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August 23, 2019

How Caryatids Have Beautifully Blended Sculpture and Architecture Since Ancient Times

When you think of marble statues, what comes to mind? You most likely imagine sculptures of freestanding figures, like the Venus de Milo and David. In addition to these decorative works of art, however, some marble creations are functional, like the ancient caryatid. Part figurative female sculpture and part architectural element, the caryatid has helped creatively carry the weight of buildings for thousands of years.

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August 22, 2019

Monet’s Pond Is a Real Oasis in Japan That Looks Like a Painting Come to Life

Impressionist painter Claude Monet left behind an impressive body of work. But perhaps nothing resonates more than his acclaimed Water Lily series, which was inspired by the pond at his home in Giverny. The pond’s landscaping has become a symbol of tranquility and while you can still visit it in France today, did you know there’s a look-alike across the globe?

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