April 10, 2019

Interview: Photographer Shares Cyber-Punk View of Tokyo at Night in New Book

Art director, graphic designer, game developer, and photographer Liam Wong is pushing his creativity with a series of new ventures. Since 2015 he’s been honing his photography skills, making a huge impression with his vibrant and surreal photos of Tokyo at night. Influenced by the gaming world and films like Blade Runner, his hyper-saturated colors and haunting compositions have become his signature.

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April 6, 2019

Interview: The Alphabet Poetically Reimagined with the Human Body

The alphabet is a source of inspiration for many creatives, past and present. From calligraphy to hand-drawn letter art, our familiar abcs are often transformed from standard typefaces to eye-catching works of art. Hollywood photographer Douglas Kirkland and his wife Françoise are two of the latest contemporaries to artistically interpret the standard alphabet in a new way. Taking inspiration from Erté’s iconic Art Deco-style Alphabet Suite (created between 1927 and 1967)

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April 4, 2019

Interview: Underwater Photo Shoot Makes Powerful Statement Against Trawling

Self-described “underwater artivist” Christine Ren boasts a one-of-a-kind body of work. Pairing her background in dance with her passion for ocean conservation, Ren specializes in submarine dance. As she poses below the surface, her performances are documented, resulting in stunning photo series like Protect What’s Precious. At first glance, the eye is drawn to the aesthetic beauty of project. Clad in an exquisite white gown, Ren strikes elegant poses against a dreamy blue backdrop.

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