Landscape Photography

April 25, 2021

Photographer Captures Rare Sight of Double Moonbow Colliding With Bolt of Lightning

We think of rainbows as being reserved for the daytime, but it turns out that the colorful beam looks magnificent at night, too. Photographer Brian Haislip captured sight of a double moonbow—the rare nighttime version of a rainbow—that appeared over the water in Lexington Park, Maryland. In four images, he showcases the crash of lightning as it seemingly tussles with the multicolored arc while also highlighting the moonbows in calmer moments after the storm.

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March 3, 2021

Magical Photos of Fireflies Lighting Up a Forest in Japan

There are few things more enchanting than the sight of a tiny firefly, lighting up the night sky with its luminescent glow. Imagine that multiplied by hundreds and thousands, and the effect is almost overwhelming. At the height of hotaru (firefly) season in Japan—around June and July—the rare opportunity to experience such an incredible spectacle is proffered to the lucky wanderer.

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January 10, 2021

Spectacular Slot Canyon Photo Fuses Fashion With Nature’s Effortless Beauty

A red rock canyon is an unlikely place to wear a fancy dress, but as photography enthusiast Carl Marvin shows, the results are spectacular. In a breathtaking image, Marvin’s fiancée wears a striking blue gown and poses amidst the archways of a slot canyon. The deep oranges and sienna tones are a perfect visual addition to the ultramarine dress and the combination creates an enchanting scene that looks like it's out of a storybook.

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