March 30, 2020

Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X Are Free to Use for 90 Days Right Now

There’s no better time than the present to learn a new skill. With extra time on your hands, why not take advantage and start a new craft or learn more about a subject you’ve always been interested in? Right now, audio and video editing are more important than ever for content creators. Maybe you want to show a behind the scenes look at your creative process or you wish to branch out into podcasting.

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March 24, 2020

Professional Photographers of America Makes All of Its Photography Classes Free for Two Weeks

As the winter unfolds into springtime and the natural world settles into bright colors and vibrant landscapes, the nonprofit Professional Photographers of America (PPA) urges photographers and artists to document the world around them by making their 1,100+ catalog of online photography classes free to all users. However, the trade association is only offering this opportunity for the next two weeks.

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March 18, 2020

Here’s All the Things You Can Learn & Do Online to Expand Your Mind While in Isolation

The COVID-19 lockdown has many of us with some unexpected time on our hands. If you’re not commuting or engaging in your regular social activities, you could have many hours in the week that are suddenly free. Make the most of your coronavirus isolation (self-imposed or otherwise) by learning something new or improving on the skills you already have. Don’t know where to start? It’s easier than you think.

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March 13, 2020

9 of the Best Paint Palettes for Mixing Your Favorite Types of Pigments

The palette is an unsung hero of painting. It’s where you’ll harmonize your color choices and mix all those great hues to create wondrous works of art. Although the variations of this tool might seem the same, not all palettes are created equal. Our guide introduces you to some of the highest-rated palettes that you’ll use time and again.

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