November 30, 2023

108-Year-Old Woman Credits Having “Dogs, Not Kids” as Her Secret to a Long Life

Making it to a 100 years old is no easy feat, and as a society, we're lucky that those folks are still with us to share their stories and wisdom with us. But how does one make it that far? Some say it's exercise, others credit a healthy diet. But for Ada Daniel, who lived to be 108 years old, the secret to a long life is to have dogs instead of children.

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November 21, 2023

Scientist Reunites With the Humpback Whale That Saved Her From a Shark

We've heard about people being rescued by dogs and dolphins, but one lucky scientist was rescued by a hero that was much, much larger. Biologist Nan Hauser was filming off Rarotonga in the Cook Islands when she came across two large sea creatures, one of which was a humpback whale. It turned out that the startling encounter was a blessing in disguise, as the whale whisked Hauser away from the other animal—a massive tiger shark.

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November 10, 2023

Britain’s “Loneliest Sheep” Stuck at Bottom of Cliff for Two Years Is Finally Rescued

While was kayaking along the windswept shores of Sutherland—a highland Scottish county—and eyeing the beautiful shores, Jillian Turner spotted something unusual at the bottom of the tall cliffs. Roving beneath the rock was a sheep, wool coat vastly overgrown. It was totally alone, far away from its flock and trapped at the bottom of the cliff.

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November 3, 2023

Researchers Find That Cats Have Nearly 300 Different Facial Expressions

Many cat owners are used to their pets communicating through meows and purrs. But beyond these sounds, kitties seem to be aloof, at most blinking or occasionally nudging their ears. However, they are much more expressive than we thought. A recent study found that cats have nearly 300 facial expressions that they use to communicate with other felines—from sweet smirks to hostile hissy faces. The study was carried out by Lauren Scott and Brittany N.

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