March 11, 2020

Interview: How a Photographer Makes Her Enchanting Photo Shoots a Family Affair

Driven by a need for creativity, the photographer known as Alexandria’s Lens creates enchanting portraits that involve her whole family. Her husband and three children offer both creative input and pose in her images that are soft in focus and contain magical elements that are digitally edited into the photos after the shoots are done. Inspired by fairy tales, Alexandria infuses elements of the iconic stories into her work.

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February 27, 2020

Interview: Photographer’s Adoration for the Ocean Captured in Towering Wave Portraits

The ocean has always been a part of photographer Luke Shadbolt‘s life. Growing up on the coast of Australia, the tide was omnipresent—a constant from when he was a kid all the way into adulthood. The relationship was deepened by his devotion to surfing in his teens. As a creative college student, he fell in love with photography and wanted to shoot the waves but was unsure of how to approach his calling.

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December 28, 2019

Interview: ‘Cabin Porn’ Book Highlights the Gorgeous Interiors of Handcrafted Homes Off the Grid

You might feel tethered to your devices more than you would prefer. If you dream of disconnecting—not for just an hour, but making it a true getaway—chances are that you’re privy to the blog Cabin Porn. The popular site showcases gorgeous dwellings nestled in thick forests with views of mountains and valleys in the distance.

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