Jane Goodall’s 90th Birthday Is Celebrated With 90 Photos by 90 Female Photographers

Jane Goodall photo of chimp cuddling her baby

“Fifi and Faustino” by Jane Goodall. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

On April 3, renowned primatologist Jane Goodall turned 90 years old. Dr. Goodall has inspired generations of people who are passionate about wildlife conservation and our planet. From her groundbreaking studies of chimpanzees to her philanthropic work and activism related to animals, Dr. Goodall is a force of nature.

To celebrate her birthday and her place as a woman-inspired change, the female-led non-profit Vital Impacts is holding a special photography sale—The Nature of Hope: 90 Women Photographers for Jane Goodall. For the next three months, Vital Impacts is selling fine-art photography from female photographers inspired by Dr. Goodall's legacy. According to the organization, “60% of proceeds will directly support the Jane Goodall Institute's global efforts, continuing Dr. Goodall's mission of science-based conservation and youth empowerment within communities worldwide.” The remaining proceeds will go directly toward the artists.

Among the 90 prints available are photographs by Dr. Goodall herself. Two of the images focus on the familial relationships of chimpanzees and speak to her ability to make these primates feel comfortable with her presence. The other is a stunning self-portrait taken around 1962, early in research at Tanzania's Gombe Stream National Park. Viewed now, it's a beautiful documentation of a young woman diving into her professional passion and getting ready to take on the world.

But Dr. Goodall's photographs aren't the only spectacular images available. This incredible collection of conservation and landscape photography is a feast for the eyes, with work by well-known names such as Cristina Mittermeier, Ami Vitale, Beth Moon, and Karine Aigner.

So, if you are looking for a piece of art to add to your collection and want to know that doing so will also help the environment, the sale—which runs until July 2—is worth a look.

Non-profit Vital Impacts is holding a special sale to celebrate the 90th birthday of renowned primatologist and conservation activist Dr. Jane Goodall.

Photo of Jou Jou and Dr. Jane Goodall at the Brazzaville Zoo

“Jou Jou and Dr. Jane Goodall, Brazzaville Zoo, Republic of Congo, 1990” by Michael “Nick” Nichols. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

The photography sale will benefit the Jane Goodall Institute and include images from Dr. Goodall herself.

Jane Goodall Self Portrait from 1962

“Self Portrait” by Jane Goodall. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Inspired by Dr. Goodall's legacy, the female photographers featured in the sale are incredible talents.

Black and white photo of giraffes in Africa

“Giraffes” by Marina Cano. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Polar bears snuggling

“The Hug” by Daisy Gilardini. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Giant panda in the forest

“Back to the Wild” by Ami Vitale. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Humpback whale diving into the water in Tonga.

“Submergence” by Michaela Skovranova. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

The sale will run until July 2, 2024, so don't wait long to shop.

Polar bear walking across frozen shoreline

“King of the Arctic” by Melissa Schäfer. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

A ball of bumble bees

“The Big Buzz Bee Ball” by Karine Aigner. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Humpback whales emerging from the sea

“The Feast” by Cristina Mittermeier. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Barn owl in flight

“Barn Owl X” by Beth Moon. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Penguins cuddling

“Love at South Georgia” by Malin Hanning. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Egret on a tree in the bayou

“Balance” by Sapna Reddy. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Snow Geese Blast Off From a Pond in Kearney, Nebraska

“Snow Geese” by Melissa Groo. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Caribou at Anaktuvuk Pass

“Caribou at Anaktuvuk Pass” by Katie Orlinsky. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Young girl playing dress up at Nenets camp

“Princess of Tundra” by Evgenia Arbugaeva. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Aymara Pollera women from La Paz

“Brenda and Her Mother” by Luisa Dörr. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Young woman positioned as a blooming night flower, up-ended, with her head in water

“Dusk Bloom” by Tamara Dean. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Starling murmurations by Kathryn Cooper

“Aerial Battle” by Kathryn Cooper. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Northern lights over the Heinabergsjökull Glacier

“Heinabergsjökull Glacier” by Deanne Fitzmaurice. Courtesy of Vital Impacts.

Vital Impacts: Website | Instagram | Facebook

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Vital Impacts.

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