April 29, 2022

Family of Five Bears Is Discovered Hibernating Under California Home

Every year, bears go into hibernation during the cold, winter months, only emerging when spring rolls around. And while most bears make their den somewhere outdoors, others find a home closer to where humans live. Recently in Lake Tahoe, California, a family of bears was discovered hibernating underneath a resident's house. A mother black bear led her four cubs—one of which was an orphan that she adopted—into an empty crawl space underneath someone's home.

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April 13, 2022

Former Princess of Japan Is Now Working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC

Six months after moving to New York City, Japan's former princess Mako Komuro has found work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The 30-year-old daughter of Crown Prince Fumihito gave up her royal status when she married her commoner college sweetheart Kei Komuro in October 2021, relocating to the States soon afterward. Now, it appears as though Mako has found her footing in the metropolis with this creative career path.

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March 29, 2022

Inspiring Photo Captures Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Daughter Looking at Her With Pride

On March 21, 2022, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson made her opening statement—and history. Jackson is the first Black woman to be nominated to serve as a Supreme Court justice, making her opening statement to the Senate, and the subsequent four days of hearings, historic events. The hearings themselves are essentially an interview, designed to be a time where senators ask incisive questions to gauge the nominee's fitness for the life-tenured position of Supreme Court justice.

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March 18, 2022

Ballerina Olga Smirnova Leaves Bolshoi Ballet After Denouncing War in Ukraine

Russian ballerina Olga Smirnova has shown her disdain for her country's invasion of Ukraine by leaving the Bolshoi Ballet. Smirnova, a prima ballerina who has been with the historic company for a decade, will now dance for the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam. Her decision lends another voice to the Russians who are denouncing Vladimir Putin's decision to invade Ukraine. Like many Russians, Smirnova has family ties to Ukraine.

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