U.S. Government’s Recommended Thermostat Temperatures Have Absolutely Shocked Everyone

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Much of the continental United States is under a heat advisory at the moment due to rising summer temperatures. In response to this, the U.S. Government recently released guidelines on what temperatures people should keep their thermostats at during the summer, recommending 78°F when you're home, 85°F when you're away, and 82°F when you're sleeping. However, these suggestions have sparked quite a bit of controversy online.

Many people feel that the proposed settings are way too high. In response, everyone has taken to the internet to lament the recommended temperatures and what it would mean to exist under such (literally) heated circumstances. “0% chance the people who came up with these recommendations actually use them in their homes,” said one person on X (formerly Twitter).

Most individuals agree that the high figures would make homes way too hot, especially for sleeping. One user has questioned, “Who amongst us can sleep in 82 degrees? This I need to understand.” Another person had even stronger words for the suggested temperatures, saying, “The entire town is going without power if I have to sleep at 82 degrees.”

You can read more of these scandalized but entertaining responses below.

The U.S. Government recently published recommendations on thermostat temperatures in people's homes for the summer. However, many people feel that the suggested temperatures are too hot, and have chimed in online.

Some questioned the sleeping temperature recommendations of 82°F.

Others pointed out that these suggestions may work in certain parts of the U.S. but definitely not hotter states.

Some people posited theories about a “big heat” conspiracy.

Others were simply flabbergasted, and opted to express their shock through all caps.

h/t: [BuzzFeed]

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