November 23, 2023

West Point Opens 200-Year-Old Time Capsule and Uncovers Six Silver Early American Coins

West Point is known as a prestigious military academy, producing many of the nation's generals since its founding in 1802. Known officially as the United States Military Academy, it can also count two American presidents among its alumni. Such a long history is sure to come with good and bad moments, and even a few surprises. Recently, renovations uncovered a box hidden in the base of a statue of a Revolutionary War hero.

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November 12, 2023

Perfectly Preserved 2,100-Year-Old Child’s Shoe Discovered in an Austrian Salt Mine

Hallstatt, Austria is the location of one of the oldest salt mines in Europe. There, humans have been mining the precious material for almost 7,000 years. Archeologists have been finding evidence of these ancient miners and their activities at similar mines in Austria. One recent find includes a child's leather shoe, almost perfectly preserved for an estimated 2,100 years. The shoe was discovered in a salt mine south of Salzburg near the Austrian village of Dürrnberg.

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November 6, 2023

5,000-Year-Old Unopened Wine Jars Found in Queen’s Tomb

No royalty was ever buried with quite the pomp and circumstance as the ancient Egyptian pharaohs and their family. Kings, queens, princes, and more were enshrined in multi-room stone labyrinths decorated across every inch and filled with the supplies for the afterlife. Egyptian Queen Meret-Neith was no different.

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