November 27, 2020

Powerful Portraits of Native Americans Highlight Their Spirit and Cultural Identity [Interview]

Photographer Craig Varjabedian is known for his stunning portrait series celebrating the lives and cultures of Native Americans. The Native Light Photo Collaboration project sees Varjabedian working with Indigenous people around New Mexico to create photographs that highlight their spirit. By working together, photographer and model have equal control and, therefore, the images avoid the exploitation that can sometimes occur in this genre of photography.

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November 5, 2020

Photo Restorer Colorizes Every Portrait of a U.S. President Who Was Photographed [Interview]

Photography changed the way people see the world, as well as the way history is remembered. In 1839, the first commercially available photographic process—the daguerreotype—was released. The sixth president of the United States, John Quincy Adams, was the first to be photographed using this process. Taken around 1843—after Adams had left office—the portrait is one of 26 black and white photographs depicting presidents who held office before color photography existed.

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October 11, 2020

Meet the All-Female Anti-Poaching Team Changing the Face of Conservation in Africa [Interview]

Every year, thanks to poachers, 30,000 species are driven to extinction. And in Africa alone, 96 elephants a day are killed at the hands of these poachers. But in Zimbabwe, efforts are being made to turn the tide against this illegal activity. Through his International Anti-Poaching Foundation, Australian Iraq war veteran Damien Mander has put together a skilled group of women to lead the charge.

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October 1, 2020

Artist Knits “Temperature Scarf” To Track Climate Change Every Day for a Whole Year [Interview]

When artist and author Josie George started knitting her temperature scarf in January, she could not have imagined how this calendar year would unfold. The year 2020 has been unpredictable in many ways—from the emergence of a global pandemic to the social unrest and protests around the world to the wildfires ravaging Australia and then the United States.

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