March 1, 2024

First Ever Sighting of Humpback Whales Having Sex Features Two Males

Humpback whales are incredible marine animals that researchers have been studying for decades. However, very little is known about their sexual activity, and there are no records of humpback whale copulation—until now. A new study published in Marine Mammal Science describes an incredible encounter off the coast of Maui, where a group of researchers observed two male humpback whales copulating.

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February 28, 2024

Jon Stewart Pays Tearful Tribute to His Late Dog Dipper on ‘The Daily Show’

Comedian Jon Stewart recently returned to The Daily Show desk ahead of the 2024 election. But on Monday night, he finished his show with a heartbreaking update. Stewart revealed that his beloved dog, Dipper, had passed the day before the taping. The comedian couldn't help but break down in tears as he shared the story of how the pup came into his life. Before the heartbreaking reveal, Stewart began with a little background on Dipper.

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February 19, 2024

Smart Raven Figures Out How To Use a Stick as a Tool To Retrieve Food Trapped in a Tube

Ornithologists and bird lovers all know that crows, ravens, and other members of the corvid family are extremely intelligent. Not only do they possess sensory consciousness, meaning they cultivate an awareness of the present and immediate past through observed events, but they also understand the concept of zero. As it turns out, these creatures flip the script on the term “bird brain.

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February 9, 2024

Watch This Adorable Cat Say “Buongiorno” to a Woman in Italy

In many places, especially in small towns, it is common for people to greet everyone they come across, even those they don't know. For one woman in Italy, this included saying hello to a cat in the street. But much to her surprise—and that of the world—the kitty replied, “buongiorno,” to her. Or so it seems.

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