October 3, 2023

Over 100 Dolphins Are Found Dead in the Amazon River Amid a Historic Drought

More than 100 dolphins were found dead in the Amazon River over the last week amid a severe drought and record-high water temperatures. The conditions in which the animals were found have ignited fears that the rising global temperatures may be passing the tolerance threshold for vulnerable species. The animal carcasses appeared at Lake Tefé, tributary of the Amazon River, alongside thousands of dead fish.

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September 29, 2023

Costco Is Now Selling 1-Ounce Gold Bars for Under $2,000

For many Americans, Costco is the go-to store for bulk purchases of food and household items. However, the retail warehouse has a variety of offerings, including electronics, appliances, and even insurance. Now, they've added gold bars to the mix. Small and ornately decorated, the 1-ounce gold PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Veriscan bars can only be purchased by Costco members via the website and cannot be found in person at a Costco store.

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