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Founded in 2008, My Modern Met was formed to create one big city that celebrates creativity. For over 13 years, we have proudly been a champion for emerging, mid-career, and established artists, photographers, designers, and makers by providing them a platform to shine and grow. Beyond that, we continue to expand our content in ways that will spark positivity in you by sharing inspiring stories of humanity and the amazing things found in our natural world. There’s a lot to be in awe of—and thankful for—and we’re committed to sharing it.

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My Modern Met featured my work before I had as much recognition as I do now. I remember it well, because I was traveling in the Maldives at the time, working on a new series of drawings to represent the lowest lying island nation in the world.

“I noticed I was receiving an unusual amount of friend requests on Facebook, and messages poured into my inbox from around the world!

“When I traced it back to My Modern Met, I reached out to thank them. They have been very kind and helpful ever since, always happy and eager to share new work and promote my exhibits, and I remain extremely grateful for them!”


My Modern Met was one of the first places to discover and share my photographs. An article they wrote about my work in 2016 went viral and since then I have gone from a hobbyist to a professional photographer thanks to their continued support.

“Positive comments of encouragement from My Modern Met followers also motivated me to keep going and to create a photo series, of which eventually became a best-selling photo book.

“In retrospect, I would not have achieved any of this without them discovering my work all those years ago and for that I am truly grateful as it has taken me on a different and more creative path.

“My Modern Met remains the best platform to discover artists through the finely curated content and a platform that positively celebrates creativity. I’m glad it still exists and continues to shine a spotlight on up-and-coming artists who deserve more eyes on their work.”


My Modern Met was one of the first people to notice my work when I began my series Wonderland back in 2009. Over the years as the project progressed, they continued to publish articles about the photographs as they became more and more popular.

“Finally in 2015, once the series was complete and the first edition of the book had sold out, My Modern Met shared the film we had made about its creation.

“Nothing could have prepared me for the reaction it incurred. I was suddenly overwhelmed with thousands of requests for the book from all over the world as their post went viral and was viewed over 5 million times.

“As a result, we were given the confidence to publish a second edition of the book to satisfy the enormous waiting list we had accumulated, the response was truly staggering. I remain eternally grateful to My Modern Met for their support and belief in what I do. They have without a doubt helped my career and also become valued friends.”


“I have had the privilege to be featured in My Modern Met several times, and each time, my experience has been fulfilling and rewarding.

“The writers and hosts are gracious, do their research and understand that my work is more than art.

“The purpose of my art is to open a door for people and inspire everyone to be advocates for the ocean and our planet.

“I have always been given an opportunity to engage My Modern Met’s substantial audience in the work of SeaLegacy and Only One.”


I am extremely grateful to Modern Met for the support they have shown towards my work.

“I am always moved by how they help tell our stories, expanding it to a broader audience. Instead of simply reposting a write up on my blog, they find a way to make it personal and relevant to their own readership. Almost every time I am surprised by the little gems they find, which in turn helps me rediscover my own artwork.

“As an artist, it is invaluable to have support from a platform that understands and curates content as skillfully and respectfully as My Modern Met does.”


“After having the privilege of doing my first interview with My Modern Met, I experienced an overflow of new followers and interest in my art.

“It was a huge turning point for my career, because the word had spread and several other platforms also pushed the interview.

“It was literally an overnight success. The next day I gained over 10,000 new followers. My Modern Met was the launchpad in getting my work seen and known on a world-wide scale.

“I know they truly have a heart for artists and want them to be successful in doing what they love everyday.

“I believe My Modern Met is at the pinnacle of culture alongside artists, pushing forward positivity and beauty.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does My Modern Met have a membership program?

Since launching in 2008, we’ve worked hard to sustain ourselves through a variety of revenue streams, including advertising, sponsorships, and e-commerce. We’ve been able to keep our site independent and without outside investment.

Our membership program is a meaningful way for our readers to support a publication that they’ve grown to love and appreciate over the years so that we can keep going.

Beyond covering operational costs, members help us pursue our long-term initiatives in our quest to further support the arts and create rich content that is accessible for everyone—including a podcast, expanding into more languages, and online classes. We also intend to invest in projects like supporting talented artists and creative makers through My Modern Met Store.

What do the Memberships go towards?

Membership fees will be specifically allocated towards staff salaries, hosting and software costs, funding new projects geared towards helping the creative community, and other expenses that help keep the lights on.

Are you putting My Modern Met behind a paywall?

From the very beginning, we’ve believed that everyone should have free access to art and culture content. Because of this, we will not be putting up a paywall on our site.

What if I'm not interested in the membership benefits? Can I still support My Modern Met with a one-time donation?

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