October 20, 2021

7-Foot-Tall Statue of Harambe the Gorilla Confronts Wall Street’s Iconic ‘Charging Bull’

Facing down the iconic Charging Bull statue on NYC’s Wall Street is a bronze sculpture of a giant gorilla. But this isn’t just any gorilla; the seven-foot-tall statue depicts Harambe, an ape that was killed by Cincinnati zookeepers after a child climbed into his enclosure. Accompanying Harambe is a pile of 10,000 bananas, placed there by the organizers of the statue. The Harambe sculpture was installed on Wall Street by the social networking platform Sapien.Network.

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September 21, 2021

Afghan Boys Are Using Social Media to Protest Taliban Banning Girls From Going to School

As the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan, the extremist group has implemented its new education ministry. This has meant that middle and high school boys can now return to school, but the group mentions nothing about when girls of the same age might be able to return to their classes. In response to this obvious attempt to stifle the education of girls, young people are protesting the decision on social media.

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September 14, 2021

Biotech Company Raises $15 Million to Bring the Woolly Mammoth Back to Life

The woolly mammoth went extinct roughly 10,000 years ago, but it may be getting a new lease on life if one company has anything to say about it. Colossal, which was co-founded by tech entrepreneur Ben Lamm and Harvard Medical School genetics professor George Church, has privately raised $15 million to make it happen. Their intent is to have calves in about six years. The project is an extension of Dr.

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