Food Art

January 3, 2020

Woman Creates Incredible Movie-Inspired Sculptures Out of Gingerbread

While many of us are just trying to get the hang of putting together a gingerbread house that won’t collapse, motion designer Caroline Eriksson is pushing the limits of the medium. Since 2013, the Swedish creative has been producing impressive movie-related gingerbread sculptures. Her creations, which take about five weeks to complete, become more and more ambitious each year.

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December 17, 2019

Food Stylist Crafts Tasty Dishes of Adorably Edible Characters That Pop Off the Plate

Playing with your food is no longer a faux pas—especially when you’re as talented as food stylist De Meal Prepper. Her animal-inspired arrangements go beyond your average dinner plate and rise to the level of edible art. Using a combination of rice, vegetable purees, and spices, she forms three-dimensional portraits that look almost too cute to eat. De Meal Prepper forms her food with a realistic style and a painterly touch.

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September 25, 2019

Food Artist Gets Kids to Eat Healthy by Turning Meals into Pop Culture Masterpieces

Food artist and mom Laleh Mohmedi transforms ordinary ingredients into edible masterpieces on plates. Working with the likes of pita bread, noodles, and lettuce, she uses the foodstuffs as a painter would wield pigment and brush. The results of her cooking and plating are pop culture portraits of beloved fictional characters. She produces amazing likenesses of all of her subjects—an especially impressive feat considering everything that she produces is edible, too.

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August 6, 2019

Baker Turns Beloved Pop Culture Icons into Deliciously Detailed Pies

From patterned pasta to vegetable sculptures, more and more artists are creating surprising works of art with food. Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (of The Pieous) is another one of these talented food artists—she bakes mouth-watering, creative pie crust designs based on pop culture characters. The humble pie might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to beautiful food, but Clark-Bojin turns baking into an impressive art form.

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