Armsrock Can Summon Old Souls (7 total)

If artists have secret gifts than Armsrock knows how to summon old souls. Late at night he calls them into the city, asking them to show their true selves. How does Armsrock really bring these mysterious figures to life? They are created with a series of 18 x 18 cm photo-slides, which had been developed black and then etched with an etching needle. The slides are then projected with projectors throughout the city.

Armsrock's most recent exhibition of light works is called "Passage / Works" and opens on February 10th in Copenhagen. Make sure you catch it!

"Passage / Works"
10th -28th of February 2010.
16-24 each day.
Bispeeng buen, Frederiksberg.
Copenhagen, DK.

Via Wooster Collective

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