June 22, 2017

Seller Tries to Scam Man into Buying a Rusty Japanese Knife, Man Restores It To Like New

Many people would look at a rusty kitchen knife and think that it's doomed for the trash. But as Jun Yoshizuki of JunsKitchen shows, you can bring this tool back to life with some determined knife polishing. And not only that, but the oddly satisfying endeavor will produce a popular YouTube video. When Yoshizuki filmed the meticulous process,  it rocketed him to the site's top spot with over seven million views (and counting).

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May 26, 2017

Japanese Woman Spotted Wearing Heels That Look Exactly Like Pigeons

We can't get enough of these hilarious pigeon-themed high heels, seen on the streets of Japan. Created by Kyoto Ohata, they actually serve a well-intended purpose. Ohata, who often passes through an area filled with pigeons, was concerned that her human presence was upsetting them. They scatter as she comes through, which prompted her DIY shoes shaped as pigeons. The end result is both fashionable and funny.

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April 8, 2017

Retro DIY Lawn Mowers Inspired by Classic Cars

Inspired by a love of vintage cars, automobile enthusiast Jeep2003 has put a nostalgic spin on a timeless tool. Using unconventional materials, he has custom-built his own retro lawn mower in the style of a cool and classic cruiser. Like many vintage cars, Jeep2003's DIY lawn mower features pointed, “bullet” tail lights, futuristic contours, whitewall tires, and a matte, mint green coat of paint.

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March 17, 2017

DIY Shows How to Make Your Kid a Cardboard Knight in Armor

Artist Warren King proves that cardboard doesn’t just have to be for boxes. With some creativity and engineering know-how, the packing material can form spectacular works of art. Or, if you’re an imaginative 6-year-old, it can make for a fantastic knights costume. King fashioned a set of Gothic-style armor for one lucky kid and shared his entire process on Flickr. There, you get a detailed look at the corrugated cardboard costume DIY.

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