April 24, 2017

150-Foot-Tall Iceberg Floats Off the Coast of a Tiny Canadian Town

In a scene that looks like something out of a movie, a giant iceberg has set sail and made its way down the coast of a tiny town in Canada. On April 19, residents and visitors to Ferryland, Newfoundland witnessed the glacier drifting along its eastern shore. While it’s hard to know for sure, the massive ice mountain is estimated to be 150 feet tall.

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March 18, 2017

China to Build New National Park Dedicated to Saving Siberian Tigers

The U.S. National Parks are a big tourist attraction, from people visiting domestically as well as abroad. Yellowstone National Park, home to the iconic Old Faithful geyser, created nearly $382 million in economic benefit in 2014 alone. Now, China is following the U.S.’s lead as it develops its own national park system. The country recently announced plans to build a new park that’s 60% larger than Yellowstone.

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