May 24, 2022

Bomb-Sweeping Dog Switches Sides to Ukraine After Being Abandoned by Russian Troops

Dogs and their enhanced sense of smell have been an integral part of helping the Ukrainian army fight against the Russian invasion. In fact, courageous pups in Ukraine have even been awarded medals of honor for their ability to detect and clear explosive devices. The Ukrainian army recently added a new canine recruit to their force, and he came by way of Russia.

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May 22, 2022

Watch a Wildlife Photographer Get Mobbed by an Adorable Group of Meerkats

South African wildlife photographer and conservationist Nick Kleer has encountered many majestic animals throughout his career. But he seems to have formed a special bond with some adorable and amusing meerkats. And recently, one of his more entertaining interactions with the curious creatures has gone viral because it’s just so darn endearing. What’s more, the clip shows just how good the man is at his job.

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May 13, 2022

Funny-Looking Cat With Giant Saucer Eyes Becomes the Mayor of Hell, Michigan

A rather odd-looking black cat, famous on social media for her huge yellow eyes and duck-footed paws, was the mayor of Hell for a day. Let me explain. For $100, anyone can become the mayor of Hell, Michigan, a small town northwest of Ann Arbor, and, on April 24, the town had its first feline ruler. The cat's name is Jinx, and she lives in California with her owner, Mia, who rescued her in 2018.

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May 5, 2022

77-Year-Old Ukrainian Woman Risks Her Life to Care For More Than 700 Animals in Shelter

Since the war started in Ukraine, many people have gone to great lengths to protect and care for the animals caught in the crossfire. Whether risking their lives to literally carry their pets along with them as they flee for safety or staying behind to care for the animals who weren’t so lucky to make it out, unsung heroes all across Ukraine have stepped up in moments of dire need.

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