Landscape Photography

April 7, 2021

Artist Collaborates With the Wind Bringing Colorful Fabrics To Life in Dreamy Photos

Working with the elements can often feel like an uphill battle, especially for photographers. But California-based artist Thomas Jackson has adapted to the challenge by letting the wind be a collaborator in his art. Together, man and nature created a series of dreamy images featuring the mutable forms of colorful tulle soaring over Californian seascapes on the back of a strong breeze.

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March 11, 2021

Photographer Accidentally Captures Amazing Shot of a Shooting Star Over an Erupting Volcano

There are some landscape images that are so enchanting you’d think they were out of a storybook. Such is the case with a photo by renowned photographer Daniel Kordan. In 2016, he was leading a photography workshop in Kamchatka, Russia, when the Klyuchevskaya volcano was in the midst of an eruption. While the lava alone is a spectacular sight, it was made even more magical with a meteor that is barreling above it.

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January 21, 2021

Ethereal Ice Bubbles Emerge at the Surface of a Mystical Lake in Hokkaido, Japan

Nature is full of spectacularly beautiful sights, and some naturally occurring phenomena are so awe-inspiring that it’s hard to believe your eyes. One such marvel takes place during the cold winter months at Lake Nukabira in Hokkaido, Japan. The serene surface of the lake becomes covered with frosty ice bubbles that extend across the enchanting view in large swaths.

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December 15, 2020

Surreal Moon Photo Looks Like a Giant Eye Peeking Through Rock Arch in the Desert

At the end of October, photographer Zach Cooley ventured to Arches National Park in Utah. There, he captured a surreal sight: a full moon framed by the North Windows Arch that makes it look like a giant eye in the sky. In brilliant single-exposure photos, the beguiling visual is almost too perfect to be real. Cooley’s incredible images represent a lot of planning on his part.

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