Food Art

September 11, 2023

Artist Recreates ‘Mona Lisa’ as an Edible Masterpiece Made From Potatoes

Few paintings are as widely known as Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. It's so famous that it's been reimagined in countless ways, including a version of the sitter with tattoos, and a Mona Lisa made with AI. However, one clever creative had the idea to recreate the Renaissance masterpiece with an unconventional material. Using potatoes, some paint, and pieces of lettuce, artist Huylson made the Mona Lisa three-dimensional, and amazingly realistic.

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January 24, 2023

Cookie-Shaped Pillows Are a Sweet Addition to Your Home Decor

A sweet tooth doesn’t have to stop at edible treats. If you love dessert, chances are you’ll like these cookie-shaped pillows that are a delectable delight of whimsical design. The confection cushions resemble biscuits and sandwich sweets, and the aesthetic brings a playful touch to any room. The cushions are available in several colors and a couple of formats. Typically, they are seen in dark brown (chocolate) and light brown (vanilla)

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November 21, 2022

Ukrainian Pastry Chef Creates Amazing Geometric Cakes and Shows You How To Make Them for Yourself

Angular and geodesic are unlikely words to describe pastries, but not if you’re Dinara Kasko. The Ukrainian pastry designer creates cakes that incorporate perfect undulating waves, uniform baubles, and mesmerizing gradients. The results are awe-inspiring and push the boundaries of what we think of as a dessert; they redefine the idea of food art. Kasko incorporates algorithmic tools and complex diagramming techniques to inform her work while also finding inspiration in the art of origami.

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