Stunning Underwater Images by a Photographer Drawn into the Depths of the Deep Blue Sea

The lure of the ocean has long enticed humans into its depths; there is some intangible quality roused by something so immense and ancient. Freelance photographer Enric Adrian Gener pursues this fascination with the infinite through his underwater photographs, creating remarkable images that communicate the vast power of the ocean when compared to the beauty and insignificance of the human form.

The ocean is an entirely different world, one that the photographer, also known as 27MM, loves to explore. Whether shallow or deep diving, Gener embraces the experience of being one with the sea and incorporates this passion and connection into his exceptional underwater photography. The artist, born on the Balearic Islands, draws his inspiration from the sea, saying, “When you're in this huge liquid medium, unable to breathe or feel gravity, with different light conditions and rules, strength inspires you and makes you think different.” In a previous interview, the photographer also told us, “It doesn't matter if it's at 70 meters or half a meter from the surface. It's inconceivable to go to the beach without my mask, just as it is unthinkable to go to the mountains and leave your eyes at home.”

To summarize the artist's love for the deep blue, Gener often quotes Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea: “The sea is a vast pool of nature. Our globe began with the sea, so to speak, and who can say we won't end with it! Here lies supreme tranquillity. The sea doesn't belong to tyrants. On its surface they can still exercise their iniquitous claims, battle each other, devour each other, haul every earthly horror. But thirty feet below sea level, their dominion ceases, their influence fades, their power vanishes.”

Enric Adrian Gener: Website | Facebook | Flickr
via [Design You Trust]

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