June 18, 2024

Palestinian Artist Shares Daily Drawings of Life in War-Torn Gaza [Interview]

October 7 is a date that changed Maisara Baroud‘s life. The Palestinian artist, who is based in Gaza, saw his world turned upside down as Israel’s war on Hamas exploded. In the ensuing months, Baroud has been displaced more than 10 times but has managed to keep his daily drawing habit, using his art to help cope during this time of tragedy. Baroud's war drawings, which he publishes on Instagram, are all entitled I'm Still Alive.

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June 16, 2024

13 of the Best Sketchbooks That Artists of All Abilities Love to Draw In

A sketchbook is the ultimate artist's companion. Like a close friend, you'll spend a lot of time with it and tell it your inner thoughts (through drawing, painting, and writing). Many artists will regularly fill their pads with a bevy of drawings. Some are so polished that their books feel like mobile art galleries. But, gorgeous spreads aren’t the point of keeping a sketchbook.

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