November 5, 2023

2,700-Year-Old Ancient Assyrian Lamassu Statue Is Excavated in Iraq

Historical artifacts offer a glimpse into the past. However, their existence is constantly at risk—especially those not housed in museums. Ancient artifacts have had a particularly volatile past few decades in the Middle East due to political and religious conflict, as well as widespread looting. The recent excavation of an ancient Assyrian lamassu statue is a reminder of these tenuous circumstances, as the story of its reburying is told.

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October 30, 2023

337-Million-Year-Old Shark Fossils Found at Mammoth Cave National Park

The Mammoth Cave National Park is not just a collection of incredible stalactites and underground pathways. It is proving to be a window into prehistoric marine life. The ancient waters, which carved the caves, exposed fossils embedded in ancient rock. During work for a paleontological survey, which commenced in 2019, researchers discovered a collection of incredible prehistoric shark fauna sticking out of the cave walls.

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October 24, 2023

Newly Restored 1,000-Year-Old “Cheddar Brooch” Goes on Display

Jewelry is an ancient concept—from scarab rings to gold torques to bone piercings. This type of decoration spans across cultures, continents, and centuries. Countless examples from different periods have survived and can be found in museums today. Excitingly, a particularly rare piece of ancient jewelry will soon go on display, conserved and ready for inspection by a curious public.

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October 11, 2023

Archeologists Discover 1,500-Year-Old Mayan Palace in Mexico

Would you live in a magnificent palace topped with palm leaves? Approximately 1,500 years ago, a Maya ruler likely did live in this kingly manner. Excavations at the archaeological zone of Kabah, located in the Puuc region of Yucatán, Mexico, has unveiled newly discovered ruins. Known as Petenero Palace, this site is large and imposing, with intricate decoration.

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