January 21, 2021

Viral Twitter Thread Shows 40 Wild Animals Adorably Interrupting Wildlife Photographers

Let's face it: animals don’t care whether you’re trying to take a picture or you’re on a video call. If our work-from-home culture has taught us anything, it's that pets are curious and have no qualms about interrupting a photo or video to see what they're missing. Well, it turns out that wild animals have a similar attitude to our domesticated cats and dogs.

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January 14, 2021

High-Tech Pet Door and Smart Collar Lets Your Dog Come and Go While You’re Away

For many pet owners, leaving your dog home alone for a few hours is sometimes unavoidable. When that time comes, it can be worrying to think of them stuck inside and wanting to go out. That’s why garage door company Chamberlain designed the myQ Pet Portal, an award-winning solution that gives dogs the freedom to safely go outside whenever they want or need.

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January 12, 2021

Oklahoma City Zoo Shares Incredible Video of Elephant Calf Ultrasound

You’re probably familiar with how a human ultrasound looks, but have you ever seen an elephant calf curled up in its mother’s womb? The Oklahoma City Zoo recently shared a video of the special moment when its resident Asian elephant, 25-year-old Asha, had an ultrasound. Asha is currently eight months pregnant, but since the average elephant’s pregnancy lasts 22 months (around 660 days)

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