Landscape Photography

January 18, 2023

Photographer Takes Incredible Image of a Crashing Wave That Looks Like a Human Face

Photographer Cody Evans enjoys capturing all types of imagery. His Instagram is filled with photos of birds, motocross, and stormy landscapes. One particularly stormy day in Ontario brought Evans to Lake Erie. While there, he took an estimated 10,000 photos of the crashing waves. Once home, he viewed the images on his computer and that's when one stood apart from the rest. There it was, clear as could be—a face in the waves.

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December 8, 2022

Behold the Best Northern Lights Photographs of 2022

Winter is here and that means it's time to discover the best Northern Lights photos of 2022. Thanks to Capture the Atlas‘ annual Northern Lights Photographer of the Year awards, we're able to see these spectacular—and colorful—views of the Aurora borealis. This year there are more images than ever thanks to travel restrictions being lifted.

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September 29, 2022

Amazing Photo Captures Intense Lightning Storm With Star Trails Swirling Above It

Spanish photographer Marc Sellés Llimós often climbs to the hills to beat the noise pollution of the city and take photos of the night sky. On one evening, in particular, Sellés Llimós was in for a real treat as a storm raged over the Pyrenees. By compositing together nearly 400 images, he was able to create a photo that encapsulates what he saw and even features some beautiful star trails.

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