25 Best Unique Engagement Rings To Say “I Do” in Style

Best Unique Engagement Rings

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Getting engaged is a major milestone, and engagement rings can be wearable works of art. Although there’s nothing wrong with a standard princess cut diamond, some of the most beautiful, best unique engagement rings are the ones that veer from traditional styles (and sometimes so do the boxes). 

If you’re interested in one of the best unique engagement rings that speaks to your personal style or has a connection to your love story, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re in the market for a Legend of Zelda-inspired rock or something reminiscent of your mutual love for galaxies, check out 25 of the best unique engagement rings that truly make a statement.

Our Top Picks

  1. Best Vintage Inspired Ring: Marrow Fine Art Deco Sunrise Ring
  2. Best Infinity Ring: Swarovski Infinity Hyperbola Ring
  3. Best Gothic Ring: Sapphire Design Studio St. Ivy Sterling Silver Skull Engagement Ring
  4. Best Rose Gold Ring: Pompeii3 2 Carat Morganite & Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring 14K Rose Gold
  5. Best Celtic Ring: CelticEternity Gold Raven Ring

The Best Unique Engagement Rings


1. Best Vintage Inspired Ring: Marrow Fine Art Deco Sunrise Ring

Best unique engagement rings: Marrow

Marrow Fine | $6,550

Unique Feature: It looks gorgeous on its own but can also be paired with another Art Deco wedding band.

Whether you have an affinity for sunrises or Art Deco designs inspire you, this unique engagement ring will speak to you. Inspired by early morning sun rays peeking up over the horizon, this ring twinkles in the light and has an old-world vintage appeal. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a low-profile yet breathtaking ring. 

$6,550 at Marrow Fine


2. Best Infinity Ring: Swarovski Infinity Hyperbola Ring

Best unique engagement rings: Hyperbola ring

Swarovski | $149

Unique Feature: The spiral infinity shape represents eternal love.

Anyone who wears an engagement ring can look down at their finger and be reminded of their significant other. But with this uniquely shaped ring from Swarovski, they’ll not only think of their lover but also be reminded of their limitless, everlasting love. For those looking for a spellbinding, symbolic design that will garner a smile with every glance, this is a worthy choice. 

$149 at Swarovski


3. Best Gothic Ring: Sapphire Design Studio St. Ivy Sterling Silver Skull Engagement Ring

Best gothic ring

Etsy | $472

Unique Feature: The hero diamond is encircled by two black skulls.

Traditional wedding values like wearing a white gown and having a church ceremony aren’t for everyone. In fact, some people opt to wear black wedding dresses. If that’s more your style and you love leaning into a gothic ambiance, this ring will be right up your alley. At first glance, you’ll notice the shimmering stone and rose detailing, but once you look a little closer, you’ll see two black skulls surrounding the diamond. It may be an astonishing detail to some, but for the right person, this ring brings a new meaning to “‘til death do us part.”

$472 at Etsy


4. Best Rose Gold Ring: Pompeii3 2 Carat Morganite & Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring 14K Rose Gold

Best rose gold engagement ring

Target | $699.99

Unique Feature: The rose gold hue isn’t incredibly popular…yet.

Sure, gold and silver may be the standard engagement ring band colors, but we can’t forget about another popular metal that many people wear on the regular: rose gold. Some people who don rose gold jewelry may want their special ring to mesh well with their everyday jewelry, which is where this gorgeous ring comes in. Beyond the rose gold band, the pretty morganite stone is also in a matching soft pink hue that sparkles beautifully in the light. 

$699.99 at Target


5. Best Celtic Ring: CelticEternity Gold Raven Ring

Celtic engagment ring

Etsy | $813+

Unique Feature: The ravens on the band are said to represent luck.

Incorporating your heritage into a unique engagement ring is a sentimental way to show your love for someone. Anyone of Celtic descent will adore this ring. Rather than a standard band, ravens are sculpted onto the sides with detailed Celtic knots woven throughout. These birds were a symbol of good luck when Vikings roamed the Earth, so this ring denotes a bright and lucky future ahead for anyone who wears it. 

From $803 at Etsy


6. Best Ring for Astrology-Lovers: Marrow Fine Gibbous Moon Signet Ring

Moon signet ring

Marrow Fine | $2,750

Unique Feature: The diamonds are arranged to resemble a waxing gibbous moon. 

The tiny glittering diamonds on this ring are placed to mimic the waxing gibbous moon phase. Each phase of the moon holds a unique significance, with a waxing gibbous moon representing preparation, like preparation for new married life. Regardless of whether you plan on proposing during this phase or if this is what the moon looked like on your first date, your significant other will adore the detailed, meaningful design of this ring—especially if they closely follow the stars, moon, or anything related to astrology. 

$2,750 at Marrow Fine


7. Best Chunky Ring: Ring Concierge Keystone Cigar Band

Unique Feature: The band—rather than the diamond—is the focal point of this ring.

