July 16, 2019

Interview: Photographer Documents the Beauty of Childhood Spent Without Modern Devices

Photographer Niki Boon is interested in a slower-paced life. Occupying 10 acres of land in the rural New Zealand countryside, she and her family have crafted their own world that’s in tune with nature and largely unconcerned with being tethered by technology. Boon’s four children, all home-schooled, reserve their use of screens for educational purposes and spend the rest of their time taking care of their menagerie, playing outside, and running barefoot—and ultimately living carefree.

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July 4, 2019

Interview: Wet Plate Photographer Captures Powerful Portraits of Native Americans

Inspired by the great historic photographers of yesteryear, Shane Balkowitsch has focused his artistic practice on taking wet plate photographs. Eschewing modern cameras, the only piece of photography equipment the North Dakotan uses is his wet plate camera. And it’s with this technique that he has been able to document the rich local culture of Northern Plains Native Americans.

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June 24, 2019

Interview: Photographer Explores the Enchanting Lands Between Reality & Fairytales

Photographer Kindra Nikole is used to exploring fantastical subject matter in her work. From dreamy women who inhabit the forest to a gender-bending retelling of King Arthur’s round table, Nikole combines these enchanting subjects with breathtaking landscapes and costumes made especially for the shoots. Her latest series delves deeper into fairytale photographs but offers an intriguing twist.

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June 18, 2019

Interview: Atmospheric Oil Paintings Capture the Stunning Beauty of Billowing Clouds

Inspired by the sky, Canadian artist Ian Fisher paints large-scale skyscapes that capture the beauty of billowing clouds. From light, heavenly hues to dark, thunderous casts, each magnificent oil painting is both hyperrealistic and abstract. “Many think that, nowadays, it is impossible to create something [new] with the painting. In fact, it is an art form that still leaves great room for experimentation,” Fisher explains.

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