December 5, 2017

Curious Cat Gets Kicked Out of Library But Gains Massive Fame on the Internet

Cats are notorious for going where they don’t belong. Whether that’s on top of a tall shelf or venturing outdoors, it seems that our furry friends can’t resist the allure of forbidden spaces. Max the cat is no different, but his curiosity didn’t kill him—it rocketed him to internet fame. Once a wandering stray, Max was rescued by a woman named Connie Lipton in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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November 29, 2017

People Were Stumped by This Optical Illusion Dog Until Reddit Figured It Out Together

If you own a dog, you're used to your furry friend contorting themselves into all sorts of weird positions. But if not, you probably took one look at this image and thought, “What's wrong with that poor dog!” That was the reaction with most Redditors when chadwalk posted this image titled Optical Illusion Dog. A good portion of commenters were left scratching their heads, trying to figure out what they were seeing.

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November 19, 2017

Adorable Insta-Famous Japanese Cat Has a Serious Sense of Style

A post shared by ボナ(Buona) (@_pizzicato_) on Oct 14, 2016 at 9:18pm PDT Meet Buona (aka @_pizzicato_), the 2-year-old exotic shorthair cat from Japan. She’s Insta-famous, and it’s not just because she’s adorable—this kitty has a serious sense of style. Whether it’s a set of bunny ears, one of her fabulous pairs of spectacles, or even a bread slice-shaped hat, she can pull off pretty much anything.

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