For those who enjoy glitz and glam but also dare to be different, this bold engagement ring puts the emphasis on the chunky band rather than the stone (although the diamond sure is a looker, too). With a thick gold band and stunning emerald cut diamond, this design walks a fine line between minimalist and maximalist. It’s one of those rings that will spark conversation for decades,  long after the excitement of the engagement and the wedding has died down. 

$3,400 at Ring Concierge


8. Best Glittering Ring: Mejuri Pavé Diamond Soft Charlotte Ring

Pave ring

Mejuri | $1,900

Unique Feature: It can be engraved for a special personal touch.

Although this doesn’t look like your average engagement ring, the pillowed silhouette offers a unique, modern take that sparkles more than traditional styles. This ring is for those who have a minimalist aesthetic but still want something timeless. Mejuri gives you the option to engrave the inner band for a meaningful touch. Plus, instead of one rock, you can say you have 72.

$1,900 at Mejuri


9. Best Art Deco Ring: Kay Jewelers Diamond Art Deco-Inspired Filigree Ring

art deco ring

Kay Jewelers | $839.99

Unique Feature: It has a vintage feel without being actually vintage.

If Jay Gatsby had gotten the chance to propose to Daisy Buchanan, it feels like he would’ve given her something as spectacular as this. The Art Deco-inspired design reminds us of the 1920s and is basically a wearable work of art. Who knows, maybe it could even become your treasured family heirloom years down the line. 

$839.99 at Kay Jewelers


10. Best Opal Ring: Brilliant Earth Cassiopeia Opal and Diamond Ring

Unique Feature: Rather than a diamond, the main stone is a whimsical opal.

It’s not uncommon to see gemstones other than diamonds, but opals have yet to hit the mainstream. Not only are opals gorgeous gemstones but they are also associated with love and passion. The opal in this dainty ring features a kaleidoscope of colors while the tiny diamond accents enhance the overall sparkle. 

$990 at Brilliant Earth


11. Best Heart-Shaped Ring: Kay Jewelers Neil Lane Heart-Shaped London Blue Topaz & Diamond Engagement Ring

heat shaped ring

Kay Jewelers | $2,199.99

Unique Feature: The heart shape is the ultimate symbol of love. 

Lady Gaga most famously wore a heart-shaped engagement ring. The combination of the heart silhouette with the blue topaz creates a unique gemstone engagement ring that will make your heart flutter every time you glance down at it.

$2,199.99 at Kay Jewelers


12. Best Sapphire Ring: Jared LALI Jewels Natural Blue Sapphire 3-Stone Engagement Ring

Saphire ring

Jared | $1,839.99

Unique Feature: Sapphires hold a special meaning that few people know about. 

While diamonds are the most popular engagement ring stones, sapphires aren’t too far behind. Sure, having a ring with a pop of color makes it more interesting to look at, but sapphires are also considered an intimate stone because they represent faithfulness and a strong bond. What’s more romantic than that? 

$1,839.99 at Jared


13. Best Simple Ring: Pompeii 3 1/5ct Diamond Knot Solitaire Round Brilliant Cut Ring 14K Rose Gold

knotted ring

Target | $269.99

Unique Feature: The knotted design is unexpected and beautiful.

For those who enjoy the simpler things in life, an unfussy, minimalist ring is more than enough. Simple doesn’t have to mean boring, though—just take a look at this unique knotted engagement ring. The design is reminiscent of an invisible string that connects lovers across life’s winding journey.

$269.99 at Target


14. Best Gemstone Ring: Dazzlingrock Collection Kate Middleton Diana Inspired 10K Gold Diamond & Ruby Engagement Ring 

Princess Di ring

Amazon | $487.14+

Unique Feature: Ruby is the shining star of this ring, which isn’t often seen in engagement pieces. 

Each and every gemstone symbolizes certain dates, times, or feelings. Deep red rubies are a passionate stone and were often associated with love and power in ancient times. But better than a single stone is a ruby encircled by diamonds—it creates a head-turning, unique engagement ring that is utterly stunning.

From $487.14 at Amazon


15. Best Black Ring: Dazzlingrock Collection Princess & Round Black Diamond 3 Row Engagement Ring

black engagement ring

Amazon | $1,703.37

Unique Feature: Rather than a standard white diamond, this is made with a moody black one. 

Did you know that black diamonds exist? Well, now you do, and this ring from Dazzlingrock may be the most unique black engagement ring. The moody stone is subtle yet beautiful and, since this one is designed with three rows of rich black diamonds, it sparkles just as much as a crystal-clear diamond. 

From $1,703.37 at Amazon


16. Best Pearl Ring: Olivia & Pearl Seed Pearl Queen Ring

Unique Feature: This ring is scattered with itty bitty pearls.

If diamonds aren’t your style (they aren’t for everyone!), check out the charming pearls on this ring instead. This delicate design would make a lovely engagement ring for anyone who likes to keep things simple or prefers a vintage vibe. Also, if you're big on sustainability, you can feel good knowing that Olivia & Pearl sources their gems from ethically run family establishments. 

