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Stunning Photos of Incredibly Blue Glacier Caves in Iceland

Home to abundant waterfalls, mountains, volcanoes, fields, and glaciers, Iceland is a photographer’s dream come true. Mechanical engineer and photographer Skarpi Thrainsson, who was born and raised in Iceland, showcases his love for his motherland’s natural beauty in stunning landscape photos. Among his most breathtaking images are these shots of ice caves, which are so dazzlingly otherworldly it’s hard to believe such formations exist.

Gorgeous shades of blue, ranging from pale aquamarine to deep cobalt, form a striking palette that’s beautiful to behold. Formed inside glaciers, these surreal caves are often explored by adventurers and expeditions of photographers led by experienced tour guides like Thrainsson. Imagine having the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stand beneath layers of thousand-year-old ice and gaze at the multihued frozen surface of a cave like this!

Skarpi Thrainsson’s website
Skarpi Thrainsson on Flickr
Skarpi Thrainsson on 500px
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