July 27, 2017

30+ Pieces of Bird Art Showing How Our Feathered Friends Inspire Creativity

Given their aesthetic diversity, expressive faces, and graceful movements, birds have become a popular artistic muse. Animal-loving creatives often turn to these winged creatures for inspiration, finding new and innovative ways to capture their unique coloring, fascinating patterns, and distinctive silhouettes. As evident in this striking selection of birds in art, artists approach this iconography in a myriad of ways. The pieces that compose this collection of avian art range from stunning works on paper to mesmerizing three-dimensional sculptures.

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July 26, 2017

Artists Create Exquisite Paper Flora and Fauna by “Drawing with Scissors”

In 1987, artists Ann Wood and Dean Lucker formed Woodlucker, a collaborative studio that creatively “combines a love for illustrated paper art and forgotten histories into engaging objects full of sentiment and longing.” While this nostalgic mindset to art is evident in the artists' individual oeuvres and joint projects, it is particularly apparent in Wood's collection of paper flora and fauna. Reminiscent of antique illustrations and age-old cabinets of curiosities, Wood's natural specimens are both naturalistic and fanciful.

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July 25, 2017

Charming Animal Tattoos Pair Sketched Creatures with Bright Pops of Color

Skilled in animal depictions and with a penchant for pops of color, tattooist Joanna Świrska creates distinctive inked illustrations of the earth's living things. Each of the Poland-based artist's characteristically colorful animal tattoos exhibits her exquisite and versatile approach to body art. Impressively, Świrska's tattoo animals are rendered in a wide range of styles. Some, like her whimsical watercolor tattoos, showcase an attention to detail through delicate lines and meticulously stippled shading.

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July 24, 2017

40+ Striking Works of Art That Creatively Make the Most of Negative Space

As an experimental yet age-old approach to art, using negative space is a creative way to depict subject matter and craft intriguing compositions. By unexpectedly employing the untouched space surrounding the central figure or object of a work of art, artists can create pieces that are both aesthetically balanced and eye-catching. Since negative space is inherently present in every medium and genre of art, artists across all disciplines are able to take advantage of its great potential.

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