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12 Quick and Easy Spring Crafts for the Whole Family To Get Creative

Five Minute Crafts, Quick and Easy Crafts to Get Creative

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Spring is here, and what better way to brush away the winter cobwebs than with some fresh new projects? Crafting during this time of year is always fun. After all, you've got warm weather and fresh blooms as inspiration for your art activities!

Need some help to start making? These quick and easy crafts can be done in minutes. They're fun for the whole family (including toddlers and big kids) and will be sure to ignite your creativity. For instance, one of our favorite craft projects is great for green thumbs. If you want to cultivate some new flowers or herbs for your favorite cocktail, try making some adorable watermelon pots. Or if you're ready to redecorate after spring cleaning, try a tie-dye lampshade that will cast a neon glow.

No matter what you choose, these fun craft ideas will have a big impact. So scroll down and get ready to start creating!

These fun and easy crafts to get your creative juices flowing.


No-Sew Sock Bunnies

Sock Bunny Craft

Photo: Stock Photos from MIGLENA PENCHEVA/Shutterstock

Greet the season with these charming no-sew sock bunnies that up-cycle your mysterious lone hosiery. Everything you need is already in your kitchen, junk drawer, or laundry room (no sewing machine required). Follow these instructions from Feeling Nifty to create your own Peter Rabbit centerpieces. The kids can help make the critters, but be aware of choking hazards—these are for display, not for cuddles.


Rock Painting

Rock Painting Spring Crafts

Photo: Stock Photos from LESTER BALAJADIA/Shutterstock

There are lots of ways to decorate rocks from your garden or beach. They make cute paperweights or you can stick them right back into the garden from whence they came.

Learn how to use paint pouring to create stunning galaxy rocks with acrylics and a pouring medium. For a more little-kid-friendly approach, use non-toxic paints and paintbrushes. But whichever method you use, be sure to thoroughly wash and dry your stones before beginning.


Tie-Dye Lampshade

Tye Dye Lampshade

Photo: Stock Photos from DMITRIY ABRAZHEVICH/Shutterstock

Like a lava lamp for adults, tie-dyed lampshades are a groovy upgrade for boring lighting. Jade from ILovetoCreate has a simple recipe for using a tie-dye kit, markers, and a few simple tools to craft the coolest lampshade.s The color scheme and design are all up to you.


Decorative Flower Pots

Flower Pot Craft

Photo: Stock Photos from TIPPYTORTUE/Shutterstock

April showers bring May flowers, and those blooms need pots. Cheap terra cotta pots can be transformed into whimsical designs with acrylic paint. Make sweet ice cream cones, juicy watermelon slices, or modern striped vessels. If you are going to put your painted pots outside, it is worth considering a spray sealer or appropriate shellac to preserve your artistry.


Victorian Pressed Flowers

Victorian Pressed Flowers

Photo: Stock Photos from PHOTKA/Shutterstock

Pressed spring flowers between the pages of an old book are a Victorian pastime that has ample modern applications. You can use pressed flowers as scrapbooking accents, art between glass, or even in resin jewelry. However, these little creations are beautiful on their own. Learn how to best preserve blooms with our handy guide on how to press flowers.


Easy DIY Pinecone Bird Feeder

Pinecone Bird Feeder

Photo: Stock Photos from JANA185/Shutterstock

The classic pinecone bird feeder never goes out of style. Draw the songbirds closer with peanut butter and birdseed. You will need twine to hang the feeder, ideally somewhere where you can view all your new feathery visitors.


For Crafty Youngsters


Racing Car Chutes

Car Chutes kIds Toilet Paper Tube Craft

Photo: Stock Photos from STUDIO.G PHOTOGRAPHY/Shutterstock

For your little motorist, this toilet paper roll craft will be hours of racing fun. Work together to paint the rolls fun colors with non-toxic paint, then glue the dry rolls to cardboard or thick construction paper. The lanes can be laid down by cutting some colorful paper with scissors and gluing the squares down in neat rows.


Adorable Octopi

Kids Jellyfish Craft

Photo: Stock Photos from ZZZENIA/Shutterstock

Kids will love making jellyfish out of paper plates, watercolors, yarn, and strips of bubble wrap. Use your imagination and get creative with your colors and shapes. For an extra-colorful take that can even help your kids understand how colors are formed, try this “salty” jellyfish from i heart arts and crafts.


Fire Breathing Dragon With Pom Poms

Paper Roll Dragon Craft | Fire Breathing Dragon

Dragons may be legendary creatures, but you can bring the magic to life with this easy DIY craft by Our Little Project. All you'll need are toilet paper rolls, some pom poms, craft paper, and some tissue paper. The step by step tutorial will show you how to assemble the items together to recreate the head of a dragon. While a glue gun is recommended, you can also replace this item with glue sticks to make the project safer for kids of all ages.


Paper Plate Fans With Popsicle Sticks

Craft ideas for Summer: Paper Plate Watermelon Fan Tutorial

When the weather gets hot, this craft will be a useful activity. The Pinterested Parent provides instructions on how you and your little ones can make DIY fans using paper plates, popsicle sticks, and some glue. The fun comes when kids can decorate the project with paint and make their fan extra unique.


Recycled Crayons

Homemade Recycled Crayons

Photo: Stock Photos from SUXUSUXU/Shutterstock

Recycling is necessary and crayons are no exception. From broken sticks and tiny nubs, you can create rainbow swirled crayons in different shapes. Adults can handle baking them in the oven and kids can have fun coloring once the crayons have cooled. These simple instructions will teach you to make this cool craft in minutes.


Squirt-gun Paintings

Squirt Gun Paintings

Photo: Stock Photos from LORELYN MEDINA/Shutterstock

Jackson Pollock would be proud. As the weather gets warmer, taking art to the backyard can make for a very fun day and some exceptional paintings. Load up some squirt guns or spray bottles with liquid watercolor or fluid acrylic paint and let your kids decorate a big sheet of paper. The website Fireflies and Mud Pies has more guidance for endless spring and summer fun with paint.


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