$115 at Olivia & Pearl


17. Best for Nature Lovers: DreamCraftJewelry Vintage Marquise Moss Agate Engagement Ring

agate ring

Etsy | $84+

Unique Feature: The twisted vine design evokes feelings of nature. 

If nature has played a major role in your love story, consider proposing with a ring that speaks to that special bond like this vintage-inspired one that’s intertwined with rows of vines. The whimsical design is reminiscent of something a fairy would wear in a mythical world. 

From $84 at Etsy


18. Best for Star Wars Lovers: MetalWendler Galactic Empire & Rebel Alliance Star Wars Engagement Ring

Star Wars ring

Etsy | $1,375+

Unique Feature: There’s a lightsaber on the band.

If your love spans galaxies—or if your significant other is completely obsessed with Star Wars—this ring will be cooler than Han Solo. There are so many Star Wars symbols ingrained into the design, ranging from the Rebel Alliance logo to the lightsaber motif on the band. Even the stone itself is shaped to look like the Galactic Empire emblem. May the force be with you… and your love forever.

From $1,375 at Etsy


19. Best Dainty Ring: Ring Concierge Floating Diamond Wrap Ring

Unique Feature: The open floating silhouette is uncommon for engagement rings.

The biggest rocks don’t always make the most beautiful engagement rings. Small, dainty diamonds can be just as striking—just take a look at this unique floating ring. The wraparound curly-q design is unexpected but enchanting without being too pricey.  Talk about a win-win!

$498 at Ring Concierge


20. Best for Stargazers: Swarovski Galaxy Open Ring

best unique engagement rings: open galaxy ring

Swarovski | $2,300

Unique Feature: The diamonds hug either side of your finger.

For anyone who used to wish on a star to find the love of their life, this galaxy constellation ring is the physical embodiment of those dreams coming true. The open-top style is an uncommon engagement ring design that makes it truly stand out, with the diamonds arranged in mini constellations that serve as a reminder to always follow the stars. 

$2,300 at Swarovski


21. Best for Ocean Lovers: ArtJewelryByMoko Moonstone Octopus 925 Oxidized Silver Ring

best unique engagement rings: Octopus ring

Etsy | $84

Unique Feature: The band features tentacle detailing. 

The engagement ring you select should be as unique as your love story, and for those whose adventure bloomed near the ocean, this octopus moonstone ring is a special way to honor their love. The mysterious moonstone is held in place by handmade octopus tentacles. From far away, it simply looks like intricate weaving—only those who get close will be able to fully admire the craftsmanship that went into making this. 

$84 at Etsy


22. Best Fairy-Inspired Ring: AlienFormsJewelry Nontraditional Gothic Engagement Ring

best unique engagement rings: fairy ring

Etsy | $500+

Unique Feature: The stone is encircled by handcrafted leaves and vines.

Seal your fairytale love with an engagement ring that is just as unique as your relationship. Few compare to this ring that could’ve been crafted by fairies in another world (use your imagination!). The vines along the band surround the sparkly stone at the center, and best of all, no ring will be exactly the same since they’re handmade with precision and care. 

From $500 at Etsy


23. Best for Gamers: GoldandSilverCo Zelda Engagement Ring

best unique engagement rings: Zelda ring

Etsy | $1,069+

Unique Feature: This was inspired by The Legend of Zelda video games.

The average person won’t realize that this gorgeous engagement ring has a deeper, geeky meaning. It was inspired by The Legend of Zelda video game series, which makes it an exemplary pick for any video game lover in your life. It’s all in the details, including the pronounced prongs and the intricate gold overlay on the band.

From $1,069 at Etsy


24. For the Scientist: AlienFormsJewelry Molecule Engagement Ring

best unique engagement rings: science ring

Etsy | $550+

Unique Feature: The band is shaped into dopamine and serotonin molecules.

Dopamine and serotonin molecules enhance our happiness and well-being, and when you fall in love, their effects increase. For anyone who geeks out on the science behind emotions (or if they’re an actual scientist), they’ll appreciate this molecule engagement ring. The mid-section of the band is metal that’s shaped into dopamine and serotonin molecules, creating a gorgeous representation of science and art. 

From $550 at Etsy


25. Best Boho Ring: Doronmerav Twig and Leaf Engagement Ring

Best unique engagement rings: twig and leaf ring

Etsy | $1,470+

Unique Feature: The band is studded with autumnal maple leaves.

Although fall is often associated with endings and leaves dying, this unique autumnal engagement ring signifies new beginnings. The stunning, intricately designed ring features a band shaped like twigs with copper maple leaves. While the band is wow-worthy, the crisp moss agate stone is simply breathtaking. As a bonus, you can feel good about this ring knowing it was constructed from recycled metals. 

From $1,470 at Etsy


Prices are accurate at the time of publication.

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