LEGO Experiment Shows How Well Different Sea Defense Structures Resist Coastal Erosion

Lego minifigure man with a bear buried in sand

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Did you grow up playing with LEGOs? You're definitely not alone. And though many people may grow out of piecing the iconic little plastic blocks together, there are still a significant amount of people who do remarkable things with them as adults. Some have made the bricks their main medium of choice as LEGO artists while others have maintained their playful side as impressive hobbyists who build their favorite sets. For one LEGO fan known only by their YouTube channel name, Build it with Bricks, the toy bricks are a way for them to experiment, learn, and teach viewers more about the world around us. In one of their most popular videos, they used LEGO bricks to build and demonstrate coastal sea defenses.

In the video, the creator begins by setting up a mini beach. First, they add a pile of sand at one end of an aquarium tank. Next, they assemble a wave generator out of a board of LEGO bricks hooked up to an engine. The board is wired to move back and forth. Once water is added to the tank, this mechanism is designed to push against it, simulating waves. Now that the “coast” is complete, the wave generator is turned on to show how erosion occurs. The ripples of water being pushed by the wave generator rush against the small hill of sand, chipping away at it and pulling the grains into the sea as it sways back.

To combat this erosion, Build it with Bricks constructs multiple types of barriers, each with their own varying levels of success. They constructed offshore breakers, gabions, revetments, seawalls, and more, showing their effectiveness in preventing erosion of the shore. Throughout the video, viewers are introduced to new terminology and offered a visual understanding of how structural design affects success rate. Build it with Bricks' video is a fascinating watch that is both mesmerizing and educational.

Build it with Bricks has many videos that make big concepts more understandable as LEGO creations. To keep up to date with their builds and experiments, you can subscribe to them on YouTube. In the meantime, scroll down to see the full video about sea defense.

A YouTube channel known as Build it with Bricks uses LEGO bricks to build machines and to conduct various experiments.

One of their most popular videos uses LEGOs to show how sea defense structures can be built to resist erosion.

Build it with Bricks: YouTube | TikTok | Facebook
h/t: [The Kid Should See This]

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