Landscape Photography

May 18, 2023

Photographer Moves to Iceland to Explore the Country’s Otherworldly Glacier Caves

Inspired by the ice caves he encountered on his first trip to Iceland, photographer Ryan Newburn moved to the country and became a glacier guide. Now, he owns his own glacier tour company, which allows him to continue to explore these natural wonders and share them with the public. The photographs of his adventures give a remarkable glimpse of the frozen beauty of these caves.

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January 3, 2023

Enchanting Photos of Ice Skaters Gliding Alongside Windmills in the Dutch Countryside

The winter conjures up images of cold-weather activities like ice skating. This time-honored tradition is nostalgic for many, and photographer Albert Dros captured a beautiful series of ice skaters gliding alongside windmills in the Dutch countryside. Set against gentle orange and candy-colored skies, the giant towers dwarf the people on the ice. The effect is enchanting; at once, the images encapsulate the beauty and charm of the frigid season.

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December 5, 2022

Stunning Winners of the 2022 Landscape Photographer of the Year Contest

The winners of the ninth annual International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition have been announced and the results are spectacular. Chile's Benjamin Briones Grandi was named the International Landscape Photographer of the Year thanks to his extraordinary portfolio of imagery. Grandi's incredible visuals are the fruit of hard work and the photographer's ability to bring his vision to life.

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October 16, 2022

Photographer Braves Intense Storms to Take Dramatic Photos of Waves on Lake Erie

When most people see that a storm is coming, they hunker down inside their houses to wait it out. But not Trevor Pottelberg. The Ontario-based photographer specializes in landscape, wildlife, and astrophotos but is particularly enamored with waves. His location close to Lake Erie makes it easy for him to zip over anytime he hears about an impending storm, as he knows he'll be in for an adventure.

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