Food Art

February 23, 2024

Japanese Fruit Sandwiches Reveal Adorably Edible Characters When You Cut Into Them

Desserts such as cake, cookies, and pie have long lended themselves to cute food art. But a creative chef known as Nao has found a unique way to turn the timeless Japanese fruit sandwich into a treat embedded with sweet characters. In their creations, tiny cats and charming dogs made out of oranges, strawberries, and grapes greet you from the whipped cream.

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January 29, 2024

Foodie Creates Adorable Animal-Shaped Food Art That’s Almost Too Cute To Eat

As children, we’re told not to play with our food; but as adults, we make the rules. And if food artists around the world have taught us anything, playing with your food can lead to adorable, edible results. One Korean artist named Min Kyung-jin (aka sibatable) knows this all too well. She began her food art journey as a foodie who enjoyed creating and sharing her healthy dishes via Instagram.

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