May 31, 2020

Interview: How One Musician Is Helping Redefine Kenya Through Creativity

Kenyan musician Muthoni Drummer Queen is a cultural alchemist. While she excels in creating songs that are a unique blend of genres—including reggae, blues, and African drums—Muthoni sees the bigger picture and imagines a restructuring of the music industry (and beyond) in her home country and brings together different creative fields to make it happen. This has led her to create festivals that celebrate the likes of Kenyan performers, filmmakers, and photographers.

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April 30, 2020

Interview: Designer Creates Posters Showing Shocking List of Workers Labeled as “Low Skilled”

Does a person’s value to society really equate to how much they earn? Most people would say no, but that’s exactly what UK home secretary Priti Patel implied in February when discussing how EU work visas would function post-Brexit. Suddenly, workers earning less than £25,000 per year—about $31,000—found themselves being labeled as “low skilled.” If this sweeping generalization seems quite unfair to you, you’re not alone—graphic Craig Oldham thinks so, too.

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March 29, 2020

Photographer Shares His Experience as a Creative During the Coronavirus

Worldwide, the economy is taking a hit due to the coronavirus. As people stay indoors and non-essential services grind to a halt, many business owners are finding themselves in uncharted territory. For creative freelancers this is especially true. With people under lockdown, weddings have been canceled and publicity campaigns put on hold. This impact trickles down to all the creatives who scheduled were to work on these shoots and that includes Canadian photographer Neil Ta.

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February 29, 2020

Interview: Photos of Adorable Penguins in Antarctica Raise Awareness of Their Changing Habitat

As a professional landscape photographer, Albert Dros is no stranger to beautiful scenery, but nothing prepared him for what he encountered on a recent trip to Antarctica. While the landscape was magical, Dros couldn’t help but be captivated by the wildlife he encountered, particularly the penguins. In fact, they became his new obsession during the trip and he spent as much time as possible photographing their every move.

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