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Photographer Continues to Capture the Visual Diversity of Rare Fungi

About a year ago, we marveled at the unique fungi that Australian photographer Steve Axford captured with his camera. And lucky for us, it looks like the New South Wales resident has discovered even more gorgeous and diverse species to share. These definitely aren’t your typical mushrooms–many are brightly colored with unusual shapes and textures. Also, they don’t always don the emblematic “caps.” Instead, some of these fungi hang over logs or other vegetation.

Axford’s documentation has unearthed a photographic collection of rare fungi, a world that’s often hidden from the average person. Here, particularly in the Northern Rivers area, he’s revealed not only mushrooms, but slime molds, and lichen that you would’ve never known existed. “My photography has been my avenue into this world,” Axford writes on his website, “as it slows me down and allows me to look at things more closely.” It’s also a great reminder for us to appreciate the amazing diversity of our planet.

Steve Axford: SmugMug | Flickr | Facebook
via [ColossalInhabitat]

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