March 31, 2019

The Spectacular History of Mont-Saint-Michel, a Medieval Island Off the Coast of France

Nestled off the coast of Normandy is Mont-Saint-Michel, a magical site that dates back to the Middle Ages. Wrapped in a picturesque village and topped with a sky-high tower, this tidal island looks like it has been plucked from the pages of a storybook. Though it may resemble a castle in the clouds, Mont-Saint-Michel’s history is not as dreamy as one would think.

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March 11, 2019

800 Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts from France and Britain Available Online

Lovers of Medieval art and literature will appreciate an initiative undertaken by the British Library, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, and the Polonsky Foundation. The trio has teamed up to make some of the illuminated manuscripts in the libraries’ collection more readily available to the public. And now, two separate websites allow easy access to 800 Medieval manuscripts created between 700 C.E. and 1200 C.E..

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February 7, 2019

9 Royally Fascinating Facts About the Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles boasts a grandiose history. Once the epicenter of French royalty, the elegant estate has undergone several transformations since its conception in the 17th century. Here, we explore some fascinating facts about the story of this national treasure, beginning with its humble roots and concluding with its lasting legacy. Learn about the majestic monument’s past and present with these Palace of Versailles facts.   1. It started out as a hunting lodge.

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