Food Art

December 22, 2021

Japanese Food Artist Carves a Leaping Fish Out of a Stalk of Broccoli

Japanese food artist Gaku is known for his intricate food carvings. The meticulous artist has made a name for himself using the traditional craft of Thai fruit carving. But he also specializes in the Japanese technique known as mukimono, which involves carving images into the skins of fruits and vegetables or shaping them into elaborate forms.

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June 25, 2021

Award-Winning Artist Turns Avocados Into Intricately Carved Masterpieces

Avocados are great for your heart, brain, skin, hair, and gut, but Italian artist Daniele Barresi has found another use for the popular fruit. He uses the green flesh as his canvas to create incredibly intricate avocado carvings. His food sculptures are so impressive that they’ve even earned him awards. He’s the two-time world champion carving designer of WACS championship (both 2013 and 2014)

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