April 29, 2017

Artist Transforms Everyday Objects into Quirky and Surreal Sculptures

Spanish artist Jaime Pitarch puts an unconventional twist on everyday materials for his cutting-edge artworks. Based in Barcelona, Pitarch has been manipulating household items for years, transforming your common chair or wire coat hanger into a contemporary sculpture. By re-contextualizing these objects, he asks viewers to re-evaluate their functions and how we relate to them on a daily basis.

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April 28, 2017

Japanese Artist Transforms Old Amazon Cardboard Boxes into Amazing Sculptures

Artist Monami Ohno is formally trained in 3-D animation, but the Japanese creative has made a name for herself as a sculptor. Instead of clay, wood, or other conventional materials, however, Ohno has opted to specialize in an unusual medium: cardboard. Specifically, Ohno uses discarded Amazon boxes to her create her collection of jaw-dropping and detailed cardboard sculptures. Using the recycled paper products, Ohno crafts an eclectic array of cardboard art.

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