September 20, 2017

Artist Uses Chainsaw to Carve Giant Octopus into a Fallen Redwood Tree

American chainsaw artist Jeffrey Michael Samudosky recently transformed a redwood snag into a magnificent giant octopus. Carved to perfection, its giant tentacles stretch out, tapering off in refined detail. Working out of Gig Harbor, Washington, Samudosky is a self-taught carver who started his company, JMS Wood Sculpture, in 1998. Since starting his career, Samudosky has appeared on the Discovery Channel and participated in competitions around the world.

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September 15, 2017

Vintage Posters of the Art Nouveau Movement From the Turn of the Century

Celebrated for its versatility, Art Nouveau is an aesthetic genre with roots in a myriad of mediums, movements, and even inspirations. While its influence is evident in many masterpieces produced in the late 19th Century, one of its most prominent contributions to the modern art world is its elevation of the lithographic print. During the height of La Belle Époque, the humble lithograph was adapted by painters and adopted as art, culminating in an eclectic collection of Art Nouveau posters and prints.

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September 12, 2017

3D Artist Transforms Everyday People into Their Own Pixar Characters

Have you ever wondered what you'd look like as a Pixar character? Well, 3D artist Lance Phan is now giving ordinary people the chance to see themselves “Pixar-fied.” Using a single photo of the person (or the couple), he applies digital textures and three-dimensional modeling to transform them into stylized portrait art.

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September 7, 2017

400 People Volunteer to Perform Along Train Route to Entertain Passengers Passing By

One of the nicest parts of train travel is relaxing and glancing at the countryside as it whizzes by. But recently, passengers on trains through Germany's Saale Valley were in for an unexpected treat, as the train route was transformed into a giant stage for more than 50 pieces of performance art. The Bewegtes Land project saw 400 residents along the 30-kilometer (19-mile)

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