October 18, 2023

Polar Bears and Ethereal Landscapes Are This Photographer’s Postcards From the Arctic Circle [Interview]

For eight days, photographer Drew Doggett floated in the Arctic waters of Svalbard, Norway. Doggett made his way up north and climbed aboard a research vessel for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that brought him up to the 80th parallel north. From there, he was able to document the ethereal landscape while also actively seeking out polar bears. His new limited edition series, Northern Dreams, is the result of this journey.

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June 18, 2023

Photographer Shows the Raw, Unflinching Reality of Life on Skid Row [Interview]

For the past decade, photographer Suitcase Joe has been spending time at Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. This area, known for its population of people experiencing homelessness, often gets a bad rap. Suitcase Joe was curious to connect with its inhabitants and learn more about their stories. And from this desire, he forged relationships that have allowed him to capture Skid Row in a raw, honest manner.

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April 7, 2023

Travel Photographer Takes 24 Trips to Capture the “Soul of Cuba” [Interview]

American documentary photographer Michael Chinnici is in love with Cuba. He began visiting the country once travel restrictions eased and he hasn't looked back since. Vanishing Cuba is his look at the “soul of Cuba” through evocative photographs of the country's people and places. This large-format coffee table book features over 300 images from his first 24 trips to the island nation and is available in three special editions.

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January 2, 2023

Stunning Photos of Polar Bears Relaxing in Fields of Flowers During Summer in the Arctic [Interview]

Slovakian-born, Canada-based photographer Martin Gregus has gained acclaim for his documentation of polar bears. After several years of camping expeditions in the Arctic, where he slept within range of the bears, Gregus set out on a new adventure. This time, he was looking to capture the polar bears during the summer in order to see what new creative possibilities the season would provide.

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