September 16, 2019

Interview: Artist Makes Faces Emerge from Brilliantly Manipulated Netted Tulle Fabric

Most portrait artists opt for paint as their medium, but British artist Benjamin Shine folds and presses giant sheets of tulle fabric into beautiful abstract faces. His stunning Flow series features dreamy, peaceful faces that seem to emerge from the delicate fabric folds like clouds of smoke. His latest Sky Flow piece, titled Quietude, takes his signature fabric sculptures to a new, much larger scale.

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September 11, 2019

Interview: Powerful 3D Mural of Harriet Tubman Reaching Out a Helping Hand

Specializing in large-scale murals, Maryland-based artist Michael Rosato has crafted countless powerful works of public art. Over the last 25 years, Rosato has developed a signature style of painting, characterized by monumental compositions, site-specific subject matter, and, most distinctively, an expert use of the trompe-l’oeil technique.  All of these characteristics can be found in his latest project: Take My Hand, a colossal mural of Harriet Tubman.

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September 3, 2019

Interview: Travel Photographer Highlights China’s Traditional Cormorant Fishing

Travel photographer Peter Yan left behind a successful career at Apple to pursue his work as a respected visual storyteller. In a few short years, the Chinese-born Australian photographer has built an impressive following on Instagram, where over 150,000 people follow his inspiring imagery from around the globe. In particular, one image that was taken on a trip to Yangshuo, China has caused the internet to sit up and take notice.

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August 30, 2019

Interview: Man Makes World-Famous Art in His Sleep But Has No Creative Talent While Awake

When Lee Hadwin is awake, he identifies as someone with no artistic talent. But while he’s asleep, his creative side comes alive and he crafts portraits, landscapes, and abstract drawings that only someone with amazing artistic prowess can produce. Once Hadwin wakes from his slumber, he has snapped out of his art-making trance and carries on with life as a non-creative person. So, how does he do it?

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