through her portfolio. Hanson’s endearing illustrations reflect her own early adventures as a child.

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