October 28, 2018

Interview: Artist Keeps Community Cultures Alive Through Vibrant Mural Art

When artist Clinton Bopp moved to Los Angeles twenty years ago, he was immediately struck by the city’s powerful tradition of public art. Murals filled with symbolism tell the history of the city’s cultures, particularly for Latino and African American communities. Though LA enacted a ban on murals in 2003, it was lifted ten years later and the city resumed its role as a thriving hub for public art.

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August 1, 2018

Interview: Photographer Dedicates His Career to Documenting Tribes on the Brink of Extinction

Polish photographer Adam Koziol is on a race against time. In his mission to document dying tribal cultures around the world, the young photographer travels extensively, seeking out indigenous peoples on the brink of extinction. Thus far, his work has brought him to Africa and Asia, where he’s been able to make contact with 18 tribes and conduct photo shoots with these incredible people.

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July 26, 2018

Interview: Alexa Meade Reveals Behind the Scenes of Painting Ariana Grande for Her Music Video

Artist Alexa Meade blurs the line between 2D and 3D art through brilliant body painting. Throughout the years, her practice has perfected a type of delightful illusion that makes this oscillation possible. When you look at Meade’s work in still images, you assume that you’re viewing a conventional painting, but to see her art in person—or in the process of creation—is a whole different story.

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