May 20, 2019

7 Creative Hobbies That You Can Enjoy Offline

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, who has time for a hobby? You do! Although it’s tempting to want to spend quality time with your couch every evening, embarking on a creative hobby is both fun and enriching to your life. Chances are that you’ll spend time away from a screen while exercising your imagination. (Who knows—it could even turn into a side hustle!)

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May 17, 2019

Artist Hand-Carves Miniature ‘Game of Thrones’ Sculptures on the Tips of Pencils

Many art forms require attention to detail, but Russian artist Salavat Fidai takes his craft to the next level with a growing portfolio of incredible pencil lead art. His latest series of micro sculptures pays homage to HBO’s Game of Thrones. From a miniature Iron Throne to a tiny, scaly dragon, each fragile piece is meticulously hand-carved from graphite pencil tips using an X-ACTO knife.

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May 15, 2019

Interview: Artist Reveals Bristling Scales by Meticulously Cutting a Single Sheet of Paper

Artist Lauren Collin reveals exquisite textures from flat sheets of paper. Using a scalpel with surgical blades, she carves watercolor paper into “bas-reliefs” that are a dazzling collection of bristling scales in a variety of shapes and sizes. The details of her work are incredible; Collin uses the thickness of the material to create layers of scales that result in a surprising amount of depth.

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May 12, 2019

Ocean-Inspired Illustration Raises Awareness of Rapid Marine Life Extinction

In a bid to help raise awareness for the pressing issues our planet’s oceans are facing today, British illustrator Mat Miller teamed up with Pangeaseed Foundation for his latest piece, titled Equilibrium. The colorful illustration is part of the company’s In Peril print collection, which aims to highlight the rapid extinction of sea creatures and their ecosystem’s vulnerability.

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