Food Art

June 23, 2020

Food Artist Hand-Carves Incredibly Intricate Patterns Into Fruit and Vegetables

From bento boxes to radish sculptures, turning food into art is a popular pastime in Japan. Inspired by the nation’s traditional art of decorative garnishing (known as mukimono) and Thai fruit carving, Japanese chef and food artist Takehiro Kishimoto sculpts intricate motifs and patterns into fruit and vegetables. The art of Thai fruit carving was originally used to decorate the tables of the royal family, and often involved carving elaborate 3D motifs (such as flowers)

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May 7, 2020

Baker Transforms Ordinary Macarons Into Exquisite Edible Sculptures That Look Too Good to Eat

Macarons are a notoriously challenging confection to prepare. The delicate meringue-based sweet treats are known for their sensitivity to moisture and will easily fail if the baking conditions aren’t just right. So for Kim Delia to be able to craft impeccable macarons is already impressive, but she takes her skills a step further and uses the food as the basis for her amazing edible sculptures.

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April 15, 2020

Baker Makes Edible “Bread Bouquets” With Leftover Vegetables and Bread

There has been a recently renewed interest in crafting tasty things in the kitchen, and baking bread is part of this culinary renaissance. If you’re just starting out on your loaf-making journey, Instagram has no shortage of professional and enthusiast bakers alike who are showing off their beautiful bread. Baker Hannah P., aka Blondie + Rye, is a high school history teacher who expresses her creative side through her carb creations.

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