October 9, 2019

Interview: Former Boat Builder Translates His Love of the Ocean into Stunning Glass Sculptures

Artist Ben Young began his career as a boatbuilder not knowing that it would eventually inform his work as a glass sculptor. For the past fifteen years, he has honed his craft in a way that pays homage to his vessel-constructing past as well as life growing up in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty. His minimalist aesthetic uses blocks of blue-green glass, concrete, and brass to convey the vast ocean and related man-made elements.

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September 26, 2019

Interview: Renowned Paper Quilling Artist Reveals Her Most Groundbreaking Works

Renowned paper quilling artist Yulia Brodskaya never imagined that her career would lead to where it is today. Originally trained as a commercial artist, her first forays into papercraft were born out of a desire to create self-promotional work to woo potential design clients. But by spelling her first name in strips of paper, she had unknowingly entered the world of this centuries-old craft that traces its origins back to the Renaissance.

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