January 21, 2021

The First New Blue Pigment in 200 Years (YInMn Blue) Is Now Available for Sale

There’s a new blue color on the market for the first time in 200 years! Discovered unexpectedly in 2009 by researchers at Oregon State University, YInMn Blue has made waves in the world of pigments for its beautiful intensity, opacity, durability, and heat-reflective properties. A team led by chemist Mas Subramanian discovered the pigment when they were “exploring the electronic properties of manganese oxide.

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January 18, 2021

Stunning Figurative Sculptures Capture the Beauty of the Human Body in Motion

For the Spanish artist duo Joan Coderch and Javier Malavia, the “human being is at the core of their art.” The two founded Coderch & Malavia to collaborate on expressive figurative sculptures that explore movement and emotion as it relates to the human body. From striking ballet positions to quiet, understated stances—their bronze figures capture a unique moment in time. All of their art is created together at their large industrial studio in Valencia, Spain.

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January 14, 2021

Yayoi Kusama Has Two Immersive ‘Mirror Room’ Installations Coming To the Tate Modern

Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama began creating mirror installations in the 1960s as a way to immerse visitors in dazzling, surreal environments. Soon, fans will have the rare opportunity to enjoy two of Kusama's recent works in person, as the Tate Modern announced the upcoming exhibition, Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirror Rooms. Originally scheduled for 2020 to celebrate the museum's 20th anniversary, the installation will finally be unveiled in March 2021.

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January 9, 2021

Artist Creates a Portrait of Beth Harmon From ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Out of Chess Symbols

People all over the world have fallen in love with The Queen's Gambit‘s fascinating and brilliant lead, Beth Harmon (played by Anya Taylor-Joy). As a fan himself, Greek graphic designer Charis Tsevis dedicated a series of striking mosaic portraits to the Netflix star. “The Queens' Gambit is without a doubt the hit TV series of 2020,” Tsevis tells My Modern Met.

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