February 24, 2017

14 Companion Plants That Should Always Be Planted Next to Each Other

You may think that sunlight, soil, and water are all that a garden needs to flourish, but did you know that plants also thrive on companionship? While you won’t find your flowers socializing, sowing certain types of seeds in pairs has been scientifically proven to culminate in healthier and happier greens. Endearingly known as companion plants, these perfectly matched duos help each other grow, bloom, and blossom. In the wonderful world of companion plants, opposites attract.

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February 20, 2017

Man Receives Life-Changing Face Transplant After 56-Hour Surgery

When he was just 21-years-old, Andy Sandness attempted to take his own life. And though he survived, he lost his nose, mouth, and jaw in the process. Now, 10 years later, he has been given a new chance to blend into a crowd thanks to a face transplant at the Mayo Clinic. Sandness had been a patient at the Mayo Clinic since the 2006 incident, undergoing 8 surgeries in the month following the tragic event.

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