December 2, 2020

Best of 2020: Top 19 Creative Projects Made During the COVID-19 Crisis

The year 2020 probably wasn’t what you’d hoped for, but adversity often leads to creativity. The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected how we live our lives; and, for many of us, life feels like it’s been put on hold. With all this extra time on our hands, many people have taken up new crafts and are using art as a way to respond to the crisis.

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November 24, 2020

‘Bob Ross Experience’ Exhibit Opens in Indiana to Celebrate the Beloved TV Painter Forever

Late great American TV painter Bob Ross continues to be a beloved figure on the internet years after his death, delighting viewers with his masterful painting skills, iconic hairstyle, and soothing voice. Now, fans of his show, The Joy of Painting, can visit the original studio where Ross rendered hundreds of exquisite landscapes for the camera from 1983 to 1994.

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November 21, 2020

Artist Helps Soothe Anxious Minds With Adorably Supportive Cat Comics

Sometimes we can all use a little reassurance that things are going to be okay. Artist Hector Janse van Rensburg, aka Sh*itty Watercolour, delivers these gentle reminders in the form of endearing four-panel comics. In his illustrations, Van Rensburg is comforted by a small gray feline who offers soothing tidbits that are sure to calm anyone’s anxious mind.

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November 11, 2020

Upcoming Exhibit Lets Visitors “Step Into” Van Gogh’s Iconic Masterpieces

Following the success of New Zealand's outdoor Van Gogh exhibition, the The Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields in Indianapolis, Indiana is bringing the same immersive event to the U.S. in 2021. THE LUME is made in collaboration with Australian-based company Grande Experiences and will feature the Dutch painter's most iconic works—including The Starry Night, Almond Blossoms, and Irises. They will be projected on the museum's entire fourth floor.

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