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Inside David Choe’s Mindblowing New Show (14 pics)

This past weekend, Sam and I decided to swing by Lazarides Gallery in Beverly Hills to check out David Choe's new art show. Nothing to Declare is an exhibit that marks David's return to Los Angeles after a six year hiatus. Using a combination of spray paint, oil, acrylic, watercolor and even urine, David creates mindblowing art that's best appreciated in person.

In fact, walking into the enormous 8,000 square foot space was an experience in and of itself. The first thing you'll notice is the colorful blankets that are strung up like curtains. It's almost as if you're walking into a crazy circus of sorts.

Who better to greet you than a giant inflatable squid? Sprawled out right in the middle, the squid immediately makes you feel as though you're not in some stuffy gallery.

Hung up all around the red walls are David's impressive pieces. His use of mixed media including spray paint remind you that David's roots are in street art but the way he masterfully combines different mediums together makes you feel as though he's in a different league altogether.

Rightfully placed in the front of the gallery are David's large, signature pieces. You can't help but fall in love with these gorgeously complicated women.

David's funny sense of humor is most apparent in his watercolor art.

Me and my favorite David Choe painting.

David Choe, the artist.

You can read a very “interesting” article about David over on Hypebeast. I want to forewarn you that it's a bit graphic in nature. You'll notice that David's a somewhat acerbic character but one that you can feel puts his heart and soul into his work.

Here's my favorite part.

Do you find it difficult to balance your personal life with being an artist?

That's a bullshit question because there is no balance, all or nothing. I have no personal life, it's all on view for the world to see. It's fucked up every chance I've ever had at having a normal stable life, we all have to choose our destiny. We all choose our fate. It takes incredible sacrifice, for those who want to keep balancing on the fence and don't want to pick a side, keep balancing forever and see how that feels.

David Choe

Pics #2, 3, 13 by Brian Shigata. Rest by Alice or Sam Yoo.

Preview: Nothing to Declare by David Choe
Haitian Girl – David Choe
Death Blossom by David Choe

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