October 15, 2018

Meet “Dynamoterror dynastes” the Newly Discovered Relative of T-Rex

The Tyrannosaurus rex is a dinosaur that sat at the top of the prehistoric food chain, striking fear into any animal it encountered. But new research shows that it had an even badder relative that roamed Earth millions of years before the “tyrant lizard king.” The Dynamoterror dynastes is the name of this new dinosaur, which translates to “powerful terror ruler.

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September 20, 2018

Lioness Steals a Photographer’s Camera, Gives It to Her Cubs as a New Toy

Photographing wild animals has certain risks. But often, the potential hazards are worth it—something photographer Barbara Jensen Vorster can attest to first hand. In July 2018, she was snapping pictures of a lion pride in Botswana, until a local lioness stole Vorster’s Canon 7D after she accidentally dropped it on the ground. (The “thud” piqued the big cat’s interest.) Luckily, Vorster had another camera on hand and captured what happened next.

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September 4, 2018

Soulful Portraits of Dogs Exploring the Desolate Beauty of Arctic Landscapes

Poland-based photographer Alicja Zmysłowska combines the stunning beauty of desolate landscapes with the spirited personality of adventurous pups. Her series, titled Craving Miracles, is a three-year endeavor that has taken her and her favorite canines to the idyllic locations of Iceland, Norway, and Alaska. There, she has snapped pictures of the dogs as they interact with the environment at large. They are seen exploring massive caverns, running across green fields, and traversing rushing waters.

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August 25, 2018

Adorable Rescue Kittens Get a Sweet Newborn Photo Shoot to Help Them Get Adopted

If you feed a homeless feline, chances are you’ll land yourself a loyal companion. When Brandy Suppi noticed a stray tabby near her home in McAlester, Oklahoma, she did just that. Soon after, Suppi gained the cat’s trust—an act solidified by what happened next. “Two days after I started feeding her,” Suppi recalled, “she brought me her kittens and wrapped them in a blanket on the porch. I think Mama knew we would help her.

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