Oil Painting

March 3, 2024

Artist Uses Oil Paint to Create Expressive Portraits of Birds

For as long as she can remember, Rachel Altschuler has been fascinated by the unique energy and spirit of birds. And so, she has invested her artistic talents into creating striking avian portraits rendered in oil paint. Her passion for birds shines through in these expressive paintings, which focus on the unique characteristics of each species. All of Altschuler's birds are painted against neutral backgrounds, which allows their features to pop.

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February 15, 2024

Stunning Oil Paintings That Look Like Aerial Views of Western Landscapes

At first glance, Philip Govedare‘s art looks like your typical aerial landscape photograph. But upon close inspection, it's revealed that these are actually carefully crafted oil paintings. Visually compelling, each piece highlights natural geographic features, as well as the manmade interventions that impact our planet. Inspired by remote western landscapes, Govedare's work isn't about one specific place. Rather, he uses his memories, observations, and imagination to formulate an evocative landscape.

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November 6, 2023

Stunning Hyperrealistic Paintings Capture People’s Surreal Connection to Nature

Human figures appear to merge with their surroundings in the paintings of Austin Howlett. The New Mexico-based artist explores people's connection to their environment in surrealist depictions of men and women converging with natural settings. In some of these pieces, portraits are overlayed with the branches of a large tree, and in others, figures appear to become one with the mountains they are perched on.

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