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November 28, 2020

Explore the “Exploded” Inner Workings of the Ford Model T, the Car That Changed America

The Ford Model T car is an American icon. Billed as the country's first affordable vehicle, it was released in 1908 by the Ford Motor Company under the direction of Henry Ford. Sold for between $260 and $850 (about $7,300 and $24,000 in 2020), the car allowed the middle class to become motorists. American daily life adapted itself to this new mobility, and the U.S. still remains a nation of drivers.

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November 27, 2020

Powerful Portraits of Native Americans Highlight Their Spirit and Cultural Identity [Interview]

Photographer Craig Varjabedian is known for his stunning portrait series celebrating the lives and cultures of Native Americans. The Native Light Photo Collaboration project sees Varjabedian working with Indigenous people around New Mexico to create photographs that highlight their spirit. By working together, photographer and model have equal control and, therefore, the images avoid the exploitation that can sometimes occur in this genre of photography.

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November 26, 2020

Archeologists Discover an Advanced Water Filtration System in an Ancient Mayan City

As the first cities emerged in Mesopotamia thousands of years ago, water systems became critical in order to continually supply growing urban populations. Ancient Romans built giant aqueducts; the Greeks developed pressurized plumbing. Perhaps most famous for their stepped-pyramids, the Mayans were also among the ancient civilizations to develop a sophisticated use of water.

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