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June 16, 2019

How Van Gogh’s Love of Painting Sunflowers Blossomed During His Short Career

If you’re familiar with the work of Vincent van Gogh, you’ve undoubtedly seen his Sunflower paintings. Whether resting on a flat surface or propped up in a vase, sunflowers star in some of Van Gogh’s most famous still life depictions. Van Gogh repeatedly revisited these cheerful yellow subjects, culminating in two series: his Paris Sunflowers and his Arles Sunflowers.

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June 15, 2019

Giant Colorful Wax Paintings Inspired by Nature Look Like Vibrant Alien Terrain

Colorado-based artist Dylan Gebbia-Richards creates three-dimensional, multicolored paintings that look like they’ve been created by an otherworldly volcanic eruption. Each rugged work is created using colored pigment and droplets of melted wax that, when applied, create unruly patterns and textures that jut out from the canvas. “I am inspired by moments of luminescence I perceive in my environment,” Richards tells My Modern Met.

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June 14, 2019

Photographer Captures Striking Photo of Golden Gate Bridge Surrounded by Lightning

With an interest in landscape, timelapse, and aerial photography, it’s only natural that Michael Shainblum would be attracted to lightning. While he has photographed the phenomenon on several occasions, his shot of an electrical storm illuminating San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is among his most personally rewarding pieces. Why is this photo so important to Shainblum?

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