January 14, 2020

Interview: Artist Walks in Snow All Day to Create Giant Geometric Patterns by Foot

Outdoor enthusiast and cartographer Simon Beck has carved his own path in the art world—literally. For over a decade, he has been a snow artist who walks soccer ball-sized fields and creates striking geometric designs in the untouched powder. The mandala-esque circles and tumbling triangles unfold slowly with each step—his version of a brushstroke on a white canvas.

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December 9, 2019

Interview: Artist Creates Beautiful Baroque-Inspired Paintings with Intentionally Imperfect Details

Artist Ted Pim is putting a contemporary spin on classical Baroque painting. Dark, eerie backgrounds and decadently rich florals are just two of Pim’s techniques that evoke works of great masters like Caravaggio and Rubens. Unlike his predecessors, however, this gifted artist doesn’t leave his carefully rendered figures unblemished. It is his seemingly random and chaotic abstract touches that conjure immediate dynamism—ultimately making his paintings unforgettable.

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November 23, 2019

Interview: “Rapunzel Horse” with a Golden Mane Shares Loving Bond with Her Fair-Haired Human

Have you ever been jealous of a horse’s mane? Well, a Haflinger mare named Storm has hair that’ll make you wish you rocked her gorgeous locks. This breed of horse is known for its beautiful mane, and Storm doesn’t disappoint. She has golden, wavy hair that trails down her side. It’s so long that she’s earned the nickname “Rapunzel” after the iconic fairy tale character.

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