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October 9, 2019

Multi-Layered Oil Paintings Capture the Surreal Passage of Time

You’ve probably come across double-exposure photography, but have you ever seen overlapping images in an oil painting? Danish artist Jacob Brostrup creates dreamlike, multilayered scenes on canvas that look like multiple dimensions that have somehow merged into one. His vibrant oil paintings blur outdoor landscapes with indoor scenes to create entirely new, surreal narratives that draw the viewer in. Dated architectural features such as staircases, windows, and fireplaces often appear to be overrun by nature.

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November 18, 2016

Photographer Collects Hauntingly Beautiful Landscapes in Jars Using Double Exposures

Taking his longing for his childhood home and literally placing it in a jar, Christoffer Relander‘s Jarred & Displaced series uses double exposure photography to bottle up the landscape of southern Finland. Always fascinated by the idea of collecting things, Relander had been using multiple exposures in his photography for about 5 years when the idea for the project came to him in 2014. Nostalgia for his homeland—spurred by the impending birth of his daughter—was his initial motivation.

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