March 23, 2017

Striking Life-Sized Sculptures of Hollow Figures Contemplate Human Existence

South Korean artist and student Park Ki Pyung explores what it means to be human in his series of striking life-sized sculptures. Crafted from materials including cement, resin, and steel, the fractured figures are arranged in grand installations as well as intimate two-person groups. But large or small, each of Pyung’s sculpted people wrestle (sometimes literally) with concepts like conformity, identity, and self doubt. Pyung’s portfolio is inspired by personal reflections that mark existential fret.

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March 22, 2017

Enlightening Paintings Capture Beautiful Everyday Moments of Interracial Couples

Minneapolis-based artist Leslie Barlow creates oil paintings with a purpose. Employed as a means of studying identity, multiculturalism, and issues of representation, her “otherness” art often incorporates figurative portraits of everyday people. In her recent series, Loving, she explores ordinary moments between real-life interracial couples. Cleverly named after Loving v. Virginia, a groundbreaking, anti-discrimination Supreme Court case, the series of mixed media paintings presents the daily ins-and-outs of interracial couples from Minnesota.

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