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Remaking the Masters – Maise Maud Broadhead (5 total)

Woman holding a balance by Johannes Vermeer, 1664

Perhaps the greatest compliment an artist can give another is to remake it in his or her own unique way. These photo reenactments take old, classic paintings and turn them into modern works of art. Maise Maud Broadhead is an artist who did just that. Aside from one picture (The Heir, shown below) her photo re-interpretations also have their own unique twist. Look closely and you'll notice that jewelry has been carefully placed in each picture.

“A collection of photography and accompanying jewelery. Each photograph is a modern day re-interpretation of a historical painting where jewelery is at the center of the image's meaning. The photographs have accompanying jewelery that act as key props within each of the images. When depicted in the photograph the jewelery appears quite traditional, yet when the pieces are experienced physically we see there is illusion at work. In the flesh the jewelery is a collection of distorted and hidden half-truths. Originally exhibited at the Royal College of Art graduation show 2009.”

Portrait of a Jeweller by Franciabigio, 1516

The Heir, William Hogarth 1733

Presentation of a Medallion by Caspar Netscher, 1650

Gabrielle d'Estres by an unknown artist, 1594

Not sure where that jewelry is? Go to Maise Maud Broadhead's website to find out.

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