April 23, 2017

Artist Carefully Cuts Paper into Detailed Layers Playing with Light and Space

In her most recent series, La pietra e la piuma, Italian artist Elisa Mearelli presents a collection of three-dimensional paper art that beautifully plays with light and space. Composed of layered, delicately cut paper, each paper box puts a sculptural spin on conventional cut paper art. The creations that comprise La pietra e la piuma range from abstract, experimental designs to more figurative scenes of nature.

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April 21, 2017

20+ Places to Find Spectacular Public Art Around the U.S.

You don’t have to trek to a museum to see great art—often, you can find it outdoors. Public art allows everyone to experience the thrill of creative expression. From playful sculptures that interact with the environment to colorful mosaic staircases, these incredible displays brighten our world at large. And, best of all, you needn't go far to see these types of fantastic creations. Often, they're just beyond your doorstep.

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