Food Art

February 6, 2020

This Japanese Bakery Makes Adorable Corgi Butt-Shaped Bread Buns

From their over-sized ears to their short stature, there’s a lot to love about corgis. But there’s a bakery in Japan that’s celebrating arguably the cutest feature of the delightful breed—their fluffy butts! Utiwapayna bakery has been making adorable baked goods for years, including puppy-shaped bread loaves and cat-shaped buns. The bakery recently took the cute factor to the next level with the addition of its corgi-inspired bread bun.

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December 19, 2019

Make Your Own Baby Yoda Cookies With This Ingenious (and Simple) Baking Hack

The holiday season is known for its delicious desserts. Decorated sugar cookies are a staple at any get-together—the more decorated, the better. While Christmas-themed confections are the popular choice for this time of year, geologist Katy Atakturk has a holiday baking hack for Star Wars fans who find themselves in the kitchen. It turns out that you can make Baby Yoda cookies by simply cutting out angel-shaped cookies and then removing their heads.

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November 1, 2019

Delectable Fine Art-Inspired Cakes Look Like They Belong in a Museum

Sibling duo Madina Yavorskaya and Rustam Kungurov are the talented bakers behind Moscow-based bakery Tortik Annushka. But their cakes aren’t your ordinary tarts and pastries—they craft delectable desserts inspired by fine art. From a Van Gogh-themed double-tier cake to a Hieronymus Bosch-inspired masterpiece, scrolling through their Instagram is like visiting a virtual art museum—except it’s all edible!

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