February 8, 2021

12 Best Love Quotes From Literature, Poetry, and Pop Culture

Valentine's Day is swiftly approaching and many of us will be searching for the words to express just how much we love the people in our lives. Sending a valentine to a lover is a centuries-old tradition. In the 19th century, lovelorn Victorians sent intricate, expandable paper creations. Today, options for sweet notes abound. On Etsy you will find adorable puns and sweet cats dancing across cards made by independent artists.

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January 20, 2021

Learn Genetics Quickly With This Simple (and Sweet) Gummy Bear Experiment

How did you eat gummy bears when you were a kid? As youngsters, many of us made Frankenstein-esque creations from different colors of the sweet treats. What was once a fun snack time activity can now be highly educational. Using gummy bears in a variety of colors, one can make colorful family trees illustrating how genetics are passed down from parents to children.

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January 1, 2021

12 of the Best Art Competitions to Enter in 2021

If you’re creating amazing art but struggling to gain exposure, art contests are a great opportunity for publicity. And if you’re living the infamous “starving artist” lifestyle, this is also a way to pull yourself out of a rough spot by potentially winning cash prizes, allowing you to gain an extra financial boost towards your dream creative projects. There are loads of different competitions out there, from world-renowned painting contests to inspiring digital art challenges.

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