May 6, 2021

Illustrations Reveal How Famous Artists Create Masterpieces in Very Different Studios [Interview]

We can learn so much about an artist’s practice from their studio space. These places are the site of creative magic; and sometimes, they even show up in the work itself. Jackson Pollock, for instance, had bits of his studio—including cigarette butts and nails—embedded within his paintings. Illustrator Max Dalton captures these exciting and transformative spaces in his series of paintings featuring artists in their studios.

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March 8, 2021

Photographer Personifies Dire Climate Change Issues in ‘2.5 Seconds’ [Interview]

New York-based artist Anya Anti uses her conceptual photography practice to explore new ideas and illuminate different issues. Her newest project, 2.5 Seconds, raises awareness about climate change through allegorical figures, surreal symbolism, and eye-catching backdrops. You might be wondering what 2.5 seconds has to do with climate change. “I used ‘2.

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February 5, 2021

Powerful Before-and-After Portraits of Kids Who Escaped Child Labor [Interview]

For over 20 years, Bangladesh photographer GMB Akash has turned his lens towards the marginalized groups of people in his home country. The socially conscious photographer views his chosen field as a powerful opportunity to shine a light on the atrocities that these underserved populations deal with on a daily basis. One group that Akash documents are child laborers, and he has spent 17 years capturing their plight.

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