March 15, 2018

Artist Cindy Lane Shares Her Favorite Watercolor Supplies for Special Event on My Modern Met

A post shared by Cindy Lane (@cindylaneart) on Nov 10, 2017 at 5:25am PST Watercolor painting can seem like alchemy, and few artists showcase a mastery of the art better than Cindy Lane. Through mesmerizing videos, the Australian creative hypnotizes millions of people with her gorgeous painting process videos. Her work-in-progress showcases the carefree fluidity of the medium.

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March 2, 2018

15+ Hand Embroidery Patterns Ready to Download and Start Sewing

Embroidery is a humble craft that only takes a few inexpensive supplies to get started. It's great news for anyone interested in beginning their own embroidery practice. But once you’ve got your hoop and a rainbow-colored selection of floss, now comes the eternal question: what do you want to sew? You can make up your own images, of course, but many newbies and advanced stitchers alike enjoy completing embroidery patterns created by other people.

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February 19, 2018

50+ Drawing Ideas That Will Get You Sketching Right Now

Practice is a vital part of perfecting your drawing skills. Learning the basics and repeating them over and over again is the only way to improve. For proof, just check out what a few years of drawing practice can do. It’s truly incredible the progress that you can make by dedicating time to this pursuit. Those who do have gone from scrawling simple figure sketches to fully-rendered portraits in seemingly no time.

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February 8, 2018

150+ Museums Around the World Are Turning Their Collections Into Free Coloring Book Pages

Everyone can benefit from coloring. While the activity is often viewed as one for children, adults can find solace in the quiet practice of coloring inside of the lines. Once you’ve found the best colored pencils, there’s a seemingly endless supply of adult coloring books. And even if you completed all of your available coloring supply, cultural institutions are making sure that you’ll never run out of interesting things to illuminate with different hues.

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