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This Desk Features 1,100 Yards of Scrolling Paper to Record Your Ideas

Handwritten list makers, doodlers, and note takers – rejoice! Minneapolis College of Art and Design student Kirsten Camara designed the Analog Memory Desk, which is perfect for people who like to write things down. It has a built-in mechanism for scrolling 1,100 yards of butcher paper that acts as a moving table cloth. Once you fill up part of the paper with ideas, to-dos, and reminders, simply crank the handle for a brand new surface. The paper is embedded in the table’s legs.

Camara’s inspiration for the piece came from an obsession about how we remember the past. “There are a hundreds of little things that we don’t try to remember every year or even every week,” she writes. If we’re able to document all of these small thoughts in one place (as opposed to tiny scraps of paper), it could help improve our thinking or work later.

The desk pictured here is made from hard maple and includes a glass panel on the table top. It’s not available for purchase, but Camara has shared the detailed blueprints through a Creative Commons license. That way, you can build your own exactly how you want it.

Kirsten Camara website
via [Colossal], [Design Milk]

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