April 11, 2024

Dark and Mysterious Paintings Designed To Look like Melting Masterpieces

Milan-based artist Dolaana Davaá combines her love for contemporary and classical art by creating Old Master-influenced paintings that look like they are melting. She also handcrafts all of the frames, which appear to drip along with the finished artwork. Davaá's handcrafted frames are her specialty. After sculpting them from clay, she uses silicon, acrylic resin, and fiberglass to cast a mold.

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April 8, 2024

Vibrant Palette Knife Paintings of Beautiful Blooming Flowers

Artist Joshua Davidson is known for his stunning flower paintings. By using a palette knife to apply and manipulate thick paint on the canvas, the New Zealand-based artist is able to mimic the three-dimensionality of different blossoms. Davidson's vibrant paintings look as though they are blooming out of the canvas, with petals reaching out to touch the viewer.

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February 26, 2024

Fluid Artist Creates Mesmerizing Paintings by Purposefully Blending Paints

It is always impressive to see what artists can create with simple materials. Nancy Wood is no different. Armed with only a palette knife and her technical expertise, Wood creates stunning fluid art by smearing glittery acrylic paint across a canvas. Wood's paintings, with their crackly appearance, are reminiscent of designs found on blown glass. By mixing acrylic paint and a catalyst, she is able to create circular cells that bubble across the piece.

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