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Tiny Technicolor Flowers Blossom from Creative Paper Shavings

Japanese designer Haruka Misawa has reimagined the everyday process of pencil sharpening to create a delicate series of paper flowers. She prints paper with color gradations, then wraps it in layers around a uniformly-toned core (in place of a typical pencil's graphite), creating a long cylinder to be spun gently through a sharpener.

Tiny technicolor petals blossom from the shavings, curling into wispy, whimsical blooms. Each one measures only 15-40mm in diameter but consists of countless combined slices that can be seen with a close look. From farther away, the pieces appear almost like hand-painted pansies, each one exquisite in its gentle ethereality.

Haruka Misawa: Website | Instagram
via [Faith is Torment]

All images via Haruka Misawa.

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