Food Art

January 22, 2019

10+ Creative Confections to Give to Your Sweetie on Valentine’s Day

One of the most popular gifts for Valentine’s Day is candy. The box of heart-shaped chocolates has been a staple for decades now, but that’s not the only choice you have when it comes to selecting tasty treats for the sweet person in your life. Confectionary companies are now making creative gourmet candy that’s imaginative as it is delectable.

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November 27, 2018

This Baker Makes Amazing Cakes With Edible Galaxies and Secret Gardens Within

From buttercream flowers to geode-inspired icing, we’ve seen many awe-inspiring cakes that capture the beauty of nature. Cake art is more popular than ever, with many talented bakers creating artistic desserts that not only taste good, but are also a feast for the eyes. Russian baker Yulia Kedyarova is no exception—her sculptural cake creations feature mesmerizing designs that celebrate the cosmos and all of Earth’s living things.

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September 13, 2018

Pastry Chef Creates Incredible Geometric Cakes Inspired by Origami

Pastry chef extraordinaire Dinara Kasko is known for her incredible math-inspired cakes that look like contemporary sculptures. It’s no surprise that Kasko has a background in architecture—each edible, cake art masterpiece is created using 3D-printed molds that Kasko engineers using algorithmic tools and complex diagramming techniques. For two of Kasko’s latest creations, the baker found inspiration in the ancient art of origami.

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August 7, 2018

Pasta Chef Handcrafts Rainbow-Colored Noodles Using All-Natural Ingredients

Pasta powerhouse Linda Miller Nicholson reimagines the likes of bowtie, ravioli, and tortellini in the most colorful of ways. She handcrafts the variety of mouth-watering rainbow pasta from scratch and uses plant-based ingredients to transform the dough into a full spectrum of unconventional hues. The result, coupled with Nicholson’s penchant for patterns, is a fresh order of pasta that looks almost too good to eat.

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