February 17, 2019

Interview: Photographer Dedicates His Life to Documenting Global Indigenous Cultures

British photographer Jimmy Nelson translated his upbringing living in Asia, Africa, and South America into a successful career documenting indigenous communities. This curiosity never left him and he channeled his creative energies into artistically photographing the native peoples of every continent. His latest publication, Homage to Humanity, is an interactive look at the people he encounters and the lands he visits.

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February 3, 2019

Interview: Artist Turns Complex Knot Tying into a Sculptural Art Form

Knot tying has always been a key outdoor skill, but Chinese-American artist Windy Chien turns twisting ropes into a beautiful art form. Best known for her 2016 work, The Year Of Knots, Chien learned how to tie a new knot every day for 365 days. From mastering a complicated loop to perfecting obscure bends and hitches, this dexterous craft is now part of the artist’s daily rituals.

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January 13, 2019

Interview: Tech Visionary Oliver Luckett Shares His Amazing Contemporary Art Collection

Entrepreneur Oliver Luckett is well-known for founding companies that have helped shape the digital landscape. In addition to being a tech visionary, he’s a passionate art collector and supporter who, along with his husband Scott Guinn, has amassed an amazing array of contemporary art. The couple’s Reykjavík home serves as their own personal gallery that boasts many Icelandic artists and American street artists. Both are a nod to Luckett’s trajectory.

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January 4, 2019

Interview: Photographer Captures Real-Life “Fairy Forests” in Finland

Combining his love of nature with his skills in photography, 21-year-old Ossi Saarinen captures the many wild forest animals living in Finland’s mystical woodlands. From curious foxes and mischievous red squirrels to shy deers and even grizzly bears, the talented wildlife photographer gets up-close and personal with these charming creatures, revealing their most intimate and adorable moments.

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