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30+ Creative Graduation Caps Worn by Crafty Grads

Creative Graduation Cap Ideas

In the past, the humble graduation hat was merely part of the customary and ceremonial “cap and gown” ensemble.  Today, however, it has been transformed into a canvas for crafty graduates looking to go out with a bang. Ceremonies are made all the brighter and more entertaining thanks to the crafty grads’ premeditated graduation cap ideas—which include clever, comical, and creative designs.

This collection of quirky caps range in style, concept, and inspiration. Many reference pop culture staples spanning well-known films, iconic television shows, and beloved childhood cartoon characters. On the opposite side of the spectrum, some convey political and social undertones. Still, many simply act as “thank you” notes to those who made it all possible: friends, family, and, of course, coffee.

The last couple of years, with politics seeming to seep into every aspect of life, there has been a surge in political activism shining through graduates’ crafted caps. Using the hashtag #IMMIGRAD, students who are immigrants or whose parents have migrated from another country are proudly expressing how their family’s dreams are coming to fruition. Many people migrate to another country in order to lead a better life for their families, and education is one of the many privileges they seek out. As a result, these graduation caps are more than fancy headgear to them—they’re a symbol of success and a platform to show pride in their accomplishments.

Scroll down to see some of the best and most creative graduation cap ideas, featuring pop culture references…

Graduation Caps

Photo: king_noro

Graduation Cap Art

Photo: kasta.art

Creative Graduation Cap Ideas

Photo: vivsrivs

Graduation Hats

Photo: lvoekat

Funny quips…

Creative Graduation Cap Ideas

Photo: aww.sam

Inspirational messages from “immigrads”…

IMMIGRAD Graduation Caps

Photo: anaextina

Graduation Hats

Photo: drea.oz


And everything in between!

Creative Graduation Cap Ideas

Photo: popwithlo

Graduation Cap Art

Photo: holacrafty


Congratulations, class of 2019!


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