Underwater Photography

February 6, 2014

Ethereal Underwater Photographs Capture Frozen Moments in Time

Kurt Arrigo's underwater photographs are a great reminder that we live in a remarkable world. Passionate about the sea his entire life, Arrigo's love for it is palpable in these strikingly-clear images featuring shoals of fish, graceful dancers, and a majestic Black Stallion horse. Our vantage point is well below the ocean's surface, with deep blues and turquoise that fade as they are penetrated by the sun's rays.

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June 21, 2013

Scuba Diver Takes Breathtaking Photos of Underwater World

Climbing on board a boat, putting on scuba gear, and splashing into the water to go diving is not an activity for everyone. But for some, like Flickr photographer lar3, diving is the perfect opportunity for discovery. In these surreal landscapes, the adventurous photographer transports us to another world. From an underwater perspective, he captures natural gradients of color and interesting creatures floating about their daily lives.

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April 17, 2013

Spectacular Shots of Surfers Underwater by Lucia Griggi

Half-English, half-Italian action photographer Lucia Griggi does more than simply stand in the sidelines to snap shots of surfers as they ride waves and perform their stunts and tricks. The dedicated photographer gets right into the action with the athletes to capture the moment they duck and dive into massive waves. Griggi tells us, “I love to be in or around water and surf.

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