June 28, 2021

Walter Foster Publishing’s Free Tutorials and Downloadables Help Refine Your Art and Craft Skills

For nearly 100 years, the name Walter Foster Publishing has been synonymous with art education. Ever since self-taught artist Walter T. Foster started the company in 1922, it has been producing instructional arts and craft kits and books for both adults and children. Now, the company has gotten a facelift with a brand new website that is stocked with all sorts of treats for anyone who loves creating art.

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May 19, 2021

Where to View Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebooks Online for Free

Painter, inventor, and scientist Leonardo da Vinci paved the way in many fields during his lifetime. One of the reasons why historians know so much about the Renaissance Man is because of the numerous notebooks he kept from the 1480s until his death in 1519. Inside these journals, Da Vinci explored the many fields that interested him, including anatomy and physiology, engineering, art, and more.

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March 30, 2021

You Can Now Virtually Walk the Halls of the Louvre’s Amazing Art Collection

The legendary Musée du Louvre in Paris is presently closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, like many art institutions around the world, the Louvre is taking the opportunity to bring its massive collection of artwork and artifacts to a global audience by creating easy-to-explore virtual catalogs. The museum has revamped its website and has added a new, free platform where researchers and art lovers can browse 482,000 entries from the rich collections.

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January 22, 2021

These Brilliant Etymology Infographics Reveal the Origins of Common Words

Have you ever wondered where the name “cheddar cheese” comes from? The delicious dairy product is actually named after an English village; the village in turn draws its name from an Old English word, ceodor, meaning a ravine. This fascinating fact is an example of etymology—the study of the origin of words and how the meanings of these words change over time.

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