July 7, 2024

Artist Conveys the Charm of European Cities Through His Textured Paintings

Artist Sergiu Ciochină knows there's more to the beauty of Europe than world famous landmarks. After all, charm and wonder can hide in the colors of a building or how light bounces off a field. With a unique eye for finding inspiration in his surroundings, the Paris-based painter mixes the elements that catch his attention to create landscapes that borrow from the real world but are ultimately his.

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June 17, 2024

Ukrainian Artist Captures the Beauty and Power of the Ocean in Sweeping Oil Paintings

Capturing the intricacies of the sea is no easy feat. There's a myriad of shades of blue on a single landscape, plus the splashes of water and the movement of seafoam. And yet, Ukrainian artist Alexandra Velichko does it perfectly in every single one of her works. Zooming in on breaking waves and beach scenes, the painter captures both the beauty and power of the ocean in her sweeping oil paintings.

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June 7, 2024

2-Year-Old Painter Is Selling His Colorful Artwork for Up to $7,000

When Laurent Schwarz‘s parents took him on vacation to Italy last year, none of them knew that the toddler would discover his passion for painting in their hotel's activity room, but that's exactly what happened. Less than a year later, the toddler has his own studio set up in the family's home, and some of his paintings are selling for as much as $7,000.

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