June 17, 2024

Hybrid Art Featuring Brushstroke Paintings With Biological Sculptures Wrapped Around Them

Merging painting and sculpture, Anastasia Komar‘s mixed-media artwork is hypnotic. Komar's unique vision stems from her background in architecture and environmental design, and she considers her work an intersection of art and contemporary bioengineering. Her abstract acrylic paintings are enhanced by sinuous polymer sculptures that wrap around the canvas. These sculptures are inspired by the colors and textures Komar sees when exploring life through electron microscopy.

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June 14, 2024

13 of the Best Sketchbooks That Artists of All Abilities Love to Draw In

A sketchbook is the ultimate artist's companion. Like a close friend, you'll spend a lot of time with it and tell it your inner thoughts (through drawing, painting, and writing). Many artists will regularly fill their pads with a bevy of drawings. Some are so polished that their books feel like mobile art galleries. But, gorgeous spreads aren’t the point of keeping a sketchbook.

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June 13, 2024

10 Best Watercolor Sketchbooks for Artists Who Want to Paint On the Go

Sketchbooks are a must-have creative tool for artists to create on the go. Not only are they great for jotting down ideas and capturing scenery en plein air, but they also have a precious quality that makes you want to keep them forever. And although many people use art journals for dry media like pencil and pen, there are also great watercolor sketchbooks for painters that want to take their studio with them.

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June 12, 2024

Surreal Sculptures of Fragmented “Travelers” Pop Up in New York City

New York City always has plenty of options for art lovers, but it has recently added thought-provoking sculptures along Park Avenue in Murray Hill. Bruno Catalano‘s Travelers have been displayed around the world, turning heads from Italy to Singapore.  They've finally landed in NYC. Combined with a companion show at Galeries Bartoux, this is the artist's first major solo exhibition in the United States.

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