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Intimate Portraits Reveal Amusing Facial Expressions of Skeptical Dogs

German photographer Elke Vogelsang (aka Wieslblitz) has a knack for capturing expressive portraits of our canine friends. Last year, we shared their goofy personalities in a series of delightful images. Now, Vogelsang has pivoted from their playfulness and explores pups’ skeptical side. Her latest series features “dogs questioning the photographer’s sanity,” as they grimace, roll their eyes, and generally look miffed. We can’t help think we’ve done something wrong!

These canines weren’t actually upset when these photos were taken–they’re a series of amusing outtakes that capture the fraction of a second when these odd looks were made. “Mostly these pictures were achieved by pretending to throw a toy or treat or actually throwing one,” Vogelsang told Mashable. “That way the dog is expecting the toy or treat to come its way and is looking in anticipation.”

Vogelsang really appreciates these strange, bewildered expressions. “I usually prefer the pictures, which don’t look like that one portrait the owner would hang on his wall,” she writes. “I found that in some pictures the dog look like they think that the photographer lost her mind. I’m definitely crazy about dogs. But I think I’m mostly harmless, too.”

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