December 12, 2017

Free Photography Resources for Beginners and Pros to Hone Their Skills

As the cameras on our phones become increasingly powerful, more and more people are becoming interested in photography like never before. While having an understanding of composition is an important first step to crafting a picture, knowing the basics of the photographic medium will take your images to the next level. And who knows—it can even help jump-start a new career!

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November 30, 2017

Revealing Map Shows How Long It Takes to Learn the Most Popular Languages in Europe

Have you ever wondered what the hardest language to learn is? Although it’s different for everyone, there’s a general sense that some languages are more difficult to grasp than others. For English speakers wanting to expand their proficiency in another tongue, the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) has ranked languages around the world by how many weeks it takes to learn them.

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November 20, 2017

Interactive Map Pinpoints Every Vinyl Record Shop in the World

Passionate music fans are always on the hunt for great tunes, whether that’s at home or while traveling. If you’re someone obsessed with finding cozy record shops wherever you go, then the website VinylHub was created with you in mind. It’s an interactive, crowd-sourced map that has a straightforward (but impressive) purpose. “Our mission,” they state, “is to document every physical record shop and record event on the planet.

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