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10 Household Monsters Found! – Ruth Ashton

You weren't crazy after all…monsters actually do exist! Just ask artist Ruth Ashton who's called them all out in her Household Monster series. She's created gorgeous, large-scale embroidered canvases that give a name and face to these mysterious monsters.

Just who are they and what do they look like? You'll read about Hideous Iticous, the blue armpit hair monster who finds sick pleasure in hiding your remote control. And that sound you swear you heard in the middle of the night? Why it was just Whatwasthatus, a strictly nocturnal monster who inadvertently makes noises to communicate and express his feelings. Apparently, our childhood mysteries are solved!

Ruth Ashton is a textile artist and illustrator based in Nottinghamshire, UK.

“My interest in this type of work emerged when I was at university and really developed from there. I've always had a really vivid imagination and wanted to combine my love of textiles, illustration and story-telling in all my work.” – Ruth Ashton

At 25″L, 17.75″W, these large scale pieces don't come cheap. If you want to see the laborious work that goes into each of these, check out Ruth's website. You can find them at Anthropologie for $398, each. (A small price to pay for some peace of mind!)

Ruth Ashton

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