Food Art

November 21, 2023

Phenomenal Fruit Carvings Turn Apples Into Artistic Scribbles and Pears Into Painterly Strokes

Fruit is given a complete makeover in Yuni Yoshida‘s whimsical arrangements. The Japanese art director uses her masterfully carving skills and whimsical ideas to transform apples, oranges, and bananas into surreal arrangements that look like they've been digitally altered. With some clever cutting, her fruits look like they've been spliced together or altered into abstract forms of art. Yoshida utilizes all parts of the food to make her ideas pop.

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August 23, 2023

Pastry Chef Sculpts Life-Size Foosball Table Entirely From Chocolate

Sometimes you see a work of art that looks good enough to eat. In the case of Amaury Guichon‘s sculptures, you actually can take a bite. The French-born and Las Vegas-based chef is famous for creating lifelike art entirely from edible ingredients. One of his most recent masterpieces not only resembles a foosball table but it also possesses some of the same functions. Guichon constructed the complex work from numerous pieces of chocolate.

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February 18, 2023

Watch a Japanese Chef Prepare Crab Fried Rice in Under a Minute

When dining out, we don't always get to see the hard work and talent that goes into preparing each dish. So it's enlightening when people share videos of chefs at work. One such case is Takumi Murakami, the chef at the Shibuya, Tokyo, location of the restaurant Kani chahan no mise. His masterful skill of preparing omurice has earned him the title “god of fried rice.

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December 30, 2022

Gradient Arrangements of Food Highlights Biodiversity Not Often Seen in Supermarkets

At your local supermarket or grocery store, you can expect to find typical produce like tomatoes and peppers that all look about the same. So why are “ugly” fruits and vegetables excluded? German artist Uli Westphal became interested in this question after visiting local street markets in Berlin, finding an abundance of irregular produce for the first time.

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