June 13, 2021

Travel-Loving Artist Creates Dreamy Illustrations That Will Inspire Wanderlust in You

When traveling is not possible, art can be the next best thing. Whether you crave a train ride through forests or a walk on the beach, the colorful illustrations of Rhi James are sure to transport you to faraway destinations. The Perth-based artist creates exquisite paintings and merchandise for her brand Hebe Studio—all of which are inspired by her love of traveling.

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June 6, 2021

Abstract Figure Paintings Are a Fascinating Fusion of Several Moments Frozen in Time

In most cases, observing a painting is like looking at a snapshot of a particular moment in time. But not for Eric Pause; the Ontario-based artist tries to capture as many moments as he can in his striking figurative paintings. Similar to the Italian Futurists—who wanted to synthesize time, place, and form—his work conveys movement and time through abstracted forms overlapping over one another.

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May 9, 2021

5 Salvador Dalí Paintings That Perfectly Capture the Surrealist’s Subconscious Mind

Spanish Surrealist artist Salvador Dalí is among the most prolific creatives of the 20th century. He produced over 1,500 paintings over the course of his long career which spanned from 1910 until his death in 1989. Although the eccentric artist explored other mediums, including sculpture, printmaking, fashion, writing, and even filmmaking, Dalí’s paintings stand out as particularly iconic. He developed his own visual language for depicting his own inner world, dreams, and hallucinations.

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