Food Art

September 14, 2020

Japanese Chef Makes Colorful Wagashi Sweets That Look Just Like Little Birds

If you’ve ever been inside a Japanese sweet shop, you know they’re treasure troves full of creative confections. One popular style of candy is nerikiri wagashi (literally meaning “Japanese sweets”). Invented in Japan during the Edo period, the traditional treats are typically made using mochi (pounded rice), anko (azuki sweet red bean paste), and/or fruit.

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August 24, 2020

Dazzling Malaysian Layer Cakes Reveal Complex Geometric Patterns in Every Slice

Festive cakes can make any occasion special, and the Malaysian delicacy called kek lapis Sarawak is so beautiful that no other table centerpiece is needed. First baked in the 1970s, layer cakes from Indonesia originally inspired bakers in the state of Sarawak to develop their own version with complex designs comprising thin, naturally flavored layers.

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August 3, 2020

Colorful Hand-Decorated Cakes Look Like They Are Completely Covered in Tiny Beads

Some cakes look too good to eat (although we will always indulge). Siân-Amy Pettit, aka @thepetitepudding, makes to eat or not to eat quite a conundrum with her colorful cakes that are edible works of art. Pettit uses a piping tool to create dotted icing designs that look like tiny beads sewn into the sweet treat. From geometric motifs to animals to cacti, each tall cake is awe-inspiring in just how meticulously it is crafted.

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July 24, 2020

Baker Makes Transparent Jelly Cake That Looks Just Like a Pretty Koi Pond

Inspired by the beauty of Japanese koi ponds, a Canadian baker known as Grace (or petrichoro on Instagram) created a mousse jelly cake for Father’s Day that looks just like the real thing. The incredibly detailed dessert features colorful fish (made from bean paste) encased within a clear gelatin surface that meticulously mimics a pond. The beautiful koi fish even look as though they’re elegantly swimming in a blue lagoon.

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