May 16, 2022

Couple Wakes Up and Finds a Stranger’s Dog Sleeping in Their Bed

Many pet owners love to snuggle with their dogs in bed at night. But recently, one Tennessee couple woke up next to a very unexpected canine friend. Julie Johnson and her husband Jimmy were used to letting their three dogs join them in their bed; however, one morning, they were greeted by an extra cuddly little stranger—a fourth dog they didn’t recognize.

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May 6, 2022

Wrinkle the Duck Runs Another Marathon and This Time Wins a Medal

Last year, Wrinkle the Duck made headlines for her stellar running debut in the New York City Marathon. And it seems that wasn’t the plucky duck’s last race. Just a few days ago the speedy goose ran another marathon, and this time she even won a medal. Sporting her signature red duck shoes, the web-footed creature waddled her way to victory, even giving an exceptional burst of speed at the end to clinch the win.

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April 29, 2022

Majestic Photos of 8 Remaining Species of Bears Are Featured in Conservation Photo Book

Bears are often overlooked among the dwindling animal species of our planet. It’s often believed that woods are chock-full of grizzlies and black bears hunting salmon and berries. However, on a global scale, the future of bears—carnivorous mammals in the Ursidae family—is less certain. An elegant coffee table book featuring the work of renowned wildlife photographers, entitled Remembering Bears, seeks to bring awareness and raise funds for conservation.

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