December 14, 2019

Larger-Than-Life Paintings Capture the Majestic Beauty of Wildlife We Need to Protect

Ever since he was a child, Canadian artist Nick Sider has had a fascination with tigers. He pays homage to the majestic big cat and other wild animals with his incredible, hyperrealistic paintings that are so detailed, the fierce subjects look as though they could come to life and leap from their canvases at any moment. In fact, this is exactly what the talented artist aims to achieve.

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December 13, 2019

8th Annual Amsterdam Light Festival Illuminates the City at Night

The canals of Amsterdam are once again the canvas for spectacular light art thanks to the 8th annual Amsterdam Light Festival. For 53 days, installations by local and international artists dot the city, turning Amsterdam into a treasure trove of color and light. The 2019 edition is guided by the overall theme DISRUPT!, making the resulting installations reflect on relevant themes like climate change, technology, and war.

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December 11, 2019

World War II Submarine Base in France Transformed Into World’s Largest Digital Art Center

In France, a submarine base built during World War II is taking on new life as a contemporary arts center thanks to Culturespaces. Located in Bourdeaux, the enormous bunker was used for several years during the war to house a shared German and Italian submarine fleet. Now, it will be renamed Bassins de Lumières and take its place as the world’s largest digital art center.

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December 9, 2019

Interview: Artist Creates Beautiful Baroque-Inspired Paintings with Intentionally Imperfect Details

Artist Ted Pim is putting a contemporary spin on classical Baroque painting. Dark, eerie backgrounds and decadently rich florals are just two of Pim’s techniques that evoke works of great masters like Caravaggio and Rubens. Unlike his predecessors, however, this gifted artist doesn’t leave his carefully rendered figures unblemished. It is his seemingly random and chaotic abstract touches that conjure immediate dynamism—ultimately making his paintings unforgettable.

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