December 17, 2018

Interview: Photographer Captures the Playful Personalities of Wild Red Squirrels

Most wildlife photographers will tell you that it takes a lot of patience to capture animals in their natural habitats, but Dutch-Swedish photographer Geert Weggen has a gift for it. His chosen subjects are red squirrels, shy forest creatures that are usually reluctant to interact with humans. However, Weggen (with the help of some nuts he use as bribes) manages to capture them up-close, in all sorts of adorable scenarios.

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December 10, 2018

Interview: Creative Ceramicist Sculpts 100 Unique Clay Vessels in 100 Days

While you may have heard of daily drawing challenges such as Inktober, British ceramicist Anna Whitehouse took the popular concept a step further by setting her own unique experimental project. Starting from January 1, 2018 she decided to create a decorative clay bottle every day for 100 days. Each white vessel is uniformly shaped and sized, however, Whitehouse explored new ideas by creating a different surface pattern design each time.

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December 5, 2018

Interview: Ceramicist Hand-Sculpts 100 Elephants in 24-Hour Livestream

It is estimated that around 100 African elephants are killed every day due to an insatiable demand for ivory. This shocking statistic is what spurred British ceramicist Charlotte Mary Pack to action, causing her to undertake an admirable, self-assigned challenge. On World Wildlife Conservation Day (December 4, 2018), Pack stayed awake for an entire 24 hours to handcraft 100 elephant porcelain figurines.

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November 6, 2018

Interview: How an Illustrator Turned Her Passion for Flowers and Art Into a Blossoming Career

Artist Lisa Perrin fell in love with illustration long before she pursued it as a career. While in high school, she would re-shelve books at her local public library and marvel at the illustrators who created their covers. Now, Perrin is the one producing eye-catching works that stop you in your tracks. Her imagery is inspired, in part, by the natural world—“I must have been a florist in a past life,” she confides in us.

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