Hyperrealistic Still Life Paintings of Sugary Treats

Anyone with a sweet tooth will instantly love this work by Italian artist Roberto Bernardi. Viewers will be shocked by the collection of candy still life images when they learn that these aren’t photographs, they are actually hyperrealistic oil paintings on canvas. The delicious details are astonishing and it’s hard to believe that these images aren’t recorded with a camera.

Since a very young age, Bernardi has been a painter. He has dabbled in all kinds of work, including landscapes and portraits, but ultimately the artist’s talents are most obvious and incredibly magnified when he creates this hyperrealistic style. Each still life, which boasts a variety of treats like old fashioned candy sticks, jelly rings, lollipops, candy canes, and bubblegum, features the glossy reflections of candy on the countertop, the crinkles of cellophane wrapping around lollipops, and even the fine touches of sugar crystals covering the surface of the jelly candies. Bernardi pairs each painting with interesting titles like Lights and Shadows, Candy Rainbow, Two Lights, and Ship of Desire, which suggest both the style in which he paints as well as the colorful and yummy subjects that he features. After seeing this work, don’t be surprised by the sudden craving for something sweet.

Roberto Bernardi’s website
via [Faith Is Torment]

January 18, 2017

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