July 19, 2018

Van Gogh Museum Puts Nearly 1,000 Paintings and Drawings Online

If you're a Vincent van Gogh enthusiast, you've probably heard of the Van Gogh Museum, an institution that houses the largest collection of work by the Post-Impressionist painter. In the past, Van Gogh fans would have to travel to Amsterdam to view the museum's holdings; but now, anyone can “visit” the site with the simple click of a mouse.

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June 22, 2018

50,000 Free Resources From the Met Museum’s Library Are Now Available to Download

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has increased its digital presence over the last few years. With accessibility in mind, the world-famous institution has made public domain images, photographs of its permanent collection, and even free full-text art books available to the public. Now, it even offers virtual access to its famed Thomas J. Watson Library, letting users peruse 50,000 of its resources with the click of a mouse.

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June 11, 2018

Photography Hack: How to Use a Phone Screen to Create Enchanting Portraits

With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever for photographers to create images that are not only breathtaking but also ignite our sense of wonder. Often, this is through photo manipulation in programs like Photoshop. But photographer Mathias Fast has recently introduced a fantastic photography hack that will give your images a fantastical, ethereal feel without you having to know your way around a computer. (Although it helps.)

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