July 29, 2021

Artist “Prints” Amazing Landscapes and Portraits Using Only the Characters on a Typewriter

UK-based artist and architecture student James Cook gives the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” new meaning with his incredible typewriter art. He “prints” detailed landscapes and cityscapes by using combinations of characters on the keyboard. Over the past couple of months, Cook has been using his collection of vintage typewriters to make illustrations—or “typictions,” as the artist fondly calls them—for a new show at the Wonky Wheel Gallery in Finchingfield, England.

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July 28, 2021

JR Creates Dazzling Illusion Across Façade of Rome’s Palazzo Farnese

French street artist JR is continuing his series of monumental trompe l'oeil installations with a new piece at the French Embassy in Rome. Titled Punto di Fuga, or Vanishing Point, he has opened up the façade of the Palazzo Farnese. Home of the French Embassy, this Renaissance building is returned back to its roots by JR, who has created a classical world across the façade.

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July 25, 2021

Brilliant Artist Brings His Fantastical Imagination to Life

In art, creatives often either capture the beauty of their surroundings or render worlds of their own invention. Artist Andy Kehoe is one artist who brilliantly merges the two. He continues to depict alluring fantastical environments occupied by “human-animal hybrids and spirit creatures.” Each of his digital paintings offers a glimpse into a vivid setting complete with intriguing characters and narratives.

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July 23, 2021

Artist Creates Miniature ‘Tokyo Olympic Games’ Scenes Using Face Masks and Figurines

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games were postponed last year because of COVID-19, but the highly anticipated Opening Ceremony is finally due to go ahead on July 23, 2021. The event will be the first major global gathering since the global pandemic began. However, with social distancing measures in place, it will look a lot different than previous years. Just 1,000 spectators will be present at the 68,000-seat Olympic Stadium.

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