February 20, 2017

Mysterious Banksy Tribute Sculpture Pops Up in Edinburgh

On Valentine’s Day, a mysterious sculpture popped up in front of Edinburgh’s Scott Monument. Taking inspiration from Banksy’s iconic 2002 piece Balloon Girl, the artwork created quite a stir. The sculpture shows a girl, placed in front of the statue of Sir Walter Scott, reaching for a red balloon. This time, however, the balloon is actually a floating red naval mine with a heart cut out.

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February 19, 2017

Ghostly Porcelain Bowls Designed with Dramatic Splatters Frozen in Time

Artist Aylin Bilgiç has captured a moment in time through her delicate ceramic bowls. The porcelain vessels—part of an aptly-titled series Fluid Porcelain—have dramatic splashes that whip from their edges. It’s as if the bowl was full of liquid, had something thrown into it, and then a picture was snapped at just the right second. Bilgiç has crafted illusion so well that we still expect the splatting substance to fall to the ground.

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