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10 Outstandingly Clever Artists

Though we feature a lot of artists here on theMET, there are only a few who we believe are unbelievably clever and witty. From Terry Border, who makes everyday objects come alive, to Vincent Bousserez, who photographs the secret lives of little people, these artists create worlds we never knew existed. Through thought-provoking scenes and pop-culture references, these artists pull from our past and connect us to their work. But not only that, these artists fill us with emotion. So whether we're laughing at the poor Oreo who's looking for his missing friend or we're standing back in awe at Banksy's bold statement about society, we can all agree on one thing – the best type of art is the kind that gives us an experience. Terry Border

Terry Border is an artist who makes everyday objects come alive. Using household items and plain old wire, he creates hilarious scenarios we can't help but laugh at. His secret? He just imagines the saddest situation for a certain object and then builds around that idea. Why? It's usually the saddest situations people most connect with! [link] Peter Callesen

Peter Callesen is a Danish artist who creates amazing art by making small cuts in plain white paper. His two and three dimensional pieces are purposely made from A4 paper. Callesen believes that it is a “material that we are all able to relate to” and at the same time it is “neutral and open to fill with different meaning.” As he states, “The thin white paper gives the paper sculptures a frailty that underlines the tragic and romantic theme of my works.” [link] Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz

Walter Martin and Paloma Muoz collaboratively create mesmerizing miniature snow globe scenes. At first glance their work seems playful, but upon closer observation you notice the sinister details. In fact, their scary and foreboding scenes seem straight out of a horror movie. [link] Glennz

Glennz is a graphic designer and illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand. ‘GLENN' from ‘NZ' = GLENNZ is his username on Threadless.com, the website where he got his start. His art is filled with pop-culture references including our favorite cartoon characters. [link] Brock Davis

American graphic designer, Brock Davis, is Group Creative Director for advertising agency Carmichael Lynch in Minneapolis. When he's not winning creating award winning ad campaigns for his clients, he's inspiring young designers to Make Something Creative Every Day . We love his offbeat take on the world! [link] Vincent Bousserez

Vincent Bousserez is a 36-year old photographer who has a secret gift. He's able to see the secret life of little people. His plastic life series stages miniature, hyperrealistic characters in everyday scenes. His work is as poetic as it is realistic, as sweet as it is shocking. He lives and works in Paris. [link] Slinkachu

Slinkachu is a London-based artist who's small street-based installations are best viewed both from far away and up-close. A modern-day miniaturist, he places his little people in interesting urban situations. Known for his Inner City Snail project and his Little People in the City project, Slinkachu reminds us that art can exist everywhere – even on slow moving snails! [link] SpY

SpY, the urban street artist from Madrid, wants to not only surprise you but wants to inspire you. He describes his work as a “playful reappropiation of urban elements” where context is just as important as the attitude behind each piece. His street installations are sometimes as simple as stringing balloons in strange places and as complicated as welding metal into silly words. [link] ABOVE

Very similar to Banksy, ABOVE is an international street artist who keeps his identity concealed and is widely known for his social and political art. He's constantly pushing his artistic boundaries, exploring new mediums and styles of work. As a personal friend, ABOVE always emails us, letting us know that he's a fan of theMET! [link] Banksy

Arguably the internet's most famous artist, Banksy always manages to surprise us with his though-provoking street art. Though his identity is still somewhat of a mystery, his work is always in the limelight. Whether he's shocking us with his crazy pet store or surprising us with his museum show, Banksy makes us think not just about ourselves but about our society and culture. [link] Related: LOL! 7 Illustrators With a Great Sense of Humor Mysterious Little People Hard at Work and at Play (15 Total) Terry Border Makes Everyday Objects Come Alive (18 pics) Mayhem and Chaos in Snow Globes and On Islands (15 Pics)

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