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Glittering Galaxy-Inspired Donuts Are a Delicious Way to Enjoy the Stars

We’ve recently been amazed by the creativity unleashed onto donuts, such as transforming them into creatures that are almost too adorable to eat. So, it should come as no surprise that these galaxy-inspired pastries have rocketed their way into our hearts. Vegan chef and baker Sam Melbourne recently shared her culinary creations that are complete with the mesmerizing coloring of the cosmos. The frosting has deep blue and purple marbling—similar to space photos taken by NASA—and is adorned with edible glimmer to represent the shining stars.

Melbourne shares how to make these beautiful donuts for yourself via a popular Instagram post. To start, mix and knead the dough of your choice—hers happens to be vegan—and bake in the oven. What gives the donuts their special characteristic is the frosting, which Melbourne created using melted coconut oil, soy milk, powdered sugar, and natural food dye in the colors red and blue. Check out the entire instructions here.

Melbourne cites fellow baker Hedi Gh as inspiration for her galactic creations:

Sam Melbourne: Instagram
via [Hello Giggles]

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