September 18, 2020

Super Zen Cat Takes a Nap in the Middle of a Japanese Zen Garden

Japanese zen gardens are designed to help people relax and meditate on the meaning of life. And apparently, the traditional tranquil spaces aren’t only beneficial to humans. Twitter user kmt (@syu9ji2) recently shared photos online, revealing how a cat decided to take a nap, right in the middle of the raked gravel ripples at the Kuhonbutsu Jōshinji Jōdo Buddhist temple garden in Tokyo.

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September 16, 2020

Adorable Japanese Cat Thinks She’s a Dog Just Like Her Shiba Inu Siblings

Cats and dogs typically have turbulent relationships, which is why people often say that quarreling siblings are fighting “like cats and dogs.” However, there’s one happy, furry family in Japan who's proving the saying wrong. Meet Kiki, the adorable American Shorthair cat who lives peacefully with her three Shiba Inu siblings; Saki, Ibuki, and Hazuki. Not only does Kiki seem to enjoy the company of canines, but she actually acts like she’s one of them.

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September 10, 2020

Underwater Video Captures the Unusual Way Flamingos Eat

Have you ever wondered how flamingos eat with their curved bills? The San Diego Zoo is educating the public on flamingo feeding habits with a new video showing the brilliantly pink birds feeding underwater. The video was taken at the birds' mealtime by an underwater camera placed inside the zoo's flamingo feeding pool. In the video, the birds dip their hooked bills to skim the bottom.

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September 7, 2020

Watch a Cast of Insects Take Flight in This Extreme Slow-Motion Video Filmed at 3,200 FPS

Summertime is full of insects, as moths hover around porch lights and fireflies light up in the night. While you've likely seen these creatures in passing, fascinating video footage will have you gain a whole new appreciation for them. North Carolina-based research biologist Dr. Adrian Smith captures these insects and others in extreme slow-motion flight. The footage features critters from eight taxonomic orders as they take off, flutter, and land in a tiny “studio.

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