August 18, 2017

Tree-Planting Drones Are Helping Replant Our Forests by Seeding 100,000 Plants a Day

If you thought drones were just for taking pictures, think again. A U.K. startup is hoping to kick start efforts against deforestation by leveraging drone technology. BioCarbon Engineering, whose CEO Lauren Fletcher spent 20 years as a NASA engineer, is pledging to plant 1 billion trees using industrial technology. After a long development and planning phase, their initial efforts will start in September, when they team with non-profit Worldwide International Foundation.

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July 5, 2017

China Just Built the World’s Cutest Panda-Shaped Solar Farm

Renewable energy just got an injection of cuteness thanks to the Panda Power Plant, a new solar farm installed in the Shanxi province of China. The adorable, panda-shaped farm will have an aggregate capacity of 100 MW when completely finished. The initiative by Panda Green Energy, in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program, is part of a push to educate China's young people about sustainable energy.

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June 6, 2017

Couple Spends 26 Years Rebuilding an Ecosystem on Abandoned Land in India

In 1991 Pamela Gale Malhotra and her husband, Dr. Anil Malhotra opened the only private wildlife sanctuary in India, SAI Sanctuary. Now, 26 years later, their 300-acre sanctuary is home to more than 200 endangered species, ranging from the Asian elephant to the Indian King Cobra. Starting with just 55 acres of private land, the sanctuary has grown progressively.

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April 24, 2017

150-Foot-Tall Iceberg Floats Off the Coast of a Tiny Canadian Town

In a scene that looks like something out of a movie, a giant iceberg has set sail and made its way down the coast of a tiny town in Canada. On April 19, residents and visitors to Ferryland, Newfoundland witnessed the glacier drifting along its eastern shore. While it’s hard to know for sure, the massive ice mountain is estimated to be 150 feet tall.

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