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Beautiful Macramé Wall Hangings Mimic Colorful Gradients Found in Nature

Rianne Aarts Standing In Front of Framed Orange, Yellow, and Blue Gradient Sun Piece Made From Fiber

Textile artist Rianne Aarts of art studio Teddy and Wool specializes in crafting woven wall hangings. Using only natural materials in her work, such as hand-spun wool, cotton cords, and non-toxic dyes and pigments, Aarts creates gorgeous pieces of textile art. From depictions of rolling hills to glowing suns, much of her work is clearly inspired by the peace and beauty of nature.

“Ever since I was young I always felt the need to create things of beauty,” the artist admits. “That need slowly turned into passion and that passion is what drives me to create art.”

Aarts, who is based in the Netherlands, started Teddy and Wool in 2016, creating small macramé wall hangings and plant hangers that she would sell on Etsy to help support herself as she worked towards her law degree. Since then, the business has grown significantly. She now owns a small art studio and leads a team of three creative women, who also work on wall hangings. Over the years, she and her team have created over 6,000 wall hangings and have been commissioned by a wide variety of interior designers from big name brands such as Google, Starbucks, and several major hotel chains. Most notably, one of her wall hangings was featured in the blockbuster film Sonic 2.

Her next collection is titled REFRAMED and will feature a total of nine fiber wall hangings. The name is inspired by Aart's 2022 collection, FRAMED, which utilized carefully dyed and placed strings to create beautiful gradient and geometric patterns surrounded by wooden frames.

“The past year or two there’s been quite a bit of interest in these framed fiber artworks and I’ve sold all pieces multiple times, so it only made sense to continue with these as I also really enjoy creating them,” Aarts tells My Modern Met. “The new framed fiber artworks will all be landscape pieces, some colorful, others minimalistic or dark, each inspired by nature.”

If you are interested in learning more about Aarts’ creative process and keeping up with her work, you can follow her on Facebook or Instagram. If you are interested in owning one of her wall hangings for yourself, check out her online store and take a short quiz to get matched to a piece of art that is perfect for your space.

Rianne Aarts (of Teddy and Wool) is a textile artist known for her stunning macramé wall hangings.

Framed Orange, Yellow, and Blue Gradient Sun Piece Made From Fiber

Rianne Aarts Standing In Front Of Wall Hanging Made Of Fiber Featuring A Yellow To Blue Gradient

Rianne Aarts Standing In Front Of Woven Wall Hanging With Cream, Blue, And Amber Colored Thread

All of the materials that she uses are natural, from her dyes to the fibers themselves.

Rianne Aarts Standing In Front Of Woven Wall Hanging In Half-Moon Pattern With Amber And Blue Gradient Design At Bottom

Rianne Aarts Standing In Front Of Woven Wall Hanging With Cream, Grey, And Brown Colored Thread

Her newest collection, titled REFRAMED, will feature carefully dyed and arranged fiber strands encased in gorgeous wooden frames.

Framed Wall Hanging With Dark Blue Mountain Pattern And Amber Field

Long Rectangular Framed Wall Hanging With Brown Reed Pattern On Bottom Half

Those interested in learning about Aarts’ creative process are in luck, as she has several behind-the-scenes videos on her Instagram.


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Teddy and Wool: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Rianne Aarts/Teddy and Wool.

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