December 12, 2018

Beat the Dreaded “Creative Block” with This Imaginative Art Book

When stuck in a rut, many artists look to their libraries for inspiration. Whether studying masterpieces in art history texts or gazing at glossy photographs in coffee table books, leafing through art publications is a great way to generate ideas. With this in mind, blogger Danielle Krysa has crafted Creative Block, a “chunky blockbuster of a book” bound to help you out of any creative slump.

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December 5, 2018

Indispensable Book Teaches Artists How to Turn Their Passion Into a Profitable Career

If you’re trying to transform your love of art into a lifelong career, nothing is as valuable as advice from today’s top creatives. With this in mind, renowned mixed media artist Lisa Congdon has compiled her best tips and tricks into Art Inc.: The Essential Guide for Building Your Career as an Artist. Art Inc. offers indispensable information about how to make a name for yourself as a creative professional.

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November 17, 2018

Library of Congress Makes Finding Free to Use Material Easier Than Ever

Where can you go if you want to peruse vintage travel posters, Civil War photography, or explore America via WPA imagery? The Library of Congress, of course. As the United States’ oldest federal institution, the Library Congress has become the de facto repository of all things associated with American history. Thanks to the institution’s large digital collection, it’s possible to gain access to millions of items right from your computer.

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November 10, 2018

7 Fun Drawing Games That Challenge You to Flex Your Creativity Muscles

It’s no secret that the best way to improve your drawing skills is with a lot of practice. The same goes for flexing your creative muscles. Drawing games offer a fun opportunity to enhance your talents while challenging your imagination. Nowadays, you can play a variety of them on paper, your computer, or on a smartphone. Drawing games have a long place in art history.

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