October 14, 2021

Incredible Scale Models Show the Intricacy of World War I Trench Warfare

Andy Belsey spends his days making architectural models, but it's the models he constructs in his free time that have garnered him worldwide attention. In particular, his incredibly detailed look at World War I trench warfare has earned him great acclaim. And now, he's putting all of his knowledge into his new book, Modelling WWI Trench Warfare, published by Crowood Press.

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October 12, 2021

Incredible Installation Shows Intertwined Figures Trying to Hold Up a Bridge

Philadelphia is known for its public art, and now another incredible piece has graced the city. ContraFuerte is a new sculpture that was installed in Center City by local artist Miguel Antonio Horn. Created for the city's acclaimed Percent for Art Program, it shows a tangled mass of humans clinging to and holding up a small bridge that connects two buildings. The eight figures are incredibly dynamic and the sculpture soon went viral.

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October 11, 2021

70 Artists Are Celebrating Fierce Felines With a ‘Cat Art Show’ in Los Angeles

For centuries, housecats have been both companions and muses for artists around the world. The fourth annual Cat Art Show in Downtown Los Angeles honors this purr-fect relationship with a group exhibition of over 8o works of art inspired by the feline form. The 10-day event includes sculptures, paintings, collages, prints, and other eclectic pieces based on cats and the human-cat relationship.

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October 9, 2021

Giant Lily Pads Allow You To Float in the Middle of a Pond Like a Frog

We often walk around ponds, but what if we could sit in the center of them? Artists Haemee Han and Jaeyual Lee of Jaemee Studio created an interactive installation titled The Lily Project that allows us to do just that. Inspired by floating lily pads, the duo temporarily installed 13 large made-made platforms in a pond near Eightmile River in East Haddam, Connecticut.

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