January 31, 2020

Interview: Nature Photographer Reveals His Favorite Locales for Shooting Stunning Landscapes

Photographer Adrian Klein captures the beauty of the natural world through thoughtful shots of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. A serious outdoor enthusiast, he traverses landscapes for hours in order to craft perfect compositions. When he’s done shooting, the results are striking portraits showcasing colorful florals and fascinating textures that are sometimes overlooked by the average passerby. Klein’s love of nature began when he was young.

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January 19, 2020

Interview: Artist Spends 5 Years Drawing Giant Colored Pencil Map of North America

Artist and cartographer Anton Thomas is making waves for his enormous, hand-drawn map of North America. Executed in pen and colored pencil over the course of nearly 5 years, he spent almost 4,000 hours creating this incredibly detailed view of the continent. It’s an ambitious project that required Thomas’ dedication and a lot of sacrifice; but in the end, he was rewarded both personally and professionally for his trouble.

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December 24, 2019

Interview: How a Pigment Forager Is Creating an Exhaustive Archive of Ochres Around the World

Heidi Gustafson is an artist and pigment forager who is archiving ochre from around the world. Through her artistic research studio Early Futures, she focuses on finding and documenting these iron-based earth and pigments. This requires her to take to the land. Located in rural northern Washington state, Gustafson scours shorelines and scrapes rocks in order to gather shards.

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December 20, 2019

Interview: Anne Geddes Reveals Why She Stopped Taking Her Iconic Photos of Newborns

Renowned photographer Anne Geddes has enjoyed a long, successful career thanks to her legendary photographs of babies. Her iconic photos, which star newborns, have been transformed into best-selling books, calendars, and greeting cards. Particularly throughout the 1990s, Geddes gained international acclaim for her innovative, touching, and whimsical look at children.

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