October 18, 2017

Artists Recreate Elaborate Baroque Wigs Entirely Out of Paper

Russia-based creative duo—Asya Kozina and Dmitriy Kozin—began experimenting with paper in 2007 by making opulent historic costumes. Since then, the material has become their signature medium, and they’ve gone on to make collections of impressively ornate Mongolian wedding costumes, masks inlaid with crystals, and even gigantic paper horses.

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October 13, 2017

Artist Creates Multi-Layer Watercolor Paintings of Enchanting Forests

Artist and nature lover Allison May Kiphuth crafts stunning watercolor landscapes that illustrate her natural surroundings. Working along Maine and New Hampshire’s blustery coastlines, she takes photographs from her woodland adventures and re-creates them in a multi-layered spherical form. The stunning series—entitled Demi-Spheres—was inspired by a stand-out line from Terry Tempest Williams' The hour of land: a personal topography of America's national parks, which states, “we learned early on that we live by wild mercy.

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October 12, 2017

20+ Times Artists Were Inspired by the Dazzling Beauty of Geode Crystals

Inspired by the Earth's enchanting beauty, today's top designers often create pieces evocative of nature. This interest in the natural world is evident in everything from interior design and jewelry to cakes and coffee, culminating in an eclectic assortment of stunning goods and gifts. While artists tend to find inspiration in all of Mother Nature's creations, a geode-centric trend has recently emerged among these nature-loving creatives. Ranging from shimmering ceramics to sparkling street art to realistic rock candy, these mineral-inspired creations showcase the natural beauty of geodes and crystals.

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