August 10, 2020

This Dog Takes the Bus by Herself to Walk Around at the Park

Every morning, a very independent pooch named Eclipse leaves her house alone. She’s on a mission: get to the dog park located in the heart of Downtown Seattle. Over the years, Eclipse has become a favorite among Seattle commuters and is now seen as an inspiration, being called an “independent woman.” Each day, like a very good girl, she waits patiently at the bus stop by her home.

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August 6, 2020

Australian Bat Rescue Posts Adorable Photos of Their Winged Patients

Volunteer-run non-profit Bats Queensland is an incredible organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating bats along Australia's Gold Coast. Not only do they save injured bats, but they nurse them back to health and help them get back into the wild. Focusing on the two main groups of bats—flying foxes and microbats—they also help educate the public about the importance of these flying mammals.

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July 30, 2020

Endangered Tigers Make Comeback as India Triumphantly Doubles Its Population

The world is applauding India as it was recently announced that the country has been able to double its tiger population in just 12 years. The latest national census for 2018-2019 counted 2,967 wild tigers, up from 1,411 in 2006. And it's not just India that is seeing a rise in population. Wild tiger populations have also shown significant growth in China, Nepal, Russia, and Bhutan, which is an incredible achievement.

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July 27, 2020

Scientists Discover Deep-Sea “Vantablack” Fish That Absorb Over 99% of Light

We all know that some strange creatures can live in the deep sea, but even researchers were surprised by the adaptation they found in some fish off the coast of California. In the depths of the ocean, far beyond where sunlight can penetrate, scientists have found several species of “Vantablack” fish. These fish actually absorb more than 99.5% of the light that hits them, making them nearly undetectable in the water.

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